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Dear Friend and Reader:

This month we’ll experience a real-time test of Aquarius astrology. This begins with an unusual Full Moon in Leo, followed by retrograde Mercury in Aquarius through Feb. 20. Mercury will be retrograde close to Jupiter, Saturn and the important asteroid Pallas (related to politics and law). Mercury is going to backtrack into this territory, which can serve like a review. (Mercury retrograde is the time to finish things rather than start them.)

Eric Francis

It presents an opportunity to see things from another direction, view them internally, and to expose what may have been previously overlooked. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius represents an individual expressing dissenting views from those of the tribe.

The forthcoming Mercury retrograde is the one corresponding to the one in late winter 2020, when the entire world changed in just three weeks. At the beginning we were in the Before Times.

Then suddenly we were in the After Times: the new normal, where without any proof, every living person is considered a biosecurity hazard, and treated like one. Perfectly healthy people are now presumed to be sick with a deadly disease. You don’t need the imagination of a science fiction writer to see where this can go.

Though popularly thought of as the sign of peace and love (true for some in the individual sense, Carole King as case in point), in the collective sense Aquarius is the sign of pattern formation. The Age of Aquarius could be about an era of enlightenment, though not if we choose judgment, exclusion and ignorance. The phrase, “enlighten me” means make me aware of what can be seen in the light. Keeping oneself cloaked in darkness is the opposite of that. Fear is not peace and love. The result of fear is usually some form of war.

Rendition of Kala Sarpa Yoga with the Moon to the other side of the nodes. Illustration by Lanvi Nguyen.

The Outlying Full Moon

In recent editions, I’ve been describing a condition called Kala Sarpa Yoga. This is when all of the classical planets are swept to one side of the lunar nodal axis. In our current situation this includes the modern planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Eris) and the first three centaurs as well (Chiron, Nessus and Pholus) and dwarf planet Ceres.

If the nodes are the dragon’s head and tail, Kala Sarpa is sometimes described as all the planets being in the belly of the dragon. This is a time of very high stakes for the planet and any individual born with this condition. Life must be lived with care, caution and meaning, or there will be a crash or fall of some kind.

However, when any classical planet goes to the other side of the lunar nodes, that changes the effect. The Leo Full Moon occurs opposite the Sun, on the other side of the concentration of planets. To me this looks like an outlying individual, who seems to be ‘against the collective’ but who is really doing his or her own thing.

All of this Aquarius astrology is creating the effect of false tribalism. There is ridiculous pressure for people to conform to what others believe, no matter how absurd it may be: the alleged virtue of our time is going along with everyone else, even to one’s individual or collective detriment.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen

Aquarian Transits and Technological Patterns

What takes hold during Aquarian astrology tends to lock in. This is particularly true of technological advances. Aquarius is the sign of the electrical age, particularly communication. What we call the internet happened during two main waves: Uranus in Aquarius (1995-2003, the commercial internet, via dial-up, DSL and cable), followed by Neptune in Aquarius (1998-2012, the wireless internet and the ‘smart’ phone). The chart for the iPhone has Neptune in Aquarius rising.

Both redefined existence as we know it. There was and shall be no turning back. But this was sold to us as convenience and entertainment, not the ball and chain of 24-hour surveillance and the microphone that can be turned on remotely by an app you don’t know you have installed.

We are now in the third wave: biosecurity and biometrics, currently ruled by a digital device called the polymerase chain reaction, to which society is now wholly enslaved (for as long as we want to be). This is related to the massive upstep in data collection and surveillance capitalism that has come along with the current (designed to be endless) crisis.

During last winter’s Mercury retrograde, when everything changed in a matter of weeks, few understood what they were choosing, with what seemed like no option. Yet choose we did, and in truth, we are continuing to do so. Just like the first time around, few will acknowledge this fact. They are just doing what they are “supposed to do,” and don’t want anyone to think they are doing anything else.

What if the experts were wrong? Read this column by Dave Pellowe.

The Sign of Experts is the Sign of Questioning Them

Aquarius is the sign of experts. Most people are content to do what “experts” tell them, which translates into who is allowed on CNN and what can get through to their Twitter feed. Masks work so well that we are now supposed to wear two or even three of them. Why?

According to Fauci, you cannot be safe enough. This is based on common sense, not science.

Because it’s “common sense,” according to the nation’s most powerful doctor. Common sense would seem more like knowing we’re supposed to breathe. Where have all the yoga teachers gone? What happened to the deep cleansing breath, or to prana?

If anything meekly informative slips in to the discussion, buckle up for an old-time flame war. Those who know the least scream the loudest. The most terrified person in the discussion is considered correct.

These conflicts spill into physical life. I’ve heard from a good few people who were not welcome at family holiday gatherings due to their views.

This is an expression of the deepest shadow of Aquarius — exclusion from the tribe. It is closely related to ideologically-based thinking. And Mercury retrograde seems designed to challenge that very thing. Will it succeed? Will those who are curious, or who are independently informed, get a word in under the door? Yes — if you let them. If you are interested. If you think that the other aspects of an issue deserve airing out.

Do you remember seeing the world this way?

The Profound Need for Curiosity

What I have been stunned at is the near-total failure of curiosity around the critically life-altering matters we’re now confronted with. This goes from on the street to the highest levels of punditry. Humans need curiosity to survive on our planet. We need the desire to understand and explore, no matter how ‘civilized’ the world may seem. Science is supposed to be driven by curiosity.

Apoorva Mandavilli, the New York Times writer who reported that the “test” for SARS-CoV-2 could be getting 90% false positives, outright denied in an email to me that her findings might actually be meaningful in terms of lowering the case count.

(The Times had previously reported in 2007 that the PCR repeatedly got 100% false positives [which we have verified with multiple sources, including the CDC] but never mentioned the issue until late August. Is anyone curious about this? To me it seems like journalistic fraud, which is a specialty of Times science coverage.)

Soon after her article came out, I asked Mandavilli about her 2020 work in the context of Times coverage of the same issue in 2007, which came to the same conclusion 13 years earlier.

“There’s a big difference between the two pieces,” she wrote. “My piece isn’t saying there isn’t an epidemic or that cases were overcounted — that is a misinterpretation.” Well, no — the article states precisely that due to oversensitivity, up to 90% of “cases” do not exist at all. And that is only one of about five major problems with the PCR.

She concluded: “There is very much a pandemic and a dire one. We are just testing people too late to be able to contain it.” Again, that is nowhere in her article. Check and see for yourself. (We now know that like the HIV test, there are upwards of 100 sources of false positives, including healthy, non-viral human RNA.) And how would we know there was a pandemic (that is, the global outbreak of a new disease) if not for the “test” she was writing about?

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Questioning Things Gives Them Meaning

False positives at the rate of 90% to 100% are indeed meaningless if nobody questions their meaning. The story went nowhere. It should have been the single biggest development of 2020. It is astonishing to me how anyone can stand for this, though it can be explained by the need for people to ask a few more questions, which would be driven by hunger for truth.

Commercial media, driven by digital technology, is presenting the issues as if there is just one side of the story. There never is. There are always many, many sides of any issue. The notion that there are two sides to the story conceals an actual discussion, though usually one side is presented as legit, and the other side as insane or unpatriotic (the new word for which is anti-science, the accusation of which allegedly makes one a heretic).

We have seen this happen over and over again. The Vietnam War was the greatest idea in the world, for a while, its wisdom unquestionable even as 55,000 of our sons were shipped home in body bags. Martin Luther King Jr. lost much of his funding for daring to question dropping bombs, chemical agents and napalm (burning jellied gasoline) on people who had done nothing to us.

Bombing Iraq seemed like a fine idea to most, until it came out that there were no weapons of mass destruction at all. Those nonexistent WMD were sold to us night after night on the news, until we were having visions of mushroom clouds. There were only people trying to survive, and the rubble of water treatment plants that had been destroyed from a decade of previous attacks by the United States.

Today it’s not just Fox, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post who make it seem like there is just one set of facts, which are presented around the clock in between advertisements for drugs.

The Social Media Censorship Pattern

Way back in 1945, George Orwell wrote: “Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing, either in the popular press or in the highbrow periodicals.”

As some of us remember, the beauty of the internet was that alternative views could be expressed by ordinary people, and by those with deep knowledge. You could say unpopular things without any systemic censorship. That is no longer true, and it seems to be by design. In late 2019, something called Event 201 was held in partnership with the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab attends a press conference ahead of the 2019 edition of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on January 15, 2019 in Geneva.

The conference was a dry run, that is, a dress and tech rehearsal, for a coronavirus pandemic. (Such had never happened before — coronaviruses are fragile RNA viruses that do not persist and were previously known to cause only minor problems from an epidemiological standpoint.)

It may seem like mere coincidence the emphasis of the Event 201 rehearsal was not on taking care of the sick, but rather on corporate response and the claimed need to shut down the internet to prevent a discussion of world events. You don’t have to connect many dots to figure out what this was about. However, this calls for pattern recognition: that is, observing what is going on. This is the realm of artists and small children, and it’s driven by curiosity, or the desire to know.

(Aside, the World Economic Forum was founded by Klaus Schwab, who wrote the book Covid-19: The Great Reset. They were involved in the very event that “predicted” and in fact designed the pandemic, and are now selling it to the public as a grand opportunity. The book is a sales pitch for the wonderful new world we can now create — as billionaires in high-tech make money faster than their accountants can count it.)

Social media including YouTube is perpetuating the one-side-to-the-story illusion by banning anyone who speaks out, including removing the work of, or the entire platform of, some of the most accurate presenters — all in the name of protecting you from your own mind. I received a YouTube strike and a takedown for presenting a video by OSHA-certified consultants on the actual federal rules related to personal protective equipment.

Yes, Donald Trump had his Twitter account revoked in the last days of his administration, after abusing it for a decade. Anyone who thinks that’s a good idea because they don’t like Trump’s views, or those of his supporters, is contributing to an existence where more than ever, other people control not just what you think, but also what you know. I was banned from Facebook for a week recently for posting about the isolation and purification of viruses. (The ban notification said I was causing “bodily harm” to others — by discussing biology. Welcome to the new normal, unless we stand up to it.)

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen

Racketeering: Not So Peace and Love

These bans might seem unofficial or informal, but Children’s Health Defense (CHD), the organization led by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (the environmental lawyer and nephew of Pres. Kennedy) recently sued Facebook and its paid shill “fact checking” organizations in federal court.

They moved under an anti-racketeering statute originally designed to stop the Mafia, called RICO. “Racketeering” is syndicated crime. CHD and Kennedy presented evidence that only views that differed from those of the United States federal government (principally the CDC and National Institutes of Health) were censored.

We are now rapidly headed for the Transhuman phase of history: that of total domination by digital technology, where humans are merged with machines and the world is divided into biosecurity zones. Google and Facebook are already reading not just our likes and preferences but the lines on our face. Sometimes it seems like their robots are reading our minds. (Read about ordering a pizza from Google.) I don’t know why anyone would think this is a good idea, except maybe for how it fills a missing piece where a spiritual life is supposed to be.

I recently interviewed a young man who was applying for a job maintaining computers in my office. Apparently he took his work seriously. During the discussion, he told me all about the merging of people with computers. He then said when he could have wires installed in his brain to merge him with a computer, he would be first in line, one of the more interesting things I’ve heard coming from the direction of my counseling room couch.

He later texted and said he would not work for me if we didn’t remove the penis-shaped coat hook in the bathroom sent to me by a client many years ago. He was in a real panic about this, such as you would not expect from a young man in the age of LGBTQ rights. Entry in the ship’s log: applicant says wiring his brain is good, wooden phallus terrifying.

Art from Carole King’s second solo album, Tapestry, recorded in January 1971 and released one day after her 29th birthday. Tapestry is Carole’s Saturn Return. I’ll have lots about this record on Friday’s Planet Waves FM.

So What Does Real Aquarian Thinking Look Like?

The first thing it looks like is cooperation. Aquarius is about groups, not about competition.

Then we could add: asking questions. Wholesome Aquarius is curious above all else. Mercury is a picture of the child mind, that is simply curious about the nature of reality. The child mind notices the ways in which others are in lockstep thinking, and notices when people believe something that is obviously ridiculous.

Most people are afraid to raise their hand and ask the simple question because they might appear stupid. But asking that question is the very essence of good journalism and good science. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius questions assumptions. It questions science. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius knows that there is a big difference between a scientific finding and the opinion of a scientist.

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius knows that dissent is necessary for a real discussion. It knows that censorship blocks the truth, not lies. The mere notion of censorship is repugnant to the healthy Aquarian mind. Aquarius wants all viewpoints given a fair hearing. It also wants balance in the final expression of a view or discussion.

That requires thinking, which is not a lazy person’s activity. Thinking leads to learning. Learning means that you’re inviting change. That is to say, to learn is to change, which is something that Aquarius can struggle with, or give up on. But the retrograde can challenge that.

Finally, Mercury retrograde in Aquarius knows when it does not know. This calls for self-reflection, curiosity and the willingness to be wrong.

Nothing else can be called intelligence.

With love,

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Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February 2021 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

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Aries (March 20-April 19) — You are in one of the most financially ambitious phases of your life, though money is likely to take care of itself if you remain true to yourself. That’s not easy in a world that routinely expects people to violate their core values just to make a little money. By this I mean actually encouraging what is genuinely wrong. This works fine for people with no ethics, who do not suffer the psychological consequences. Happily, you do not qualify, so that means you face the quest of what it means to do the right thing, for your peace of mind. This does not just happen in the workplace. The new burst of Aquarius energy is leading people to think they can get others to conform with their every whim. The challenge you face is about standing out. Borrowing from the astrology to illustrate: all that Aquarius in your 11th house (groups, organizations, your immediate society) is blaring with the message that we all must do the same thing. However, Chiron in your birth sign, among other factors, is saying that you must stand up, stand out and be yourself. Listen to how terrifying people describe this as being — and it’s all a head trip. Or better said, it’s not fear of others but rather fear of oneself. Chiron will push you to never have that be something that controls your life, and this month you have much help from Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. Nothing says ‘independence of thought and action’ like Mercury — a vitally important planet to your sign Aries. Be the person you actually are, in the face of any and all pressure to deny yourself. This may seem to take courage. Really, it bestows courage.

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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — The world is in a crisis of what psychologists are now calling ‘executive function’. This is about people not being able to show up on time, follow instructions of more than two steps, cooperate with others, set and keep basic goals, make decisions, or take responsibility for their choices. Your chart, however, has the executive function angle lit up by the most exciting astrology in a generation. However, you could be inclined to take this in theory rather than in practice. Here are a few keys to making it work for you. The first one is that you’re likely to have your own way of wanting to get things done. If you are surrounded by other people, you must use leadership, charm and confidence-building to get your way. Those are crucial elements of working with others, if you have the concept that you know needs to be implemented. To do this, you must work closely with higher-ups, as well as colleagues and those who are in a service role. To do that, you need to be a master of communication. As a Taurus, you’re not one to over-share, though I suggest you do. What to you feels like saying too much will probably be just right for everyone else. Make sure you ask people their positions on important issues, so you know where they stand, and so they know you care. One last thing: a combination of factors is suggesting that you allow your curiosity to lead you. Remember that in life as in journalism, we need to know who, what, where, when and why. Only people who ask those questions can truly be in a position of leadership. Use what you know.

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Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Lately it seems like what we think of as existence is on a daily basis being corralled onto the internet. Whether we’re talking about school (from kindergarten to post-graduate), social life, associating with colleagues, or any form of art, this is all rapidly being reduced to computer code. People think this gives them more freedom and opens up their potential, making all kinds of new things available. That is true to a point, though not everything can be reduced to data. In effect, the internet, by which I mean the digital sphere, is a hallucination. Marshall McLuhan said way back in the 1960s that computers were LSD for the businessman. And now we are all caught in the matrix or the digital dream. I suggest you figure out where you are, and then find your way back to Earth. Do whatever you can do in the physical world. Get among others and remind yourself what eye contact and facial expressions are about. Notice how you feel when you’re in your body. To what extent is your physical existence an object of fear, and to what extent is your body a means of self-expression? How do you feel when you’re around other people? Are you afraid of them, or do you tend to trust them? Mercury retrograde in Aquarius for the next few weeks will be urging you to take part in the world of people, even if not so many are interested. Yet there’s something more relevant: what is your long-term plan? Are you signed up to go along with the new normal, or are you interested in creating the social and creative life that you want? Many obstacles are now out of the way. You have ideas. You have much more freedom than you may imagine.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) — There’s an old expression that it’s lonely at the top. It’s also lonely many other places these days, particularly as the world becomes more competitive and many strive to be what they think of as number one. You face a different situation, which is about using your power in ethical and honest ways. This requires growth and self-awareness that are not popular items. Most people are not willing to subject themselves to honest self-scrutiny, which comes with the necessity to change as you discover those things in you that need changing. It’s a lot of work. There are few examples of people who are willing to do this, which contributes to the illusion of isolation. Yet you are getting instructions from a deep place within yourself, if you would only listen. You’re also in the situation of being the person that people are looking to as an example, even though you may consider yourself imperfect and not necessarily ready for the role. Yet that is the nature of the human experiment. Perfection is not a value. Yet the willingness to learn, to love and to grow most certainly is a value, and it’s one that you possess on a deep level. None of this matters on a good day, when things are going according to plan. It matters when the chips are down, when there is a risk, when there is moral confusion, and when people are in pain. Trust that you’re doing better than nearly everyone, and that you have your priorities in order. Also bear in mind that many people tend to overplay their hand and exaggerate their knowledge and abilities, while others shrink from any challenge. Your true friends will tend to do neither.

Leo and Leo rising — get a full reading for your sign for an affordable price. All Of Us Here is available for instant access.eo

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — The Full Moon takes place in your birth sign this month, and describes you in the position of the outlier. While much of the world has been swallowed and is being digested in the belly of the beast, you remain outside of most of what you see and hear. You are on your own journey, which requires you to face the world with better tools than fear, being judgmental or resisting anything seemingly different from yourself. Fortunately, those resources exist. And fortunately, not everyone thinks the same way or believes the same thing. Yet the way to get close to people is to foster intimacy with yourself. That means recognizing you are on a distinct journey that others may not understand, which you must embrace. A journey means traveling from day to day. You do not need a planned itinerary. Rather, wake up each day and plot your destination. Account for what you must do, for what you want to do, and for what has some flexibility. If you need assistance from someone, choose someone who is cooperative and who likes being helpful. There are likely to be a lot of new people in your environment, and they are not all cut of the same cloth. You must pay attention to what they say, and what you deduce that they actually know. In all ways, strive to make your life simpler and easier. The past few years have not exactly delivered proof that this is possible, though we are now in a new day and a new phase of human history. Yet not everyone knows this. You can afford to do what so few dare to do: live for the day, each and every day.

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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — You are blessed to have a purpose. I suggest you gather wood and tend the fire of your purpose all the time, day and night, in whatever weather. You may be starting small, as all natural things do. What matters is your quality of attention. What matters more is cultivating your experience of devotion. This includes your commitment to learning, and putting what you learn to good use. You may feel like The Hermit, holding a light on top of the mountain, though remember that the light is within you. The path that you are on comes with many questions, many of which surround whether what you do is really useful, or whether it will serve you or others in the long run. There is only one way to answer those questions, which is through a process of experience and observation. You cannot assume you know the ultimate outcome, for that is to deny yourself the beauty of discovery. In that context, it would be wise to focus less on ultimate goals and more on the process of how you get wherever you’re going, or doing whatever you’re doing. Keep notes, remember the recipes that work, and write down the dates of discoveries and new formulations. Think of yourself as a young herbalist who is suddenly placed in a community of people who need your services; at the same time, you have not yet mastered your work. This is the perfect place to be, as long as you balance caution and courage, which is the same as balancing your knowledge with the need to experiment. You will make mistakes; what matters is that you learn from them. That’s the best definition of success that I know of.

Libra and Libra rising — get a full reading for your sign for an affordable price. All Of Us Here is available for instant access.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Amidst much other notable astrology, let’s start with Chiron in your opposite sign Aries. This is providing you with a focal point, in a world where everything seems to be going out of control. In the simplest terms, that focal point is that there is such a thing as meaning. This comes through two sources: people who serve your interests, primarily as teachers or mentors; and then from your ability to recognize patterns in your environment. That is all this elusive thing called meaning really comes down to — when set in the context of personal relevance. Chiron is focusing your attention on healing. This is happening in a time when the chaos of the world is being driven by the fear of sickness and death. Anyone could be driven to madness or illness by soaking in this environment, and I have no doubt that much of what is happening is based on over-immersion in fear, chaos and meaninglessness. Take the opportunity to learn from those who have ideas, and who set a wholesome example. At this time in your life, one or two such relationships will keep you grounded in your purpose and in your sanity. You will also be able to learn how to serve others. The quality that you’re looking for is fearlessness when it comes to approaching the challenges of life. This is exceedingly rare, so it should stand out from all the glare and noise. And of course, you would need to understand that the lack of fear, and the refusal to be ruled by it, is not about being a fool. It’s about having a holistic understanding of life, which above all else you need to embrace. The whole is far greater than the sum of the parts, and the particles.

Scorpio and Scorpio rising — get a full reading for your sign for an affordable price. All Of Us Here is available for instant access.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Who you choose to relate to has never been more important. Emphasize those who are genuinely helpful. Sidestep those who serve to disrupt your peace of mind. This includes aggressive people, as well as those whose primary orientation is their anger. This can take many forms, from the types of depression that are merely a mask placed over suppressed rage, to what is wrongly called passive aggression. (That calls for an example: those who screw you up on a regular basis but make it seem like it was merely circumstances outside their control.) Reject any approach that begins with some form of ‘you suck’, remembering how often people fall for these; negging works because people expect it and take it as a compliment. It is not. The question to ask yourself is this: how do you feel after you’ve spent time with someone? How do you feel the next day? Are you more or less productive? Speaking of — matters related to health, and work, and where the two intersect must remain at the top of your priorities. Conduct a health and safety audit on all matters related to your workplace, your workspace and your daily workflow. How is the air? How are the vibes? Do you get enough light? Are you bored, or interested? Are you sitting in the right kind of chair? Most significantly, do you have any way of expressing yourself through the work that you do? Your true profession must be a balance of service and the ability to do something that is genuinely your own. These are not absolutes and perfection is usually an unattainable value. Yet there is a range of what is acceptable, which is the first thing to strive for.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — You will not want to rush into any decisions, as you’re involved in a long process of thinking, review, and rethinking. You may not be a patient person by nature, though this would be a good time to practice. This is not the patience of waiting for something, but rather the type called for during a process of experimenting and analysis. Slow down your process of coming to conclusions, and practice holding your mind open and suspending judgment. The easiest way to do this is to engage in a process of conscious observation, particularly of people, and also of how you relate to them. Have as many conversations in person as possible, as close to your home as possible. You probably don’t live in Mayberry where you’re on a first-name basis with the postal clerk, but do as much of that as you can; this will feed your thought process. You will learn things on your feet that you won’t learn in your seat. You of all people cannot withstand the dehumanization process that humanity is currently being put through. And you hold some of the keys to undoing its worst effects. Yet to be effective you need to be informed and involved in your community, in the most direct senses of those ideas. Mercury retrograde through Aquarius the next few weeks will encourage you to step out of abstract mode and into what is measurable, physical and tangible. You seem to struggle with trust more than most people, and more than you need to; what humanity is going through right now would be different were we more open and willing to accept one another as who we are. So pay attention and suspend judgment. Only then is learning possible.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — You are fast approaching the time to make some important financial moves, but not with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. Now is the time for due diligence. That means conducting research, checking references and knowing more than anyone around you. However, there are two things more important: knowing when you don’t know, and disproving your theories. Be bold about being wrong. Use this approach especially when you assess your priorities. You need to know what is true for you on the most elemental level, so that you understand the basis for all of your decisions. This getting to the bottom of things has been a theme of Pluto in your sign for the past 13 years, and it is not quite over. You are starting to get ahead of your insecurities, though you’re not fully there yet. If you notice a fear response to a nonthreatening situation, it’s important to notice your state of mind rather than to suppress it. You are still way too influenced by what you think that others think, and what you believe others believe. Certain events in your family history have injured your self-confidence, and those are bubbling to the surface. These issues do not heal by magic. For most people, it does not heal, ever, and you cannot allow yourself to be one of them. Confidence is what stands between you and the life that you want. That means learning how to think for yourself, which is rarely ever encouraged even in times when individuality and self-actualization exist as options in public consciousness. People will almost always default to the ‘safe’ option, without considering whether it actually bestows any protection — and at what cost.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Fire your public relations team and speak for yourself. Forget your identity and be yourself. The turning point moment of your life is an experiment for which you must be flexible and spontaneous, though you’re also in line to learn the art of follow-through. You may start many things now that you don’t ultimately complete, so be careful that you develop your best ideas. The great virtue of Aquarius is its ability to have a new concept. The pitfall of Aquarius is a struggle with being adaptable, willing to learn, and willing to be wrong. Think of intelligence as being more about curiosity and less about certainty. With Mercury retrograde in your sign, that translates to curiosity about yourself. You may be investing time and energy into learning different systems of self-knowledge, which can be beneficial. Yet the thing you want to understand above all else is what motivates you. Notice what pushes you to make choices, take action, and to prefer certain people and things over others. Notice your habits. This is an excellent time to be shifting the ways you are habituated, and rather than form new fixed patterns, form new flexible ones. Place your life into manual mode rather than automatic. This is not going to be as easy as it seems, as we are being conditioned to think and conduct ourselves like the robots who dominate our lives. Far from being a conscious process, this has soaked us from the bottom, with phrases like “rewired,” “hard wired,” “reprogramming,” “rebooting,” and even “system upgrade” being used to refer to humans. Natural biological beings have no wires or operating systems, and that includes you. Invest in your humanity and nothing else.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — The time is long overdue for you to pull in and get to know yourself again. The events of recent years have felt like being hung out to dry. There was a time not long ago when only a select few real estate agents had their photo on the little ads in shopping carts. Now all of social life has been thrown inside out. Privacy is now a concept so far-gone that nobody understands it and few remember what it was like to be in the space of your own thoughts and feelings without the whole world invited to spectate. The alignment of planets newly in Aquarius is calling you within yourself in a way you have not experienced in years — perhaps many of them. Respond to this invitation in tangible ways: principally, less time online, more time alone, and more time in one-to-one company. Sleep more. Go places where there are not so many people, or where you can be alone outside of your house. And I suggest you stop taking on new tasks, projects or assignments, and focus instead on advancing or completing one or two long-term goals. Part of being interior means honoring what is true for you, and giving yourself what you need. These things are unlikely to have much in the way of outer manifestations, at least for now, and that is part of their virtue. Interior space means honoring what is meaningful primarily to you. The past year has run all of us ragged to some greater or lesser degree. We are being subjected to a new propaganda campaign every day. Treatment from society and many individuals qualifies as brutally abusive. Step back and take care of your spiritual needs. You are, after all, a Pisces.

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