Tantra Studio Classics Collection – 2020

Kamala Devi with her new book “52 Fridays”

November 19 | Interview with Tantric Teacher KamalaDevi

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This week, I have a stand-alone edition of Tantra Studio for you — an interview with KamalaDevi, author of a new book called 52 Fridays. The interview lasts about an hour, with a short intro, and a little music at the end from Vision Quest. We begin talking about what we both learned from Betty Dodson, and end up in a rather interesting space, on the topic of men and interior physical reality. We both disclose some of what we have learned along the Tantric journey. I think you will appreciate this discussion. You may reach Kamala at KamalaDevi.com. Please say you heard about her on Planet Waves FM.

Intro Letter and More Classic Programs Below!

Welcome to a special collection of Tantra Studio classics on Planet Waves FM. Published by Chiron Return, a federally registered nonprofit organization.

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Most weeks, the last segment of Planet Waves FM – Pacifica Radio includes a segment called Tantra Studio.

During the peak of the Covid crisis in spring 2020, I had a run of programs that I thought were the best in the history of the series. Maybe it was because there was so much emphasis on death that I was tapping into a deeper message. There was also a sense of imminent crisis that I was responding to.

The Sri yantra, the most basic Tantric mandala describing the origin of the universe — the cosmic yoni.

The idea of Tantra Studio is less about formal tantra or Kama Sutra and more of an approach to sexuality that is embracing of our full humanity. Often, the spiritual quest omits, eschews or shuns any discussion or thought of sexuality, as if somehow to ban discussion of the thing that created us is holy.

This is a power play, involving the co-opting of existence itself to concentrate church and government authority. One of the main problems with sex — one that few have observed — is mixing it up with politics and civic power, which includes our current obsession with identify politics.

This is the corruption of natural, beautiful, organic sexuality. It is up to us to claim back who we are, and the birthright of our sexual being.

Tantra Studio focuses on the process of liberating yourself from the bonds of society, which have their origins in family life. The spirit of Tantra Studio is unfettered discussion of sex and sexuality. While this gives it its own place — a spot on a radio program — my prevailing philosophy is to keep sex and sexuality in the mainstream of my work, integrated into life. That is why you see me discuss it openly in horoscopes, articles about astrology, and in other parts of my radio program.

Yet there is also a time and place for a specific discussion.

If you have ideas for what you would like to hear about on Tantra Studio, or if you would like to be a guest in a discussion (whether you have a specialty or want to talk about your sexual reality) please write to me at efc@chironreturn.org.

Additional resources are located two places: articles and a reading list on YogiSlut.com, and a short compilation of Book of Blue in visuals, writing and audio.

With love,

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