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INTELLIGENCE: Your 2019-2020 Annual by Eric Francis
How can we tap into our ability to find creative solutions to problems? How can we envision, design and create a better future than the one we seem to be heading for? How can we handle our personal growth in a way that is sensitive and efficient? The answer is intelligence.
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Virgo This Month (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) -- You may fear that once you start to let go of your inhibitions and dive into your feelings, you won't be able to stop. You might have this sensation that you'll unleash the furies or start a fire you can't control. Yet to really be alive is a kind of runaway reaction, and that may be just what you need to get beyond the various bindings and attachments that seem to hold you back. This is the same stuff that prevented you from having the kind of fun you wanted as a child. It's related to the feeling of having grown up too soon. This is the same place your true inner artist and lover may feel trapped; and where you feel your curiosity is inhibited. You've made more progress setting yourself free than you may imagine. One thing to bear in mind is that whatever it is you're liberating yourself from is old, by which I mean many generations old. If you don't think of it as your personal material, but rather as something you inherited, it will be easier to handle. Think of it as a house you inherited, with all its stuff in the attic and ghosts running around and liquor bottles in the closet, with a few drops left in each. You can do anything you want with the place, though it helps if you remember that you didn't build it, and you didn't put all that stuff there. You also don't have to live there. Then there's the other side to this: there will be things of value that you want, though you will need to do some rummaging to find them. That will be worth your while.

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