Turning Point, or Tipping Point | Aries New Moon and Monday Morning Horoscope by Eric Francis

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Dear Friend and Reader:

I trust this letter finds you doing your best to take care of yourself. At this juncture, your first responsibility is to stay healthy, and then to keep the people around you healthy.

Whatever this situation is about — and I know enough to know that I don’t know — making sure your body is well-rested, well-hydrated and well-nourished will all help. Of course, many are being thrown into the most stressful situation of their lives, which is not good for one’s immune system. So we are on the razor’s edge.

One of the most challenging things to deal with in this moment is going to be people’s psychology. We have now been put on notice that anyone you see on the street might kill you by breathing. Perhaps check with your inner teacher and ask if this is really true.

Before I get into the New Moon, as of Saturday/Sunday, Saturn is now in Aquarius. This begins the test of a new social system, lasting through July 1 (around the time when we’re told we’re getting out of quarantine).

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Everything is Lining Up

At 5:28 am EDT on Tuesday, March 24, we experience the Aries New Moon. Positioned just four days out from the vernal equinox, this would be an influential event under any circumstances. Yet the Moon-Sun conjunction plugs into all of the other astrology early in the cardinal signs that has dominated this year’s news.

And while that is happening, Pluto in late Capricorn — which means the U.S. Pluto return — is powered up by a conjunction from Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn, and a square from Eris (which is in late Aries, being squared by that whole menagerie). So we are in an “everything, all at once” moment, with a chart running at about maximum power. As if you could not tell.

Did this look like disaster astrology?

Well, it would, if one was in the business of predicting disasters. The charts have a massive global quality these days, and have for a while. There is tension everywhere. The aspects have impact, and describe far-reaching events. These events stand at the personal-collective juncture associated with the Aries Point, or vernal point (the beginning of the zodiac), and a similar thing called the lunar nodes — which are themselves now aligning with the Aries Point.

Everything is lining up. The astrology looks political above all else, and it has momentum. What is not so easy to see is the theme of virulence. But the shakeup? For sure. The stress on society’s structures? For sure. But stress to the point of total collapse or shutdown? Well naturally, I would have said that — if I was the astrologer of Infowars. Context is everything.

The Executive Summary

For those with some astrology literacy or those curious, I’ll give a couple of paragraphs of description of the charts, and I’ll include a basic diagram. See if you can follow along. Then, I will offer some interpretation.

The upshot is that while what’s occurring is a global event, it’s happening concurrently with the first return of Pluto to its natal position in United States history. What we are seeing are all things plutonian: deep, dark, and affecting the millions. Pluto with his cloak of invisibility seems to have snuck up on us.

But everyone in government and in science knows this kind of thing is possible, and not only that, inevitable. However, it’s the practice of our society not to use the precautionary principle: that is, to consider the potential worst-case scenario. We put nuclear power plants into service, assuming the worst thing won’t happen, which is a meltdown or a series of them. This is done under the theory that “it probably won’t happen.”

New Moon Conjunct Chiron, Square the Nodes — and Pholus

Tuesday’s Aries New Moon is a degree away from Chiron. It’s a conjunction of Moon-Sun-Chiron in Aries, close to the Aries Point. And it’s meeting the lunar nodes — the karmic axis, now in Cancer and Capricorn — at a 90-degree angle. Each of these factors multiplies the next, though the square to the lunar nodes says turning point — or tipping point.

Simplified chart for the Aries New Moon conjunct Chiron, early Tuesday EDT. The main event is at the left — it’s easy to spot the Sun, the Moon and Chiron. Notice all the right angles they are making, to the lunar nodes and to Pholus (the little green thing). Those are “squares.” Then there is a second square pattern, including everything around degree 22-24. That pattern is Pluto (top of chart, a little to the left), surrounded by Pallas (a political asteroid), plus Jupiter and Mars. This is all square Eris — the red thing on the left, with the number 23 next to it. That’s your chaos factor. The outlier is Saturn in Aquarius. It’s the yellow planet next to the 00 and the wavy Aquarius lines.

The Moon and Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries vibrate with the Chiron-dominated theme of a healing crisis. All global science-fiction-type scenarios aside, this is a chart that blares out “crisis over the discovery of who I am.” Yet Chiron can represent something medical. And we are most definitely seeing a medical crisis at the intersection of the private and the collective.

Where it gets interesting is that Chiron is square Pholus. (I most recently covered that in detail with the March monthly horoscope.)

Pholus is the centaur associated with the small cause with a big effect. Hooee! It’s also the out-of-control release. Pholus is the energy of something that keeps going and going, with no end in sight. Where Pholus is concerned, eventually, it runs its course. And from living through several Pholus releases, I can tell you that it helps to take steps to mitigate things. Those steps may seem futile at the time, or like too little too late, or whatever — do them anyway. Do them anyway.

Saturn in Aquarius

Let’s end where we began, with Saturn in Aquarius. This is the new factor in the equation. Pretty much everything else in the charts is chugging and churning along as it has been for a couple of years, except that Saturn is now in Aquarius, which last happened 1991-1994.

This is exactly what we need. Saturn in Aquarius (which I covered in some detail on Thursday) is the version of Saturn that is about where social responsibility meets personal responsibility. It is one of the best placements in all of astrology, if it can avoid intellectual arrogance. The remedy for that is know when you don’t know. Recognize when you’re wrong, and be pliable about it.

I hear people talking about things with utter confidence when they are completely clueless. Get a clue. Recognize the limits on your knowledge, work to build knowledge, and learn how to be analytical. Learn how to reason with others.

Saturn in Aquarius draws its true power from its deliberative quality, and its ability to integrate different points of view.

This is not a group. These people are not thinking for themselves; they are caught in mass consciousness. The distinction is easy to spot, but few bother to make it. Hence, humanity tends to proceed in herd mentality in situations when conscious, intelligent thought is called for.

Mass Consciousness and Group Consciousness

In her work Esoteric Astrology, Alice Bailey leaves students with a takeaway about the sign Aquarius. She draws a distinction between mass consciousness and group consciousness. It’s an easy distinction to make, and the more you consider it, the more relevant it becomes.

Mass consciousness is a crowd cheering at a football game. It’s a stock market panic.

Group consciousness is a collective of individuals who come together and can think together. The problem here is that to be an individual requires having done some indication and self-actualization, and being strong enough to stand up to those mass emotional currents, which on some level have the theme, “we believe.”

We now need all of the self-actualized individuals we can muster up, and we need to work together in small groups. The Chiron New Moon in Aries is pushing self-awareness and growth like few things can. Saturn in Aquarius is giving us an abundant opportunity to put it to work.

That’s where we stand. The tipping point can be a mass surrender to what looks like medically induced fascism. The turning point is toward individuals dealing with a collective problem. You are one of them.

Take care of yourself, then take care of others.

With love,

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TaurusTaurus (April 19-May 20) — I had a feeling Uranus in Taurus would shake things up, but I was not expecting what we’re witnessing. While the value of financial markets may be going down, your value is increasing. While much of the world is shaking, you have the ability to be cool and steady. Your astrology and world events are calling forth something deeper from you, something you know is there and coexist with. Though it’s a level you rarely go to, like the boiler room in a ship you’re sailing on. You know it’s there, and you can connect to the power source in the form of thrust and drive, often without getting your hands dirty. I suggest you go down to the lower decks and check out the machinery of your personal dynamo. Turn your awareness within, and descend into yourself. Feel the energy, the heat and the rumble. Tune into the aspect of yourself you never, ever reveal to others, just long enough to make conscious contact. Then go back to doing what you do and being who you are. Get your full Taurus reading by Eric here.

GeminiGemini (May 20-June 21) — One thing we can say about the world is that many people’s search for themselves has intensified in an unexpected and deeply poignant way. You are probably witnessing the full spectrum of what is possible regarding this search for self. You may also be noticing how any point along that gradient represents some potential for you to express who you are. The key idea here is that there is a wide diversity of possibilities, and you have the ability to set your vibration to any of them. So what you’re seeing and feeling is essentially an energetic buffet. It may at times feel like a freak show, or a tour of a military hospital, or an encounter with the pantheon of saints, in no special order. Use your skill of language to tell it like it is, to yourself (don’t worry about telling anyone else, unless it’s an intimate party you absolutely trust). Know that this is not about all of them, it’s about you. The spiritual key for you will be identifying the vibration level you want, and then stabilizing yourself there. Note, this should not be a struggle; follow an emotional path of least resistance. Get your full Gemini reading by Eric here.

CancerCancer (June 21-July 22) — This is a moment for you, a moment when you can discover and enter your destiny. I know that is a potentially charged word, though I mean it in the sense of encountering and choosing what feels so natural as to be a calling you answer. To do this, you will need to shed a few skins. There is a kind of reticence, conditioned by various clobberings and threats and so forth to avoid existing on your true path. It feels dangerous, it feels like being naked, and then if you go there even a little, you may feel the guilt at betraying someone else. That’s worth a weekend workshop, though the essence is that to be yourself, you must betray your not-self in all the forms that it takes, and move onward and upward and do the thing you’re called upon to do. To respond to your environment in the way you’re being called upon to respond, which is an entirely enlightened way, and cool and level-headed and pausing with some amazement of the strange, fascinating quality at the moment. Align yourself, listen, and proceed. Get your full Cancer reading by Eric here.

LeoLeo (July 22-Aug. 23) — You now have a glimpse of how much energy was building, that sense of a storm about to crack. This is a duty-calls moment for you. Whatever you’re doing, you’re a first responder. This might involve your family, your workplace, or an actual role on the front lines. Whatever you’re called to do is equally important. You don’t need to feel like you should be doing something else. Be impeccable in whatever your assignment is. Expressing this from the other side of the spectrum, if you’re doing fantastic right now, this phase of your life is not a break or a retreat. By all means catch your breath and stay in alignment with yourself. You have a job to do and you must do it well. If you’re in a more difficult position and your assigned role is survival, trust that you have a gift for pulling through. And if you’re in that situation, bring along as many people as you can, though one by one. You have resources and you have abilities. You have energy. Use it wisely, decision by decision. Get your full Leo reading by Eric here.

VirgoVirgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — You may feel the temptation to meet people wherever they are. I suggest you take the approach of meeting them where you are, because that is something you can know and monitor. Where others are at, you cannot be sure. If you think you’re sure, that’s a liability. So therefore, it would be better to leave your assessment of the spiritual location and condition of others as a variable: as a known unknown. However, there’s a potential issue: you may see what you want to see rather than what is. And if that’s happening, you’re unlikely to notice. So I suggest you put in a few extra layers of perception filtration. And, instead of focusing on others, which is a problem in itself, use your basic self-awareness techniques. Focus your attention on your emotional state, your bodily needs, and physical feedback. Then branch out to what your mind is telling you. Draw yourself into your core, and then gradually extend out from there. This will do a lot more than insulate you from propaganda. You will have plenty of information to navigate by. Get your full Virgo reading by Eric here.

LibraLibra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — You may be looking into the reflection of all you need to heal, all you struggle to understand, and all that you want to be in your ideal stage. And it may seem impossible, or so overly complicated as to be inaccessible. Still, maintain your awareness of what you are reaching for, as best you can. You at least have a direct view of what is so. Look right at it, though also make sure you look in other directions as well. Turn your head left and right. Look up and down. Look around the edges of what you perceive. Then return your awareness to what is right there before you. Rather than decide what you’re looking at, perhaps use a technique I learned from someone named Gurani Anjali: ask yourself quietly, “What is it?” This may be a helpful life lesson now, as we certainly have more questions than answers, though where questions are concerned, the simpler the better. Then pause, and listen patiently for a response. Get your full Libra reading by Eric here.

ScorpioScorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Now that Saturn has moved into Aquarius and entered your solar 4th house, you may be feeling more grounded in your situation. For you, grounded is a positive development, as you tend to fly around a bit, and make things more complicated than they are. Yet suddenly you have a sense of how to state your situation in a way you understand. When you do, you might decide you’re better off than you imagined before. It’s true you’re facing a healing challenge. This is signified by Tuesday’s Chiron New Moon in your house of work and wellbeing. Where Chiron is present, there’s a need to proceed slowly and even meticulously. There are other influences that are pushing you to accelerate your thought process and your speech, and you may feel like you’re in a struggle between speeding up and slowing down. Really, it’s between choosing and not choosing. And at the very bottom, this is about who influences you, or who in truth you admit does not have the power to do so. Get your full Scorpio reading by Eric here.

SagittariusSagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Now may not seem like the time to think about art or creativity, though I could imagine no better. Everything you do now must bear the mark of experimental art — everything, no matter how practical. You have stunning power of imagination at the moment, and you’re in the perfect place to connect it to your direct experience. Your chart describes you as a master of improvisation. This is about thinking standing up, while walking or juggling. If you have a need, it will be your creative mind that helps you fulfill it. If you have a desire, your ability to synthesize will help you make it real. You need to be bold, and that should be pretty easy at this moment. Two other pointers from your solar chart: put several approaches before spending money; if you need it, you’re likely to already have it. And it will help if you take an idea and think it through a few times, refine and improve it. Get your full Sagittarius reading by Eric here.

CapricornCapricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Saturn has left your sign, beginning a kind of test run in Aquarius. Of all the people this will register with in a tangible way, you’re at the front of the queue. Though Saturn in one’s sign has a lot to offer, its exit after several years can feel like having a weight lifted off of one’s body or emotions. Yet all of the benefits it has to offer are equally or more accessible to you. You need the stability this transit is offering you, particularly through the Aries New Moon that takes place early this week. No matter what else may be going on in your life, you’re still subject to the same inner cravings, quests and struggles, and currently you’re in one related to claiming your identity. Or rather claiming it back from whomever took it from you. Often when this kind of revolution happens, it’s through a struggle of some kind. What you can do to your own benefit is to turn anything you may be confronting into a quest for expressing your true being. You are you — not who others tried to convince you that you were. Get your full Capricorn reading by Eric here.

AquariusAquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Saturn entered your sign overnight Saturday to Sunday, which seems custom-designed to have a sobering, focusing effect on you. It’s akin to placing a lens in front of your ability to see, feel and experience yourself. Saturn distills the high-voltage, sometimes erratic quality of Aquarius into a slowly vibrating flow of information. You will appreciate this transit, which stretches into 2023 (and of which the current ingress is just a test run that lasts until July 1). Here are few clues. You can afford to be less certain — about anything and everything. It will do you good. You can afford to be more flexible. You are being invited to engage yourself in a maturing process that mainly will feel like burning off mental baby fat. Aquarius prides itself on its ability to reason, though this does not always happen. Saturn in Aquarius is the very picture of discernment, balance and easygoing sincerity. Let yourself be reminded of all you do not know, and proceed from there. Get your full Aquarius reading by Eric here.

PiscesPisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Over the weekend, Saturn made its first move into Aquarius. It will be there through July 1, and then return to stay in December. This may come as a relief to you, as it helps you find a private space within your own mind. Everyone is being made to take a step out of the social and public realms, and into the interior. You need time alone. So does everyone else, though it’s especially important that you focus your thoughts and feelings inward and work through a series of necessary adjustments associated with this transit. What you’re really doing is taking back space that is yours, which has been left abandoned for a while. Part of this will happen in the silence of meditation, some will happen in your sleep, and some with tools such as your sketchbook or your journal. You will recognize this space immediately when you arrive there. It will be as familiar as a summer cottage you have not been in for a few years. Tidy up, open the windows and put some soup on the stove. Get your full Pisces reading by Eric here.

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