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By any standards, 2018 will be a distinctive year astrologically. Get your essential guide to riding the waves of the next 12 months and beyond. Pre-order The Art of Becoming, the 2018 Planet Waves Annual by Eric Francis.

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Current Gemini Audio Reading (2017-18)

Gemini This Week (May 20-June 21) -- Your chart looks like an all-night meeting of union bosses with top management in an effort to avert a strike. Every agreement seems up for renegotiation. That may be true, though you really must focus on what matters the most. There are many small matters you can compromise on, and several large ones that you cannot. By now you know the difference. However, if this is a business situation, don't let on too soon what you're willing to forego. What doesn't matter much to you might be really important to someone else. If, however, this is a personal situation, you need to be more forthcoming and play your cards face-up from the beginning of the discussion. And you must ask others to do the same thing. It would appear that something has gone on way too long, and you must make a decision one way or the other.

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