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By any standards, 2018 will be a distinctive year astrologically. Get your essential guide to riding the waves of the next 12 months and beyond. Pre-order The Art of Becoming, the 2018 Planet Waves Annual by Eric Francis.

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Pisces This Week (Feb. 19-March 20) -- Keep yourself and your projects where people can see you. Do this no matter how busy you may be. Keep putting your best work into the public eye, and put your body where you can have face-to-face conversations in a social setting. You don't need a specific goal or agenda for doing this. Just be sincere, have a good time, and trust the topics of conversation that come up. If you're in a room full of people, do your best to meet every single one of them, and check the vibes. The deepest harmony you can feel with someone is on the spiritual level -- that ultimately means a mutual understanding of the purpose of life. There's no way to fake this meaningfully; and don't accept imitations or substitutes. When you are making contact with someone, you will know it and feel it. And the most likely place to make that contact is outside your home, where people gather specifically for a social purpose.

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