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Your Autumn Reading by Eric Francis:
Empathy-Pathos: A Study in Venus Retrograde
In this reading, I will review Mars retrograde and the recent eclipses, and open up the territory of Venus and its unusual way of resonating and emoting. We'll explore approaches to the masculine and feminine attributes of Venus, as well as the introspective and expressive aspects of Venus through the retrograde process.
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Leo This Month (July 22-Aug. 23) -- The truth matters. It matters to you, and to the people you care about. One distinct property of our plane of consciousness is that it's possible to deceive, and to deny. This often becomes less a matter of ethics as of pragmatism or convenience. Yet you need clarity, and you need sincerity, in all facets of your life. Be aware that the world does not generally support this, nor do our typical structures and agreements of relationships. In order to be real with people, and to insist on reality only, you may feel like you have to stem the tide. You may experience consequences. You may lose people you previously thought of as friends, and in the process, redefine friendship. You may need to get a few bumps and scrapes. You may need to challenge groups of people, or at least stand apart from them, something that's likely to have been a theme running through the year. Whatever it takes. It's essential that you know the difference between when you're making up your mind, when you're going with the crowd, and when you're not thinking at all. You owe it to yourself to stick to the first, which means understanding when the second and the third apply. And to do this, it helps to understand your motives, especially in any relationship where sex or money is at stake.

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