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By Eric Francis Coppolino

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Amidst many other changes that both you and the world will experience this month, Saturn is entering your birth sign for the first time since 1993. You will read mixed reviews about this, though I take a positive view of Saturn as the representative of the reality principle. I know this is not very popular these days, but ultimately, Saturn represents the ability to work upward from the bottom line. Its presence is an urgent answer to having lived with Neptune in your sign since 2011 — what you might call the fantasy principle. Neptune also has the effect of making you more vulnerable to outside influences, and it can cloud your perception and your judgment.

Most significantly, it often has an isolating feeling. Saturn drops a whole new lens in front of your perception of the world, and your self-concept. Allow its presence to redefine you as a serious, practical person. This is associated with both commitment, and tapping your inner authority, instead of having to rely on outer authority to keep you in place. Another part of the Saturn principle is being your own boss to the point where you have mastery over your affairs. And it will provide you with a firm boundary between yourself and all who choose to influence you in some way.

You have needed this for a while: a kind of sealant around your psychic doors and windows, and a more substantial definition of yourself that you honor. While there will be plenty of adjustments to make, those are long overdue. So, too, is a period of building and expansion — which in this world may seem to be against insurmountable odds. Saturn is offering you something you can work with, and you have many other factors working in your favor, particularly a newfound depth of self-respect.


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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — The last sign of the zodiac embodies the idea that the world is created by opposite energies that complement and balance one another. Pisces is the living embodiment of yin and yang. That is to say, you want balance in your life, and you’ll go out of your way to find it. But you can also do without or function under extreme conditions, as if you’re drawing energy and information from some parallel universe. When we think of the great Pisceans of all time, Albert Einstein comes to mind, and this is someone who clearly understood alternate dimensions of reality and how what we see is not all there is.

The 12th sign of the zodiac: Pisces.

Associated with the ocean and the cosmos itself, Pisces represents the primal waters to which the whole human experience eventually returns, and from which new ideas emerge. Seawater contains nearly every element; so do you, and you manifest this through your flexibility, adaptability and your ability to morph into whatever you need to be. You don’t want to do this too much, however.

You have the ability to take the long view; water is the element with the slowest and most enduring action. That is to say, when in doubt, you can rely on your persistence. You don’t demand perfection, only progress.

You can be self-sacrificing and believe that it’s possible to serve the greatest good for all concerned. Pisces is the sign that’s truly populist. Aquarius usually gets this credit, but Aquarius is too discriminating to be populist. With Pisces, you might say that the ocean refuses no river.

Your sign is associated with music, imagery and dreams. You believe that art is one of the fundamental things that makes humanity what it is. For you, sex is spiritual, even the original devotional activity. Indulge yourself in these things: your hobbies should include at least two of them. Life would be extremely boring without the release from the edgy world of the ego granted by Pisces. If you’re born under this sign, you have to watch your boundaries, have realistic expectations and remember that the world is ruled by love and not by guilt.

If you have self-esteem issues, figure that out and deal with them promptly; both you and everyone else will be happier, healthier and wealthier. Assert what you think is right and you will discover that many people agree with you. Yours is a sign of the element water, categorized as a mutable sign because it’s at the end of the season and indeed the end of the astrological year. In traditional astrology it’s ruled by Jupiter, and in modern times usually associated with the big blue planet Neptune. Venus is your close cousin. Study all three of these planets in your chart and you will have a much better understanding of who you are.

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