What’s the big Secret?

By Eric F. Coppolino

What’s the big secret? Why did the Pentagon and intelligence agencies deny forever that UFOs exist, and then suddenly reverse their position and admit that they do?

One answer to that is: for their own purposes. They are not doing us any favors, partially admitting what we all know to be true. You can ask any commercial pilot, airman, and lots of other people who have seen them. It is well known that if you fly for an airline and you saw one of those things, you don’t say anything, or you can lose your job and your reputation.

This has to be the biggest case of gaslighting in history: the seemingly endless denial of the obvious, which took a turn with last week’s report to Congress. Still, the government only admits that UFOs are of totally unknown origin, not to anyone special piloting them.

Through 2020, various little admissions of the existence of unaccounted-aircraft were slipped in, including at the peak of the “pandemic” last April.

The current round of disclosure dates to a December 2017 article in The New York Times which in my view badly skews the story of a longterm Senate investigation into UFOs led by then Majority Leader Harry Reid. This investigation spanned from the late Bush administration, through the Obama administration, and the first year of the Trump administration.

The central issue driving the U.S. government’s obsessive coverup and deception about the issue seems to be the potential for a national security threat posed by airborne craft which have no known country of origin, and which don’t act like airplanes (they can do things like disappear, for example). It’s beyond the U.S. government’s ability to control them, or to defend the country against them if they prove to be hostile.

On Oct. 6, 2020, a documentary called The Phenomenon was released (see reviews on IMDB). Here is the trailer. The full film is worth watching a few times.

The documentary studies, among other events, a close encounter in Australia in the 1990s and then interviews the former school children as adults to consider their reflections on what happened — including telepathic and visual contact with beings.

The film documents numerous other incidents (at least 20, by rough count), including interviews with air traffic controllers, an Apollo astronaut, pilots, military base commanders and security officers, and — especially — the operators of nuclear installations in both the U.S. and the former U.S.S.R. Two U.S. presidents give their views — Pres. Ford (then a congressman) and Pres. Clinton, both of whom say they sought answers.

The Chart for the First Tweet

We have the time for the U.S. government’s first tweet about the nine-page, first-ever public report to Congress released last Friday. You would expect this to be a stunning chart.

Yet it does not leap out with some bold revelation (many charts for important news events do). Rather, this chart seems committed to keeping its secrets. It will take a while to work through the layers.

However, one thing becomes apparent if you brush away some of the layers obscuring it: this chart points to the Pluto return in the United States chart. The Moon in Capricorn is more than six degrees away from Pluto, and makes a series of other aspects before getting there. However, it soon moves from its current position into a square to Eris and conjunction to Pluto (i.e., it moves through the Pluto-Eris square). And that, in turn, is the return of Pluto to its natal position in the July 4, 1776 chart.

This is a long story. I will have more on Friday’s Planet Waves FM. Please tune in.

Tweet announcing UFO disclosure to Congress.

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