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By Eric Francis Coppolino

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — You seem to have several different goals and aspirations right now — which is excellent, because these days it’s difficult to be positive about much of anything. Somewhere in the mix, you may have this idea that you want to bring people together for a purpose other than entertainment or recreation. You are seeking deeper meaning with every cell in your being, and this will be a lot more fun if you are around other people whose values you share. With planets moving through the angle of your chart associated with both spiritual growth and travel, you are being called to new places, and to experiment with ideas that you can only find in the physical world. By ‘places’ I mean more than a day’s travel, or much further. Also do what you can to “get out of your head” and actually share your thoughts with people, rather than merely thinking about doing so. In everything you do, the sense of risk is essential. Routine is nice, but what opens up the possibilities and unfolds the future is the sense (and the reality) of taking a chance on someone or something. The seemingly safe option is rarely the fulfilling or even interesting one. In my reading of your chart, that which is a little weird will suit you very nicely.

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“Happy Taurus Season! Welcome!” Illustration by Lanvi Nguyen.

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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Calm, collected and attractive on the outside, raging like a tempest on the inside, Taurus is the blacksmith shop of the soul. If you’re a Taurus, you’ve incarnated at this time for the purpose of being shaped and tempered. Just be sure you go gently on yourself even during the tempering process. And remember that such deep working out should be harnessed in the form of creative energy as well as sensuality. You need both.

The 2nd sign of the zodiac: Taurus.

While you’re famous for your supposed stubbornness, few understand that you’re trying to work out your inner complexities and don’t want to make a move or a decision until you feel you’re all sorted out. But there is always more to sort, and at a certain point you have to go with the experiment of living.

Change is challenging for you. It’s easier if you think it’s your idea, so make sure you keep coming up with new possibilities to keep yourself on the move. And speaking of ideas, change is indeed easier if you are connected to your creative process. You might need to finally move because you want to do something with your space.

Not enough room for an art space, yoga area, recording studio or practice room in your house? It’s finally time to go somewhere bigger.

Remember that confidence and digging in your heels are two entirely different things. You must handle your possessive nature carefully so as not to alienate others, and remember that as much as you might like to be ‘taken possession of’, this doesn’t really work for you. At a certain point you will need your independence.

Your sign is associated with the planet Venus, which is bright, beautiful and has an atmosphere of ammonia cooking at 900 degrees centigrade. It’s healthy to let some of that fire and passion out into the open. Taurus is a sign of the earth element, and is also a fixed sign, coming in the middle or peak of a season — which happens to be the season of Beltane, the pagan celebration of sex.

Your erotic nature is more promiscuous than you may want to admit, however, you also have a strong drive to bond with others. You must find a balance between the two. To learn more about yourself, look up the sign of your Venus as well as your Moon, two elements in your chart closely associated with Taurus.

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