The Spectacular Halloween Full Moon

Dear Friend and Reader:

In the midst of so much other astrology, a rather alive Full Moon takes place on Halloween. To sum up, the Moon will be exactly conjunct the rebellious, electrical planet of surprises, Uranus. It is the perfect aspect for our moment, happening just days before the United States election.

Many who are sensitive to the energies experience the “thinning of the veil” this time of year. The veil is the scrim that separates the physical world from the astral. The thinning effect serves as a background to the Full Moon. This is the season where a diversity of cultures celebrate their version of Days of the Dead, where meetings with the ancestors are invited and facilitated. There are the more somber rituals (standing up for the dead) and the more celebratory ones (feasts in cemeteries).

This fits the central theme of Scorpio, which is about our biological and emotional experience of sex, reproduction, death, transformation and regeneration. You might think of Scorpio as the metabolic engine of astrology. If the astrological wheel were a cell, Scorpio would be the mitochondria.

Notably, in classical astrology, the Moon is exalted in Taurus, which means it’s exceptionally strong in this position. We are about to experience a truly high-energy event. The one thing that you need to know about the Full Moon is that it can represent the resolution or shift in a seemingly deadlocked situation. This is a function of natural momentum, which means don’t apply too much new energy. Rather, guide matters gently. Probe first, then gently direct.

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Quarter and Cross Quarter Days

This is directly related to the time of year when the Full Moon occurs. There are two “crosses” in the solar calendar: the quarter days (equinoxes and solstices, known in pre-Christian Celtic Europe as Ostara, Litha, Mabon and Yule) and the days that fall between them: the cross-quarter days (known as Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, and Samhain).

Halloween is an evolution of Samhain, the Old Religion’s festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, or the dark half of the year. Its tone is a mix of somber and celebratory.

Manicure work by Iren Ryzhenko, A little Libra, a little Scorpio.

The somber part pertains to never knowing who would survive the winter. The celebratory part is about honoring the ancestors, the harvest, and the life that we have together.

Halloween is a cross-quarter holiday, when the Sun is at the midpoint between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice. (The seasonal pattern is opposite in the Southern Hemisphere. From what I have learned, practitioners of the Old Religion located there choose for themselves how to handle this.

Environmentally, the spirit of Samhain is that it’s dark out and winter is beginning. The quarter and cross-quarter days, and the signs of the tropical zodiac, were developed in the Northern Hemisphere and long after were exported to the Southern Hemisphere.)

The quarters and cross quarters divide the year into eight six-week mini-seasons. This is a nice length of time to work with, in terms of planning and structuring. Six weeks is foreseeable for most purposes. I find that a season or a year are not.

It happens that the phase from the Sun in mid-Scorpio to the winter solstice is bursting with events that include the election and its aftermath, Mercury stationing direct, Mars stationing direct, the final event of Jupiter conjunct Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn entering Aquarius, and the Jupiter–Saturn conjunction on the winter solstice.

The emphasis shifts from power to the oligarchs (Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn) to power to the people (Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius). Get it while it’s hot.

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Full Moon in Taurus, Conjunct Uranus

During Scorpio time, the Full Moon happens in Taurus (it’s always in the sign opposite that of the Sun). The Moon-Sun opposition takes place Saturday at 10:49 am EDT, such that waxing full phase will rise Friday night and waning full phase will rise Saturday night. Both nights, weather permitting, it will look exactly full.

Speaking of things happening twice, this is the second Full Moon within a calendar month, sometimes called a Blue Moon, which happens on average every 2.7 years. Personally, I don’t read astrological significance to this, but we are surely living in “once in a blue moon” times.

The Full Moon is a kind of energy slingshot. The Moon-Earth-Sun relationship gathers momentum, and at full phase the Moon and Sun are at exact opposition relative to the Earth, therefore at full polarity. This can come with a burst of external energy, excitement, celebrations and staying up late at night.

This time around, the Full Moon occurs conjunct a planet associated with electrical energy, jolts, shocks and surprises. Uranus is the patron of revolutionaries and inventors. We are certainly in revolutionary and inventive times, so it’s the perfect aspect for our moment.

Taurus tends to describe what seeks stability. It is therefore the best sign that describes tradition. You can see this when you walk into the home of any Taurus person.

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Alice Bailey on the Moon and Uranus

The Moon and Uranus have a relationship described by Alice A. Bailey in her 1951 book Esoteric Astrology. Bailey’s work takes an unusual view of the Moon, arguing that it is a dead form that is at once a collection of tendencies, and at the same time, a veil that conceals another planet — and that planet would be Uranus. Translated into psychological astrology, obsessing over the past has a way of blocking what’s available in the present. The way to read this in any chart is to imagine that Uranus is in the Moon’s position and see what result you get.

Though I am not a proper scholar of the Seven Rays, Bailey writes that Uranus represents Ray Seven, which she says is about “the will to be and know simultaneously on all planes of manifestation.” This is a tall order. The place to thread the needle is right on Earth. The most distinctive thing about where we are right now is that you can get anywhere from here.

More from Esoteric Astrology: “The Moon brings about the inclination to create these conditions which lead to the great and critical transformations of instinct into intellect. This the Moon brings about, but Uranus causes the great transference in the human consciousness from intellectual perception to intuitive knowledge.” She adds that the planets work in both their traditional and esoteric expressions at the same time.

With the present Full Moon, the Moon is already conjunct Uranus. The Full Moon is like a portal opening, or a veil being pulled back, so we get the full expression of her idea. I was searching for Bailey quotes on this topic, and found this one attributed to her: “The clue to one’s next step toward the door of initiation may be revealed at the Full Moon during the sign of Taurus.” I am sure that would be useful for nearly everyone.

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The Moon is Also Conjunct Albion

Speaking of esoteric, the Full Moon is also conjunct (15760) Albion, what was previously known as 1992QB1. QB1/Albion was the first planet discovered in our solar system beyond Pluto. It was therefore the official discovery of the Kuiper Belt, a vast cloud of small, icy and rocky planets leftover from the creation of the solar system a few billion years ago. You can read that story here. Hint: Albion was discovered in the first degree of Aries — that is, directly on the Sidereal Vernal Point (SVP) or Aries Point. It is a much bigger discovery than astrology gives it credit for (which, except for at Planet Waves, is approximately zero).

Albion takes another approach to spiritual growth than the one we are most accustomed to, which is Pluto. The problem with Pluto is its “grow or die” approach, which we are caught in the middle of. Pluto is always leveraged with a death threat of some kind, even if it’s something like “your time is running out” or “you will need to sacrifice everything to make it through to the next stage.”

Since the 1930 discovery of Pluto, it’s been a genocide a minute. This is not the way that humans were designed to grow or evolve, though it will serve if nothing else is available. Albion is more of the gentle invitation to develop and to stretch your horizons of consciousness and experience. This includes the space where sexual horizons meet spiritual ones.

You can think of Albion as a kind of super-Vesta, which includes those erotic initiations which are specifically oriented on evolving as a person. In our society, though, sexuality is such a mess that few people have considered this possibility seriously. I refer to those doing Albion work as thresholders: midwives, orgasm coaches, death midwives and some hospice workers, and anyone whose role involves taking people to their own personal edge and hanging out there with them for a while.

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Full Moon During Mercury Storm

The Full Moon also happens during the Mercury storm. Mercury retrogrades back into Libra on Tuesday, Oct. 27, and stations direct in Libra on Tuesday Nov. 3 — an event that itself is likely to be full of surprises and revelations.

It helps to know what information you’re missing to make use of this power. One of the arts of both investigative reporting and of life is to know when you don’t know, and to have some sense of what you don’t know.

There is an issue here. Most humans cannot stand the feeling of not knowing. So instead of holding that space for a while and doing some work (i.e., learning), they tend to fill it with misinformation, stories, rumors, suspicions, gossip and other forms of bullshit.

Here is a clue: if you want to know, you have to be comfortable not knowing. Yes, it can be irritating. Yes, it takes work to hold open that space and not jump to conclusions, whether they are supposedly comforting or terrifying.

Yet once you figure out that to consciously not know means to have an open mind, and you recognize that having an open mind is a tremendous benefit to you, you might decide after a while that you love it and that it was worth the effort.

With love,

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Only We Know the Gluth. Are you ready for it?

Dear Suspicious, Diet-Conscious, Awakening Individual:

This letter contains shocking information, though you may have already suspected certain facts.

This is not me. It’s my friend Don Giuseppe Palermo, who knows the gluth.

My name is Glu. Well, not really. It’s actually more difficult to pronounce. I am a Cordon-Bleu certified executive chef at an important restaurant in Washington, D.C. Some of the most important people in the world eat in our restaurant, and even more important ones eat in the back room. For obvious reasons, I cannot reveal my identity. Suffice it to say that my job requires a high level of security clearance, because of all the generals, admirals, cabinet members and senators who eat in my restaurant.

I am here to tell you about the international gluten conspiracy. Maybe you’ve heard of this. Maybe you figured out it was happening, because you have a gluten-free friend, and it takes an hour to find the right restaurant, and then 45 minutes to order — all to avoid one little molecule that nobody needs.

One little molecule that nobody wants, but everyone can have in abundance, just by randomly eating anything.

What Is That Molecule?

What is that molecule, you ask? That molecole is gliadin, more commonly known as Wonder Bread. Or as pancake batter, or waffle mix, or panini. That’s the gluten you know about. What you don’t know is that there is a vast underground network of powerful men and women, called the Illumapotty. They have been working for years to put gluten into everything.

You may have even asked yourself: why does nearly every soup and sauce have to have gluten? Why do chocolate bars need gluten?

What’s the deal with that? I’ll tell you: they’re trying to kill all of us. It is a sinister plot. I’ll tell you more about that in a little while, when you’re ready to know it. Until then you would not see the simple truth of what I’m saying, even though it’s right before your eyes.

Gluten is a bioweapon. It was first synthesized at the Wuhan Noodle Institute, where its power was amped up significantly using grain of function techniques learned from the Germans in 1933. The gluten we have today is not natural. It is designed to make everyone gluten intolerant.

Who Decides These Things?

Who decides these things, you ask? I will tell you: the Wellington Group. They meet somewhere in the world once a year, and they eat beef with a pastry crust on it, just to remind themselves how it’s possible to put gluten anywhere at all. Why do they do this?

It’s so sick I can barely write the words.

It’s not just that they think of themselves as the upper crust. Rather, they are so boring, they don’t know what to talk about. So they spend the entire meal discussing how flaky the crust is, how delicate, how sublime. But they are brutal killers.

One of their greatest, most sinister inventions was Wondra Flour, which any chef can place into any dish with the shake of a little dispenser. They want to feel powerful. They are actually very insecure. I know many of them personally. I make their crepes.

They cannot stop eating them. At the last Wellington Crepe Breakfast, held at a secret location — the Bloomington Fire Department — they went through 100 pounds of batter. I had five sous chefs all in very rough shape after that incident. All 14 PortaPotties were in use at once.

This is a War Against Satan

Their greatest invention of all was Satan.

That is pure gluten. It’s wheat dough with all of the starch washed away, and all you have is pure molecule. It’s like mollie, only for gliadin. There was a time when mollie was all over the club scene, and everyone on the dance floor was incredibly gassy and having an inflammation response. But hey, it felt good to be so depressed.

Satan can take any form. You can get it in the health food store. It costs more than shrimp. It can seem like meat, which is the demented part: vegans who eat fake meat made from pure Satan. Fakin’ Bacon. Not Dogs. Miracle Burgers. Death Steaks. They are all Satan. But the people who eat them think they are so innocent.

Little do they know they are playing into the hands of the Illumapotty, the most powerful people on Earth. The Wellington Group has been running the world for more than 100 years. Everyone important is in the group, and they all have one thing in common: they eat bread. It’s like their ritual. J.P. Morgan, Prescott Bush, Ayn Rand, Adolf Hitler and Ronald McDonald — they were bonded by dough. The Clintons, the younger Bushes, the Obamas — bread, bread and more bread. Obama would hide in the back of the White House kitchen and chow down on Pizza Hut.

The Wellingtons get together every year and they smear ketchup on buns and eat Satan Burgers. They fly to their meeting on the Wholewheata Express.

When Donald Trump came into office in 2014 (he was secretly president during the last two years of the Obama administration), he vowed to break up the Wellingtons. He vowed to rid society of gluten. He knew the Wellingtons have too much power. They come up with new, clever things to stash gluten into every year. He will keep fighting!

The Wellingtons are evil, just evil. But they are my customers. I am a chef. You know how it is.

Who is President Trump, Really?

You ask, who is President Trump? I will tell you. While he is often depicted with a huge mountain of fast food hamburgers, we know something that the state-controlled ultra liberal, socialist, communist, fascist media refuse to print.


All those burgers have gluten-free buns.

Here is a clue. Let’s see if you can guess the rest. He famously eats an Egg McMuffin every morning. But there is something you don’t know. It’s served on a gluten-free bun. Yes, McDonald’s has a massive warehouse full of them that they don’t release to the public. That’s because Ronald McDonald XVII is a member of the Illumapotty.

President Trump is going to conquer Satan. Every day he is doing secret things behind the scenes to rid the world of gluten. This is very dangerous. The executives from General Foods, General Mills, and General Motors all have it in for him.

They were about to combine forces and produce the world’s first gluten-powered car, but the President stopped them. He has made many enemies.

Do you remember that time when he served a huge mountain of hamburgers to all those athletes? Well, every single one had a gluten-free bun. They were served with gluten-free French fries. Behind the scenes, President Trump has been working to put a separate deep fryer in every restaurant. He knows if he gets his way, the pee tape will certainly be released.

The Gluth is Hard to Accept

I know you probably won’t believe me. These claims seem outrageous. The gluth is hard to accept at first. You may not understand that this is the ultimate battle between good and evil. The final stand between pizza and rice. The long, long struggle between pastina and quinoa.

So now you know how the world works. You know who is in charge and what their agenda is. Now you know that all of this gluten is not an accident.

I cannot say more right now. The world is a dangerous place, but we at Glu-Anon are determined to fight for the forces of life and liberty, so that some day, no person with celiac or even ordinary gluten intolerance will have to say, “Hold the bread on that sandwich.”

You know what I mean.

Yours with honor, answering the call of duty —


PS — You should know something. Joe Biden is on our side. He too is gluten-free. He tries to make himself sound like the guy who will eat spaghetti and meatballs to seem like your average Joe. But the truth is, it’s quinoa pasta. There is hope for the world. It may be a pathetic thin wisp of a hope and a prayer — but there is a little. Just a little. Be strong. Be safe. Don’t be bullied into eating a cookie when you don’t want one.

Planet Waves

Coming Soon! News About All Of Us Here

In honor of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, the annual readings this year are called ALL OF US HERE. I will have information about this Friday or Saturday when the pre-order begins. I am planning to have your extended audio readings (with a video introduction wherein I describe the charts) done by Dec. 21, the day of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. There is also a separate written reading called AN AQUARIAN ERA, which covers 2021-2023. Many of you are already subscribers. I am still working out the schedule for AN AQUARIAN ERA.

Chiron Return, our nonprofit arm, publishes Covid19 News every day, in fact several times a day. We have updated about 800 times since we began publishing on March 3. This old-style news weblog takes a panoramic view of the virus situation. We offer news and viewpoints from a wide diversity of sources, science news, international reporting, videos and other resources to help you see the wide diversity of information not making it onto television or major websites. We are tracking the vaccine and testing issues carefully.

Each Friday night, Chiron Return publishes Planet Waves FM. Running since 2010, with roots into Radio Woodstock in the 1990s, Planet Waves FM covers current events, current astrology, science history, personal growth and other themes. Includes music by Vision Quest, the in-house Planet Waves orchestra.

Planet Waves publishes daily astrology and birthdays through the week. This feature includes a daily extended birthday reading and ongoing commentaries on developing astrology as it happens. Check in whenever you want — no password required.

Every week or so, I do a new edition of Planet Waves TV. Usually these focus an astrological topic or chart in detail. After initially being resistant to video, I now love doing these. The more people click on them the more I will do — and I am interested in your suggestions. The link to PlanetWaves.TV redirects to our YouTube channel for easy access. We also post to Facebook, to our front page, and include one with the weekly newsletter.

Going back to February, I’ve developed a portfolio of essays, investigative articles, videos and audio presentations on the Covid situation. These include articles about the astrology of the situation, hand sanitizer, holistic care, social critique and a wide diversity of other topics. We’ve recently added a selection of my satires, such as CDC guidance on blowing kisses. This is a truly comprehensive look at the issues, written from a worldly, nonpolitical standpoint. Here is the link.


Monthly Horoscopes and Publishing Schedule Notes

Your extended monthly horoscope for October was published on Thursday, Oct. 1. We published your extended monthly horoscope for September on Wednesday, Sept. 2. Please note: we normally publish the extended monthly horoscope after the Sun has entered a new sign.

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Monday Evening Horoscope #250 for Oct. 26, 2020 | By Eric Francis Coppolino


Aries (March 20-April 19) — Be bold about assessing your priorities. That means ask yourself honestly what matters the most to you, and take note of what you learn. It is possible that something will emerge spontaneously and you discover something you want or need or value that you had not thought of. More likely, it will be the rediscovery of something you’ve been thinking about for a long time; something you’ve known for a while, and what happens will serve as affirmation or confirmation or maybe you just recognizing the basic truth about yourself. You may feel like to acknowledge this means you have to change everything, all at once. That is a feeling more than a reality. However, you can guide yourself in the direction that you want to go, in tangible ways. You can define experiments and develop them. You can do things differently today, and then do them differently again tomorrow — and this will add up to guiding yourself toward what you want and what it seems like you truly need. Be alert to the priorities of others and how they may put the squeeze on you.

Story of I AM: All 12 signs | Choose your signs | Aries preview video


Taurus (April 19-May 20) — There can be no growth without change. It is that simple. To resist one is to resist the other. The question is why anyone would want to. I have a theory, for our times: there is just too much change. It happens too fast and it happens to us rather than as something that we involve ourselves in as a creative process. So we experience change as something exhausting rather than as something beautiful. One unfortunate result is resistance, and that can build up a lot of pressure. Any such pressure is about to shake loose with the Full Moon later this week. It presents you with two options for movement and progress: sudden, jarring and shocking, or the gentle allure to new experiences (which some would call Deer Medicine). The more shocking version of this event is the one that will be more alluring and easier to tune into. The gentler approach of exploring the edge for a while will take some extra sensitivity, and perhaps a little silence, and some inner listening. It will help if you recognize fear for what it is.

Story of I AM: All 12 signs | Choose your signs | Taurus preview video


Gemini (May 20-June 21) — The particular challenges of this year have involved how much power other people seem to have over you. This could also include circumstances, though those are always made up of people. From the look of your chart, you could have the perception that you have no influence over these events. We could make the case that they are all out of your control. Yet you do have the choice of how to respond, which is considerable influence in this world. You have the choice to claim your power, or to give it away — which is something that happens ongoing. Giving away one’s power seems to be an event that occurred in the past. Actually, it is a subscription that people keep renewing. Every decision you make provides you with an opportunity to claim or hand over the authority you have over your life. Much of this involves your relationship to your knowledge, and to your confidence. The confidence piece is the crucial one: your ability to stop, size up your situation, and make a choice.

Story of I AM: All 12 signs | Choose your signs | Gemini preview video


Cancer (June 21-July 22) — You have an opportunity to move closer to your personal edge in the coming days, to challenge yourself, and to stretch your limits. Some of this involves who you reveal yourself to be, to the people you know and even the people you don’t know. The edge may have an edgy feeling, or it may have a calm and curious feeling. You might try experimenting with the two, though given your nature, I suggest you feel your way to where there is some serenity. For example, serenity is about being connected to your senses and the interior of your mind. It’s much less about outer circumstances, or your influence. This is you, as a being who relates to your environment, and learns and grows from the experience. You might choose to do this in a bold and assertive way, which would serve you as long as the movement is coming from your center. That is the quality to feel for: your inner orientation, and a kind of dialog within yourself where you are responding to your own interior reality. In our era, this is the new frontier.

Story of I AM: All 12 signs | Choose your signs | Cancer preview video


Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — This week’s Full Moon will ignite a creative fire in you, and it may already be doing so. Most people don’t like their work enough to take advantage of this astrology, but maybe you do. Or maybe you want to. Maybe you dream of it. And if you do, it’s time to bring those dreams into physical manifestation. One small idea is all it will take. One thing I can tell you from having lived through a diverse and unlikely career is that there is room where you want to be. There is room at the top. Your talents and abilities have a place — a real place that you can find. You may admire others, and have your personal heroes and avatars, though keep your sense of proportion: they are people, just like you. The Full Moon conjunct Uranus is a reminder that success is always a group effort. You may be the coordinator and you may even be the visionary, though the actual success: that, we do together. Even those with seemingly very small roles can make important contributions to your endeavor.

Story of I AM: All 12 signs | Choose your signs | Leo preview video

Tailored for Virgo Sun and rising, this new audio reading by Eric Francis introduces you to your astrology through the autumn of 2021. We will take maximum advantage of the power you are drawing from the Earth signs at the time of your solar return: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, as well as Uranus in Taurus. This is a grand earth trine, and the thing to do is gather momentum in the direction you want to go, and then point yourself there. Eric describes the influence of Jupiter and Saturn ingressing Aquarius later this year. The reading looks closely at Chiron in Aries, accompanied by Mars retrograde in Aries — your most important relationship house. Now with full transcript. Order now for instant access. This reading is included with the Backstage Pass.


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — The future is not what you thought it would be. That’s a surprise that many are reckoning with right now — so many sudden, unplanned changes in plans. You may however discover that the disruption works for you. This will require the skill of appreciating a detour when you’re on a journey, or making the most of missing an exit and going somewhere different. If you are concerned about time, physics has already proven that it’s an illusion. Time is variable, though never more so than when you save years or decades by finding yourself in the right place at the right time. You may already be there. As the week’s aspects develop, look for the opening: the way in, the way out, the way through, or the revelation about what is true for you. Your chart this week has a touch of stealing fire from the gods. Be cautious about that. Your personal truth is all the fire that you need. More than you need to turn it on the world, you need to live with it in your heart.

Story of I AM: All 12 signs | Choose your signs | Virgo preview video

Notes to Myself is Ready | Astrology Studio for Libra

Read more…


Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Barbara Hand Clow described Venus opposite Chiron as an aspect associated with what she called catastrophobia: the irrational fear of catastrophe, based on the triggering of some past trauma. Our world at the moment is in love with disaster, and looking for it everywhere. Everything is a potential disaster. This is no way to live. There is no calm, nor an idea of calm; there is no peace, nor is there the notion that peace might exist. We have plenty of nonstop trauma to be triggered as well, and there is little that anyone is doing about it. Amidst much other astrology this week, Venus forms an opposition to Chiron. This is a rare opening to personal healing. Take a breath and consider what you need. Consider all that has happened to you from which you have not recovered or mended. Consider the impact of world events the past year or five or 10 or 20 years (depending on how old you are). What kind of life do you want? Who do you see yourself being, in terms of how it would feel? Gently map out the space between the two states of being.

Story of I AM: All 12 signs | Choose your signs | Libra preview video

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Find out what’s inside the Scorpio File.

The Scorpio File: Astrology Studio 2020

What’s in the Scorpio file? Does anyone really know? This year for your solar return, Mercury is retrograde in your sign. Adding to the mystery, Mars, your classical ruling planet, is retrograde in Aries, about to station direct. Then Jupiter forms a conjunction with Pluto, which takes the story to the level of your soul’s mission on Earth. In this 76-minute astrology reading, Eric Francis unravels the secrets of your sign, and helps you guide yourself through this strange new time we are living in. Price is $44. Original music by Vision Quest. Get instant access here!


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — There’s been some spectacular astrology in your sign lately, and it’s not over. The week builds to a rather unusual Full Moon in your opposite sign Taurus. This may be highlighting the seeming instability of a relationship situation. There are many ways to think about this, including the topic of flexibility. However, the current astrology takes that to a new dimension. If your life and your identity are lodged in your ideas about a relationship, the question is: what do you do when your situation changes? It could be a little, it could be a lot. You’re not in a stable environment at the moment, which is its great virtue. Your world is something of a live wire. New approaches to life and to love are called for now. Whatever may be your situation, being less attached is the first thing that’s called for. Attachment is not love; it’s often the substitute for love. This can be an amazing time in your life if you hang loose and make peace with the fact that you’re due for a surprise or two every day.

Story of I AM: All 12 signs | Choose your signs | Scorpio preview video


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — You may find it challenging to keep a grip on your time or your agenda this week. I suggest you set three tangible goals and stick to them, front-loading the week if you can. Get stuff out of the way at the earliest possible moment. Start what you intend to finish sooner rather than later, then nudge it along every chance you get. The pace and intensity of the week will pick up as the Full Moon approaches. So now is the time to invoke Ganesha and remove obstacles from your path as a conscious act. Postpone or cancel appointments that are not strictly necessary. Travel as little as possible. Get the shopping done. More than anything, give close partners and associates room to wiggle, and be available to pick up any stray tasks that they may need to let go of. While there are no shortcuts, there is such a thing as a creative solution that works for everyone. Be open to that, and be bold about proposing it.

Story of I AM: All 12 signs | Choose your signs | Sagittarius preview video


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Times are heavy, though you simply must find a way to express your more playful and adventurous side. You might even go a little out of bounds doing so. That’s not difficult many places: you could try walking the dog, going hiking or doing the treadmill without a mask, a visor and hand sanitizer. However, you need more fun than that. Maybe you can invent a new kind of robot! Wait, that’s been done a few too many times. So, what would be your idea of really pushing the limits on a good time here in late 2020? That’s the thing to do. The Full Moon lights up like phosphorus in your house of creativity, art and games — the 5th, one of the best of the lot. Before that happens, Venus enters the 10th house of your solar chart, which suggests you will have company if you want it. You’ll also have help if you need it, so make sure to ask for assistance if you do. There’s one thing to be mindful of: fear and its detrimental effects. That’s the real plague, and has been for a long time. Fortunately there is a cure. Live your life on your own terms.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Way back in 1951 (the same year Esoteric Astrology came out), someone named Alan Watts wrote a book called The Wisdom of Insecurity. “To put it still more plainly: the desire for security and the feeling of insecurity are the same thing. To hold your breath is to lose your breath. A society based on the quest for security is nothing but a breath-retention contest in which everyone is as taut as a drum and as purple as a beet.” He also wrote that, “The clash between science and religion has not shown that religion is false and science is true. It has shown that all systems of definition are relative to various purposes, and that none of them actually ‘grasp’ reality.” The things we are seeing and experiencing today are not new. They’re merely a little more obvious with the world turned inside out the way that it is right now. Existence is a delicate state of being any day of the century. There are no assurances. You are on more solid ground than you think. You don’t need to give yourself things to worry about.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Nothing you think is taboo, which means approximately “subject to being censored by superstition or custom.” Your mind is yours, to think what you want. You know you’re doing it when you start to feel like you’re walking out into the middle of a frozen lake, not knowing how thick the ice is. Or maybe it’s like walking next to a cliff. Sometimes it feels like you’re going to draw some form of unwanted attention for something you say. When you feel something like that, keep going in that direction — away from the familiar, the dependable, or what seems knowable for sure. Just about all of that is either wrong or has served its purpose. When it comes to exploring ideas, change for its own sake is a positive thing. That’s their whole purpose. What you might say to others is something else; what you might do is something beyond that. Neither are barriers. Life is more tolerant than it seems even today. What matters is how you feel, rather than how others respond. However, if you feel good, others are likely to as well. That would make a productive experiment.

Story of I AM: All 12 signs | Choose your signs | Pisces preview video

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