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By Eric Francis Coppolino

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Jupiter is summoning you upward, toward new goals, a bigger vision for your professional life. This involves wanting more recognition for what you do. However, I would draw a line between recognition and reputation. It may seem subtle, but someone giving you an award (recognition) is different from your clients or customers counting on you to do an excellent job (reputation).

You now have the benefit of a yearlong transit of the “greater benefic” Jupiter moving through your house of reputation and responsibility (Jupiter in Taurus, your solar 10th house). You could easily capitalize on this, and I suggest that you do. It’s one of those indicators of many potential advantages and of good luck generally.  However, if you take this setup and add your own intent, effort and the desire to be impeccable at what you do, you will see a much greater return. Those are the qualities that would motivate you to learn and develop your craft.

You thrive on substance and depth, though these are values that are being wiped away from the new world as it is emerging. So it can seem pointless to make so much effort. Stating this differently, and please note that I am speaking from a personal value here, seeking fame for its own sake is a dangerous activity. The real work of the 10th house is gradually becoming known for what you’re good at, because you’re good at it. For that to work, you must have a personal investment in what you’re doing. This entirely obviates any form of “fame for its own sake,” which is most of what well-known people are known for. Many factors indicate that you are due for a rise in profile, though this comes from the ground up rather than from the top down.

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Visit All 2022 Eric Francis Written Horoscopes for Leo Sun and Rising

“Happy Leo Season! Welcome!” Illustration by Lanvi Nguyen.
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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Leo is a fire sign, and is known as a fixed sign, coming at the peak (center month) of its season. Leo is also one of the most misunderstood signs. But it’s easier to understand if you remember that while the other signs are ruled by a planet that orbits the Sun, Leo is ruled by the thing at the center of our solar system, around which all the other planets orbit (some 500,000 now known).

The 5th sign of the zodiac: Leo.

So while Leo has the tendency to be at the center of it all, there is a deep responsibility that comes with having this as your Sun sign or ascendant.

You’re likely to feel this all the time, and it manifests as a selfless and hard-working quality. It’s associated with the metal gold — the reference standard for all value.

You can be generous with others and frugal with yourself; you hold yourself to a high standard and often strive for a kind of perfection that is impossible to attain. The less well-adapted (or insecure) natives of Leo can be incredibly egocentric and bossy, which can give the rest a bad name; for the most part those born under this sign emphasize leadership and responsibility rather than a privilege.

You’re strongly drawn to group activities and organizations, and you have the self-confidence and presence of mind to play a useful role in any such activity. You need to be visible, and you also need a steady career that is in tune with your deepest values. If you want to understand yourself, study the house position and the aspects to your Sun, for which you will need your whole natal chart.

More than any other sign, the house position of the Sun is vital to understand with Leo. It will tell you the ways you’re most naturally inclined to express yourself. Your rising sign will tell you a lot. That said, as a Leo you want to be seen, known and you need to find roles in life that give you a bit of visibility and put you in a position to be appreciated. It’s unbecoming of your regal nature to expect adulation, however. You’re only as important as the role you play in the lives of the people around you, and it’s necessary to take a big view of what that means.

Your relationships are with humanity first and individual humans second. You understand how important it is to see humanity as a collective entity, and you can actually grasp that idea. Make sure everyone you care about knows how deeply you really feel about them.

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