November Surprises — The Month You Don’t Forget

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Right now all astrology is heading in the direction of Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn enter the sign of the Water Bearer and form a conjunction exactly on the solstice. This begins a new era of astrology — what I am calling the Aquarian Era, which we got a taste of in the spring, and which extends through 2044 as Pluto makes its way across this sign.

However, let’s acknowledge the tension of our moment. We have two inner planets about to station direct, with the United States hanging on a hook related to the election, and the world on a hook of government response to its pandemic. These combined with the daily grind of life is stressful, and many are feeling it.

We know from astrology that very, very large forces are at work on the planet. Any objective look at the world would tell you this as well. It’s just that people tend to have a short view of things, and don’t think much about global governance and how it affects them. I would be surprised if even 20% of people could name the mayor of the town or city they live in.

What people do pretty well is adapt to these forces and the changes that are imposed on them. After a while, that is risky business for all of us. There is real meaning to the idea, We, the People, and the government of, by and for the people. Current events and the forthcoming Aquarius astrology are calling that into focus.

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Jupiter and Saturn: Different from the Age of Aquarius

The two largest planets are headed for Aquarius in a few weeks, which will be followed by Pluto in 2023. This movement is different from the Age of Aquarius, which is a topic that astrologers are a little shaky on. There is no official mark of its beginning. The constellations are not evenly divided (rather, the signs are), and the marker where the seasonal zodiac we use for astrology and the sidereal constellations meet is far from the constellation Aquarius, but headed that way. (It arrives in about 300 years. This is a somewhat complex technical issue that involves how the astrological ages are measured. You may be familiar with it from the “your zodiac sign is wrong” hoax.)

There are several measures for how we know we’re in a new astrological age, but usually this is known in hindsight, however. The first is that as the late David Roell used to say, the Age of Aquarius began when art could be ugly. (I would say that ‘ugly’ art is conceptual and intellectual, designed to get an effect evoking those qualities.)

Another is a property we see a lot in the world now: social and psychic patterns take hold, and they seem to only become more entrenched. This pattern-forming quality is a core property of Aquarius. Because this sign is associated with electricity and social patterns, it’s a good candidate for studying how our social patterns have been taken over by electricity (i.e., electrically powered social media).

Aquarius has a reputation for being the sign of peace and love, thanks largely to one song, and one concert festival. Actually, the Woodstock Festival is far more Piscean than it is Aquarian. It was not a selected group: everyone was welcome, and the crowd was so massive there is not a real head count, only various estimations.

In the half century since the Woodstock Festival, we have now entered an era where one of the most commonly used words is “contactless.” Another is “social-distancing.” One of the most profound problems of our era is social isolation. This demonstrates how shadow Aquarius is about exclusion, rather than inclusion.

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The Problem Without a Solution

Before we arrive at the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius (which is the run-up to Pluto in Aquarius, 2023-2044), we’re about to experience an incomparable month of astrology that will have correspondingly exciting and unusual effects.

I’m sure you’re thinking, thanks a lot. I’ve had quite enough unusual excitement for one year and maybe a lifetime or three. I agree, though to get anywhere, it’s necessary to start where you are.

The world is currently trapped in a situation that seems to have no exit. This is how the situation is defined: an open-ended problem without a solution, only an endless series of increasingly destructive, illogical “remediation” and “protection” measures that have taken hold many places as a social pattern. Any time you see a problem that is presented without a solution, that’s the time to be alert.

The lack of an exit is also associated with many people not thinking through the situation logically. However, it’s not possible to be reasoned out of what one was not reasoned into. All reason and intellect has been bypassed, and we are about to drown in what is called the appeal to authority fallacy: whatever a seeming authority figure says must be true, because they would not lie.

Our social pattern is now grounded in the way that we have been terrorized, traumatized and abused. This in turn draws power from the recall and activation of much past trauma and suppressed fear, which is now erupting en masse.

We live in truly unusual times — historic times. For most people, though, this comes across as weird and stressful rather than as momentous. It’s easy to be involved with the matters of one’s life, and not see the larger scene — especially if thrown into a crisis. It is impossible for most people to think something through if they are in a state of shock, or in fight-or-flight mode. If many around you are in that condition, there would seem to be no way out.

The problem with astrology grounded in Aquarius is that this can take hold as an established way of life in an entire society.

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Events of November: Revelation after Revelation

By my reckoning, there are three major events in November, all with the Sun in Scorpio. The first is Mercury stationing direct in Libra the day of the presidential and congressional elections in the United States. I have written about this previously, in one article called The Center of the Cyclone, and in another called It’s Showtime, Folks.

As you probably know by now, Mercury retrograde ends the official day of the election. The neutral way to say this is that we are about to experience a reversal of expectations. When Mercury retrograde ends, it changes direction, and that indicates something in the world changing direction. This is why it’s better to wait until Mercury is direct before starting things — if you want them to go in the proposed direction.

This is also a setup for confusion and chaos, into which we will get ongoing “Q drops” of misinformation but hurled at us with jet propulsion. I can confidently predict that on Nov. 3, 2020, the United States will set the world record for spin.

Mercury stationing direct can also represent the disclosure of information, such as a discovery of some kind, or an error where the truth slips out. Will anyone notice? A lot can get lost in the static and the noise. Finally, true to Mercury retrograde style, there is the potential for a technical issue that hangs things up.

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Jupiter Conjunct Pluto, and Mars Direct

The second and third are really one event, between Nov. 12 and 13 (Thursday and Friday). These events are the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, followed by Mars stationing direct the next day.

The year began with one rare conjunction (Saturn conjunct Pluto) and ends with another (Jupiter conjunct Saturn). If anyone is wondering about the influence of Saturn conjunct Pluto on Jan. 12, that is the day that the false PCR codes were released worldwide and the crisis began. In between, Jupiter is making a series of conjunctions to Pluto — a critical event which is almost getting lost in the sauce.

On one level, Jupiter-Pluto represents the worldwide death obsession we are now caught in. On another, it represents a spiritualizing influence that we can respond to if we want. Pluto in Capricorn has largely been a destructive influence, smashing everything in its path. Add Jupiter and you have a convenient propaganda tool to terrify people with this power, all of which is about death threats.

Then about 27 hours later, Mars stations direct. Mars retrograde has felt like a slow grind that has dominated consciousness since July, when Mars first entered Aries. In describing this as a quest for self-actualization, I have been generous.

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Mars Direct and the War Against Yourself

There is a profound confidence issue with Mars retrograde in Aries. This is a problem most of the time, but it’s especially inflamed now. At the root of this lack of confidence is what A Course in Miracles calls “the war against yourself.”

Quoting a bit, peace of mind “cannot come where there is conflict, for a mind at war against itself remembers not eternal gentleness. The means of war are not the means of peace, and what the warlike would remember is not love. War is impossible unless belief in victory is cherished. Conflict within you must imply that you believe the ego has the power to be victorious.”

This combined event — Mars direct, and Jupiter conjunct Pluto — is a caution to beware of death dealers. Death dealers are everyone from arms salesmen to advocates for war in any form to any media outlet with a death ticker on the screen. All such entities are selling death, or using the fear of death to promote another idea.

Because nearly everyone wants to live, every reference to death creates a need. The death dealer then tries to fulfill that need with a product or some act of manipulation. This is what we must beware of now. It is not easy to see this as a point of leverage, but it would be easier if you imagined anyone offering you to make a compromise with death is pointing a gun at you.

The thing is, there is no gun, there is just the threat. And so this is really about how you identify and respond to such a thing. It’s necessary to see the ultimatum for what it is, and to recognize that your choices are not voluntary until you do.

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Spring Loaded Events

Mercury and Mars stationing direct are spring-loaded. They are about to propel events in new and unexpected ways. Jupiter conjunct Pluto gives a sense of the scale of events, and pertains to some of the spiritual aspects of what is beneath them.

The end days of inner planet retrogrades point to information that is missing, which is often covered by assumptions. When the planet in question goes direct, the error of the assumption and the missing elements of the situation can come into focus.

We need to be aware of that. Your personal intention may be to guide your own life, rather than to be involved with, or to understand, world affairs. Yet our moment recalls the opening days of The Lord of the Rings, when Frodo and his friends are preparing to move the ring out of the Shire, and nobody around them has a clue to what is going on — or the peril that the world faces.

We know more than they do. It’s up to us not just to make the most of this situation, or to do our best to survive. At a certain point true collective responsibility must prevail. That, in my view, is the most illuminated quality of Aquarius.

With love,

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