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Chiron in Aries: The Challenge of Individuating
Chiron is now in Aries, for the first time since 1977. This is about the quest for individuality in the most deeply personal way: the cultivation and growth of your soul. There are challenges associated with doing this, which I plan to address eloquently and in a way that you will find reassuring and helpful.
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Taurus and Taurus Rising — Sign Description

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Taurus This Month (April 19-May 20) -- Questions of where your private affairs mingle with your professional and community life may rise to the surface over the next couple of months, though these matters are, in their entirety, your private business. You do not owe anything to public scrutiny; your business is yours alone. The fact that we may live in the age of the internet and everyone expects everyone's life to be inside-out is irrelevant. Still, you will need to conduct yourself impeccably, and make sure you understand every rule before you break it. Know where and with whom power is vested, and ensure you work with that information. You will need to lead by example, in both your intimate life and your public life -- and the place where the two meet, which is your family (where that odd mix of public and private seems to originate for everyone). Handle matters of partnership directly with anyone who may be involved, never with third parties. Go direct to the source, and be willing to hold yourself accountable for your own actions; which would be suitable enough, because you most certainly are. If you recognize that your whole life and all that happens are an experiment in getting to know yourself, you will have your priorities in order and be able to state your position much more clearly.

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