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Chiron in Aries: The Challenge of Individuating
Chiron is now in Aries, for the first time since 1977. This is about the quest for individuality in the most deeply personal way: the cultivation and growth of your soul. There are challenges associated with doing this, which I plan to address eloquently and in a way that you will find reassuring and helpful.
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Pisces This Week (Feb. 19-March 20) -- You may feel uncertain whether to stay at home or go someplace, though you can do some of both. The Sun has just entered your solar 4th house, your private and most secure space; and you will feel better if you tend to, take care of, and spend time at home. However, Jupiter is also in your 9th house of travel, making a spectacular aspect to Neptune. So in a sense it does not matter what you do, as long as you have fun doing it. And remember the credo of all true travelers, which is wherever you go, you find yourself there. Your inner theme these days is getting clear about the true nature of fear, and how it originates inside of you. It's difficult (but understandable) when you place the source of fear outside of yourself. Yes, there are factors in your environment that you must deal with, though that's the point: how you address them largely determines what they are, and what they become, which is to say, what you are, and what you become.

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