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Weekend ahead for Oct. 26, 2021

Weekend ahead for Oct. 21, 2021 – Mars, Pluto, Eris T-square

Week ahead for Oct. 18, 2021- Mercury direct, Sun enters Scorpio

Weekend ahead for Oct. 15 – Mercury direct etc.

Week ahead for Oct. 11/12, one week outlook through Mercury direct

Weekend ahead for Oct. 10 – notes on all the Moon, Mercury, Sun, Mars stuff

Week ahead for Oct. 4 — response to predictions of disaster

Weekend Ahead for Oct. 1

Week Ahead for Sept. 28

Weekend Ahead for Sept. 24

Week Ahead for Sept. 21

Pisces Full Moon Edition, from Sept. 18

Week ahead for Sept. 13. Note, there was not a Wednesday edition this particular week.

Weekend ahead for Sept. 11

Week ahead for Sept. 7 (updated on Tuesday)

Past editions: Virgo New Moon Part One | Read your monthly horoscope by Eric Francis

Virgo New Moon Part Two

Past Edition: Week Ahead, Moon through Cancer, Mars opposite Neptune

Past edition: Moon through Taurus, Mercury enters Libra

Past Edition: Moon through Aries, and a very busy Mercury

Past Edition: Sun enters Virgo; Moon through Pisces and early Aries

Past Edition: Full Moon and Sun enters Virgo weekend of August 20

Past Edition: Midweek for August 18, 2021: Second Aquarius Full Moon in detail.

Past Edition: Week Ahead for Aug. 16, 2021; intro to the Aquarius Full Moon

Past Edition: Weekend of Aug. 13-15, Moon in Scorpio

Past Edition: Midweek, Aug. 11, Moon through Libra

Past Edition: Moon in Virgo conjunct Mars, Venus, opposite Neptune

Past Edition: Weekend, Leo New Moon, Midsummer Holiday, August 6, 2021

Past Edition: Midweek, August 4, 2021

Past Edition: Week Ahead, August 2, 2021

Past Edition: Weekend, July 31, 2021

Past Edition: Midweek, July 28, 2021

Past Edition: Week Ahead, July 26, 2021

Past Edition: Weekend Ahead, July 23, 2021

Past Edition: Week Ahead, July 19, 2021

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