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Mars is now retrograde in Aquarius
There is some astrology coming: unpredictable, powerful and potentially challenging. It could shake up the social order, encouraging you to break out your individuality amid the tribal environment. Mars retrograde will shuffle your thinking -- your preconceptions and ideas about how things are -- and give you something tangible to consider, something real and immediate. The Sacred Space of Self, Eric's 2018 spring reading, explores these themes in an easy-to-follow, optimistic, motivational way.
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Aries This Week (March 20-April 19) --The creative process involves a good deal more thought and effort than is sometimes portrayed. It's not merely a case of waiting for the divine light to descend and bless you with inspiration. Even Archimedes' legendary cry of 'eureka', which he supposedly uttered on discovering fluid displacement, was at least partly the result of training his mind to notice such things. Genius is something that's gained or developed gradually. Planning your steps, organizing your time well and working on your present project as often as you reasonably can is the surest way to reach it, even if the eventual breakthrough is not what you expect.

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