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Your Autumn Reading by Eric Francis:
Empathy-Pathos: A Study in Venus Retrograde
In this reading, I will review Mars retrograde and the recent eclipses, and open up the territory of Venus and its unusual way of resonating and emoting. We'll explore approaches to the masculine and feminine attributes of Venus, as well as the introspective and expressive aspects of Venus through the retrograde process.
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Aries This Month (March 20-April 19) -- Not everything is a question of power. Most are matters of influence, or what might be called informal power. For much of the year, you've been encountering a diversity of scenarios designed to teach you the difference. This is important territory to sort out, here in our era where many believe that the destiny of all power is to be abused, and where influence is so often mistrusted. Though much of this seems to exist on the social and professional levels, the underlying question comes back to your family, and how things got done when you were a child. How much force was used? How much persuasion? How much consensus building was there? Did those in the minority have a say in guiding the direction of events? One distinction between power and influence is that power requires no trust, while influence is all about trust. Right now, trust is the thing most lacking in the world, and it's creating a vacuum that is being filled not just by power, and the abuse of power, but the belief that there's one way to get things done: by force. You have seen and experienced the ways this fails utterly. It's time to understand how to work with informal influence, and for this, you must learn to cultivate trust. I know this is not easy. At times, it even seems impossible, or absurd. But for you, who want to get things done, it's essential.

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