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By Eric Francis Coppolino

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — For months, I have been tracking the movement of your ruling planet Mars through Gemini. That’s the astrology I’ve been describing about working out certain details of a relationship that involve getting to the bottom of matters. This is a layering process; discovering one’s own reality can be a challenge, especially when it is intertwined with that of another person. Yet March brings the moment of truth, when you see through the situation I am describing, and make many other discoveries.

One of them involves understanding the way in which your family conditioned you to seek acceptance from them as the highest value. This would be something you take with you into life, as an expectation you set upon yourself. When you stand up for yourself, and assert what you want, you may find you get pushback or find yourself stuck in a situation. Events this month conspire to set you free of many different kinds of bonds. Yet the most important among them is the one where you get trapped into believing something that is not true. Though it’s not easy, truth — particularly in intimate situations and those involving money — must be your one and only standard.

That means saying what you really mean, and not accepting it when others do not. If you can align yourself with this idea, the result will be a healing breakthrough of a kind you’ve never experienced. This could feel like an impassioned self-awareness that you understand is at the core of wellness. Once you have touched this state of mind, it’s far less likely that you will allow yourself to compromise, or be compromised in an unhealthy way.

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“Happy Scorpio Season! Welcome!” Illustration by Lanvi Nguyen.

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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Scorpio is an emotional, fiery water sign, usually represented by a creature of the desert — the scorpion. But it’s a desert creature that resembles lots of critters that live underwater, as if the ocean dried out and the scorpion stayed behind. Note the contradictions: fiery water, ruled by a land creature. Of all the animals to have as your totem, the scorpion is by far the oddest of the lot, and we can be sure that the ancient masters of lore had a perverse sense of humor, or were keenly aware of human nature.

The 8th sign of the zodiac: Scorpio.

Scorpio is an odd hybrid, both a product — and an instigator — of evolution. In plain talk, that means growth. You tend to push the people around you. And you tend to feel pushed, both internally and by your circumstances. Your sign is associated with sex, deep commitment and death, and that’s what you remind people of, even if it’s on a subtle level (it’s probably not). This has an influence on the people around you, all of whom think you’re ‘intense’.

You probably detest that word, and likely think that you’re normal and they are missing something. Maybe you don’t have a fever; maybe their body temperature is 88 F. Speaking of fevers, you need water, literally and figuratively; as emotional as this sign is, it can be mentally fixated (usually, on the psychology of others) and can appear to have trouble grounding in the realm of feelings. That’s a kind of illusion. You might cover your feelings, you might cover your vulnerability. But when you go deep, you really go. And when Scorpios get detached from the feeling realm, that’s when they can live up to their dangerous astrological reputation.

It’s vital that you not only think before you strike, but that you feel before you speak. Other people have feelings; you need to be reminded of this and spend time listening to the ones you care about. Express empathy as a conscious choice and invite people in with your famous capacity to keep a secret. This said, the passions of Scorpio are unparalleled, and people crave you as much as you crave them. Give them the space to desire you.

Your sign is the one that rules over the sexual organs, deservedly so; it is also the sign associated with death and transformation. You love the idea and the experience of surrender perhaps a shade more than you love control. It’s healthy for you to let go; pay attention and you will figure out that jealousy is your best teacher.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, of the element water, traditionally ruled by Mars, and in modern times by the potent anti-planet Pluto. To understand yourself better, study both of these planets. These days most astrologers forget (or pretend) that Mars isn’t involved. It is — and if you’re curious about astrology, start there.

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Scorpio Astrology Studio 2022-23

Order Scorpio Astrology Studio 2022-23

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  1. Great piece Eric- as to the remembrance that Mars still has an influence on the sign, it took me a few years to finally get it. As a Scorpio male astrologer (non prof’) I would often fail to really consider that point, and focused almost exclusively on Pluto, thinking Mars almost irelevant, much to the detriment of both the chart interpretation and to my own understanding of a chart. It took your reminders through your articles to finally stop me doing that, and I now consider Mars and Pluto as two sides of the same Scorpionic coin. Cool and thanks.

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