June 2021

Eric Francis reads the Declaration of Independence

Who’s calling please?

Now on Planet Waves FM:
Who’s calling please? Government admits to UFOs but not to visitors. USA chart reading. The Delta variant. Tantra Studio.

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Tonight’s segments — 

• Program begins with discussion of the USA chart for about 45 minutes.

• UFO segment starts at about 55 minutes

• Delta variant rant begins at about 1:46 

• Tantra Studio begins at about 2:35

My article on the USA UFO announcement.

My sidebar on the USA UFO announcement with the chart. To see the chart please click through.

Last Year’s July 4 Edition :: In Search of the American Dream

USA Sibly chart. Click for larger image.


Outside the FooFighters last weekend, security officials at Madison Square Garden inspect vaccine cards of fans entering the show. Photo by Eric Francis.

Now on Planet Waves FM:
June 25 | War Survivors Go to a Concert. Sun Opposite Pholus, Mercury Direct, Full Moon and Other Astrology. Dr. Gabor Mate on Healing Trauma. UFO Breaking News. Tantra Studio on Trust, Vulnerability and Sexual Healing

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Tantra Studio Stand Alone

Gabor Mate full audio as stand alone

• The program opens with astrology, more or less, and that goes on for 40 minutes.
• Second segment is mRNA co-developer and Madison Square Garden concert scene start at about 44 minutes. To my listeners who have taken the shot(s) and are having second thoughts, we need to talk about detox and antidotes; the discussion is happening. Please get in touch with me and we will figure this out.
• Third segment featuring Dr. Gabor Maté starts at about 1:35
• Fourth segment starts at 2:50 and includes breaking news about UFOs, and tantra studio about trust and vulnerability. Note, “Absolutely Curtains,” the last song, is really from 1972.

Here are some resources:

• Politico breaking news tonight on the government admitting that UFOs are real.
• Wikipedia entry on Thalidomide
• Etymology Online Dictionary entry on “coerce”
• Wikipedia on the Cruise Missile
• Dr. Gabor Maté — full video
Take a Step Back, by me, from 2018.
Mark Knopfler explains guitar in 20 minutes

Joseph LaLima of Kingston is the only barber to lose his license for allegedly violating Gov Cuomo’s illegal emergency shutdown order. The state admitted that it did not have the power to revoke his license for cutting hair during the shutdown, so it raised issues like his prohibited neck duster, an illegal magazine rack, not waring a barber coat (not required), and trimming beards and mustaches. Photo by Eric Francis.

Now on Planet Waves FM:
June 18 | Solstice, Mercury Direct, Uranus square Neptune, and the Governor vs the Barber. Tantra Studio. Lots more!

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Listen to the Joseph LaLima interview as a separate program

Listen to a Special Report from Outside Madison Square Garden

In tonight’s season premier of Planet Waves FM, I will offer some guidance on the way out of Mercury retrograde and through the solstice. The show posts to the Planet Waves website on Friday night at 10 pm and to the brand new Planet Waves FM website on Saturday morning.

Eric Francis and pencil in The Place of the Way, Kingston, NY.

This retrograde has been the original Murphy’s Law edition (if anything can go wrong, it will; everything takes longer than you think).

We have also come through the peak of Saturn square Uranus. Note, we are aware we had more than eight hours of downtime on Thursday and are working to prevent that particular kind of mishap from ever happening again.

My guest on tonight’s program is Joseph LaLima, who has been a barber since 1963 and who in may had his license revoked by New York State for allegedly cutting hair during the lockdown.

The story is more complicated than that, and Joe will be explaining his situation to us. He lives here in Kingston and I’ve been investigating this for a couple of weeks; should be an interesting conversation.

I am planning Tantra Studio but I keep forgetting what my topic is — it’s really exciting and I’ve thought about it for a long time. It will come to me. Aside, here is the Tantra Studio Classics Collection. And for fans of Betty Dodson, here is our Dodson Library.

Eric signature

Here is Joseph LaLima’s Go Fund Me page, to sponsor his legal fees.

From the Daily Freeman’s Facebook post about Joe LaLima — much community support.

Spike protein article from Isaac George

Laurie Anderson playing at the Javits Center Jab Clinic

Anybody around here remember Jesse Smith? Here is my fake interview with a fake news writer.

Here is a link to the poly conference that is not a poly conference.

I need to find a link to that Mercola article featuring Dr. Stephanie Seneff. Please stand by for that.

Eric Francis working out of a motel room in New Paltz, NY, circa 2007. Photo by Danielle Voirin.

Two Conversations:
Eric Francis with Isaac George, about how the Chiron Return team broke open the Covid story; and another with Andrew McLuhan

This is a scheduled week off for Planet Waves FM — I am pausing one program every six weeks. Today, I have two fun items for you: one is a conversation with Isaac George about how the Chiron Return team unraveled the Covid story. The other is a discussion with media theorist Andrew McLuhan from his series of interviews. Andrew and his dad Eric have made many appearances on Planet Waves FM over the years. Where as most media students go to university to learn about the ideas of the McLuhans (my dad, for who got his Ph.D. in media ecology from New York University) I get to study with them. This is like taking guitar lessons from Mark Knopfler. The discussion with Andrew is great fun; lots comes out.

Maybe that lab release theory was not so batty after all. Or maybe it’s another scam.

June 4 | Revenge of the Bats: Lab Release Conspiracy Theory Sprouts Wings. Solar Eclipse and Mercury Rx. Tantra Studio.

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SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Investigative reporter Bill Huston takes on Dunkin’ Donuts over masks in Endicott, NY and wins the whole country — more than 8,000 stores drop the mask requirement after he threatens to make them arrest him


In the new program I continue my coverage of a new phenomenon: what was last year a crazy crackpot loony fringe conspiracy theory is today accepted as credible and worth investigating. I refer to the lab-release concept of viral origins. This raises a question: what is the next thing for which you were called nuts in 2020 that you will be called a reasonable person for in 2021?

We will of course be discussing the release of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails.

Gemini Solar Eclipse and Tantra Studio

I’ll also take a good look at the Gemini solar eclipse taking place next week, and offer a Tantra Studio on why I think we need to let go of property-based models of relationships before we can have any real sexual healing — or for that matter, any true equality between the sexes.

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