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INTELLIGENCE: Your 2019-2020 Annual by Eric Francis
How can we tap into our ability to find creative solutions to problems? How can we envision, design and create a better future than the one we seem to be heading for? How can we handle our personal growth in a way that is sensitive and efficient? The answer is intelligence.
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Sagittarius This Month (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) -- Jupiter enters your sign this week, where it will be for about one year. This is a homecoming of sorts, as Jupiter returns to one of the signs that it rules for the first time in nearly a decade, and returns to Sagittarius for the first time since it arrived last on Nov. 23, 2006. This is one of those transits that offers everything you ever wanted from astrology -- in its potential form. With Jupiter, you're the one who must make your mission real. You must activate your potential, make decisions, set goals, and determine to seek what you know is right for you. We could say that Jupiter describes what is possible -- and that the other symbol of your sign, the arrow about to be let loose from its bow, represents the one-pointed arrow of determination, focus and direction. There's not a rush to let the arrow fly, though. In fact, there is reason for caution: you are still too influenced by negative feelings and events, at the moment, to have a clear sense of what you want. And Jupiter's long square to Neptune in Pisces could have you more optimistic about certain goals than is called for. So you will need to make a point of being honest with yourself about the downside to any possible endeavor, but also, aware that certain influences may be leading you to be unrealistic about particular factors. Facts, data and time are your friend, and the three will work well together.

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