Another Freaky Conspiracy Theory Turns Out to be True

The Roswell incident was not covered in the report — it only went back to 2004. This is the cover of the Roswell Daily Record from July 8, 1947, announcing that the federal government had captured a UFO in the New Mexico desert. I have little doubt this is true. The wreckage and recovered bodies were taken to Ohio.

It wasn’t swamp gas after all:
Another Freaky Conspiracy Theory Turns Out to be True

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Friday afternoon while I was recording Planet Waves FM, a “Breaking News” email floated into my inbox from Politico. This was during a song break so I had time to give it a look. Here is the subject header:

BREAKING NEWS: Government report: UFOs are real

I blinked a few times, like you’re supposed to when you see such an email.

Wow, just like that, on an ordinary Friday in June, like any other. UFOs are real; of all things. How about that.

I wonder what else is true. Those nut jobs were right all along? Not long ago you were a mentally deranged crackpot (in a ‘tin foil hat’) if you believed in UFOs, and if you had proof the MIBs might come collect it, or you. Now they have the Uncle Sam Seal of Approval.

Hey guys, I have a question, now you can tell me — did the Moon landings happen?

So anyway, finally a little good news for a change.

Plenty of people have been praying for these geeks to show up and get us out of the shit we’re in. Thing is, the government is admitting only to flying saucers, not to little green men. Are these flying things, um, on autopilot? Autonomous interplanetary vehicles? Or maybe they’re drones from B+H, or something. Whatevs. It’s all good.

That’s some real news: the intelligence community was struggling to understand UFOs? Who knew? They’re all supposed to be weather balloons, the Goodyear blimp or cloud formations. The U.S. government always has a simple, satisfying explanation. Why didn’t they just ask the guys over at Area 51?

Here is the first paragraph of the article, in case you’re curious how a major news organization would open up the story of the first-ever actual official public UFO disclosure to Congress in history. (‘Disclosure’ is a term from UFOlogy. It means the government tells the truth.) We’ve all been waiting for this, especially here in upstate New York, where the book Communion takes place (specifically in Accord, about 25 minutes from my desk if you take it slow and look at the scenery and don’t get abducted).


“A new intelligence report sent to Congress on Friday concludes that virtually all of the 144 sightings of unidentified flying objects documented by the military since 2004 are of unknown origin, in an extremely rare public accounting of the U.S. government’s data on UFOs that is likely to fuel further speculation about phenomena the intelligence community has long struggled to understand.”

That’s some real news: the intelligence community was struggling to understand UFOs?

This is a weather balloon complete with little white men, which the U.S. government has blamed UFOs on since the 1940s. This is highly convincing. U.S. Navy photo.

Who knew? They’re all supposed to be weather balloons, the Goodyear blimp, swamp gas or cloud formations. The U.S. government always has a simple, satisfying explanation. Why didn’t they just ask the guys over at Area 51? They know stuff.

Hey! I have a question! Did anyone ask Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk? They’re big on space ships.

And another: what does virtually all mean?

Like, two of them were kites, one was a flock of geese, one was Billy’s Science Fair project and the other 140 were actual UFOs, which are now admitted to in fact be unidentified?

Here is some more detail, verbatim from Politico:

“The report — the government’s first unclassified assessment in half a century — does not offer any definitive answers on who or what may be operating a variety of aircraft that, in some cases, appear to defy known characteristics of aerodynamics, and that officials believe pose a threat to national security.”

Who or what is operating them? What do they mean, Uber? Or more like your Delta flight operated by United? That always makes me have an anxiety attack because I wonder what carousel my case of pickled herring is going to end up on.

The plot thickens. They don’t mark a technological breakthrough by a foreign adversary. So it’s not Cuba, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Vietnam, Cambodia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Key West or Grenada. That narrows it down a little.

Defying the known characteristics of aerodynamics?

Oh, that’s the part about those jalopies turning at right angles, going from zero to warp factor three in negative one second and possibly even disappearing underwater for a while before vanishing into the stratosphere without a sound.

Then there’s the threat to national security. That sounds really important. Maybe it’s the whole point of the article, or rather, the press release it’s based on. Now that we have defeated the Nazis, the terrorists, drugs, poverty, cancer and Covid, we have a new enemy! Are you excited? The War on UFOs! We can go back to wearing masks, or rather, wet towels on our faces, like in Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds.

Here’s another paragraph. I am savoring this. It’s too good to rush. I could get right to the point and say that The New York Times left it off of page one (heck even an article about me made it onto the front page).

“The Pentagon, assisted by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, found no evidence to indicate that they mark a technological breakthrough by a foreign adversary, or that the objects are of an extraterrestrial origin — though neither explanation has been ruled out in what officials have described as a preliminary assessment.”
Not a flying saucer. Not a flying saucer. Not a flying saucer. Not a flying saucer. Not a flying saucer. Not a flying saucer. Not a flying saucer. Not a flying saucer. Not a flying saucer.


The Pentagon has limited resources and needed a little help. From some spymasters.

The plot thickens. They don’t mark a technological breakthrough by a foreign adversary. So it’s not Cuba, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Vietnam, Cambodia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Key West or Grenada. That narrows it down a little. Maybe it’s one of our friends — like Russia, or maybe China. The Japanese are pretty clever. It had to be them. No wait, it was Australia. Who the hell knows what those freaks are doing way down there by Antarctica?

ET like this annoyed he was left out of the story. Photo by Eric Francis.

However, the government says, there’s no evidence the objects are extraterrestrial. Is that supposed to be reassuring? Little kids everywhere are asking, WTF, UFOs don’t come from another planet? Are you serious? ET is from Brisbane?

So let’s sum up. They’re admitting UFOs exist but claiming they don’t know where they come from but so far as we know, there’s no proof they’re from another planet, star system, etc. What, are they expecting to see license plates from the Andromeda Galaxy? Or to catch them as they drive through E-ZPass without a tag, and then the Tolls By Mail bill gets sent to Vega?

How much is postage? Can you use a Forever stamp?

This is a typical kind of posturing of the U.S. government, which (in fact) has special writing classes for people like CIA officers, so they know how to compose memos like this. They all have to write the same way, which reminds me of someone tying their shoes whilst standing on their head. Wearing mittens.

But hey, UFOs are officially real. Now you know.

Stay tuned for the next episode, it’s gonna be a good one.

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Aries (March 20-April 19) — To build face-to-face reality takes work, and it will take adaptation. It does not need to be expensive, and an essential ingredient is the community itself bearing the costs and, more to the point, sharing resources.

The result could come in the form of a potluck, a food coop, a musical space, any form of creative collective, a lending library, a dog-walking/pet care organization, a community garden, a spring-cleaning society (where people help one another clean) or a hundred other possibilities.

They can be home-based, though remember that in the United States and many other countries, there is an abundance of unused space sitting idle and basically deteriorating. The value of using and sharing space rather than letting it sit empty is something we need to teach and learn.

Establishing and building community is true leadership: the type that is not vested in authority. Rather, it is grounded in your ability to relate to people, and to find a common purpose with them.

While we cannot exactly repair the past, it is possible to preserve what remains of a way of life before the digital environment was allowed to take over – and before it takes over so completely that most people don’t remember anything else.

An Aquarian Era for Aries:

Weaving the World, One Relationship at a Time

Hello Taurus Sun and rising! Click on your sign to get your 2021 annual reading.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — You are a personal keeper of humanity’s traditions, even if in small and modest ways. I suggest you step into this role personally, and with your circle of friends, and especially with the people who you end up in the position of leading in some way. I can give you a small example from my life. We are in the age of digital technology. But throughout my office, there are many desks with cutting mats and graphic arts blades, as well as pens and pencils to draw with.

This is a reminder of the tradition from which digital graphic art emerged. I explain to my creative team how the work we were doing was done 25 years ago, 50 years ago, 75 years ago. In all ways, know the roots of your ideas.

If you have an interest in something, trace it back and see where it comes from, why it exists, and where you stand in the lineage. You will find personal relevance there. The past matters, especially to you. The old way of doing things matters, even if you use the new way. There is a new age rapidly coming upon us — so fast all most people see is a blur. You are, without any doubt, being called to leadership in this time. That will fully manifest with Pluto in Aquarius, which I will cover at the end of this reading as my closing thought.

It is your role to address the “tyranny of the new” and make sure that some of the old and valuable survives in a way that really matters to you, and that you can express to the people closest to you.

An Aquarian Era for Taurus:

The Body Electric and the Soul Tectonic

Hello Gemini Sun and rising! Click on your sign to get your 2021 annual reading.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — The bottom line lesson of the past three years — or 12 years, depending on how you measure — is to focus on agreements, because that is where power is transacted. It’s where you gain or lose power; sell yourself out, give yourself away, or merge with others in a way that creates a synergistic effect. The ideal state of the 8th house would be that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. But humans tend not to be good at win-win situations.

You, however, are capable of considering such a possibility on a much wider scale than most people. Yet for that to happen, it’s essential that you divest yourself from situations where the theme is “every man for himself,” or any situation where one person can take possession or ownership of another.

These are crucial matters to fully encounter, work through and resolve before one can move on to the greater adventures of life. You may notice how much time, energy and money you’ve invested in the affairs of this house, as there has been such intense emphasis here going back many years, though especially since late 2017.

Now, new adventures are calling you. Do what you can to bring your 8th house matters to closure. You don’t want to take them with you on the next phase of your journey. Rather, you want what you learned from these experiences, because you earned it, you paid for it, and you don’t want to have to go through all of that again.

An Aquarian Era for Gemini:

Of Power, Force, Strength — and Faith

Hello Cancer Sun and rising! Click on your sign to get your 2021 annual reading.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — If there is a secret to the sign Cancer besides take care of your home, this is it. You must make a contribution to society that is representative of your true being; your work must have actual meaning. The other work-related house is the 6th, and here you have Sagittarius (“the most philosophical sign,” in the words of Jim Morrison) which amplifies this message.

You now have two extraordinarily powerful planets transiting your 10th, which are defining your experience of life.

One is Chiron transiting Aries since 2018, and for the next five years. Chiron has a way of pulling focus and coming along with a crisis. They are related. If you are around age 50, this is a particularly important time, as you are in or close to your Chiron return. That would also mean that you have Chiron in Aries in your natal chart.

This is activating your 10th from the standpoint of service and healing. It is not a convenient placement or transit, as it confers so much responsibility. It will also bring up many issues that require healing, all of them related to your ability to function in the world and be fully present for both who you are and what you do.

The other planet in your 10th is the ultra-longterm visitor to Aries, Eris. While Eris has been in Aries since 1926, it is called into prominence for intervals of history by other planets making aspects to it. The last big outrageous burst of energy was the Uranus-Eris conjunction of 2016 and 2017, which describes the utter chaos that got Trump elected, leading to the “pandemic” situation a few years later. This was true insanity, though it’s left in the shade after what we witnessed in 2020 and beyond.

An Aquarian Era for Cancer:

The Great Reconciliation (of Accounts and Humanity)

Hello Leo Sun and rising! Click on your sign to get your 2021 annual reading.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Earlier, I mentioned that you are experiencing Saturn in your 7th house, and that in under two years this will give way to Pluto. Saturn represents all things tangible, solid, documented and established. In Aquarius, it’s serving as a kind of filter through which you can see all that is, and all that has become. Jupiter is doing something similar: it’s a kind of magnifier that is allowing you to see the details, and also, a condenser allowing you to see the wide-angle view.

You may be experiencing Saturn in its form as the symbol of limits. You may, in particular, be reaching what seems like the structural boundaries of your relationships, that is, the place where they cannot go any further. This counts for all kinds of partnerships. One of the roles of Saturn is to clear space for what is about to happen next. Sometimes Saturn clears enough space in the foreground to reveal what is going on in the background.

One reason people stay in relationships that are not serving them, or never leave home, or stay hooked on substances that hurt them, or stay in dead-end jobs, is so they don’t have to address the material that these conditions conceal. However, with Saturn moving across your 7th, you can be sure that some or most of those situations will be shifted, or even removed, and you will get to see what is underneath them. That is the whole point of a Saturn 7th transit. Therefore, limits in all forms are your allies. Study them, understand them, work with them, and rise to the occasion that they present.

You can get a lot done during the remaining seasons of Saturn in your 7th house. I would propose that this is the best possible transit you can have at this time, because you can work with it.

An Aquarian Era for Leo:

Seeing and Being Yourself in the Invisible Environment

Hello Virgo Sun and rising! Click on your sign to get your 2021 annual reading.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Chiron conjunct Eris is an explosion of consciousness waiting to happen.

For you, this is about observing the need you have to self-actualize through sexual experience and through relationship experience and not confuse the two. Sex without some concept of commitment (meaning a form of marriage) is still considered a sin. Yet it’s not a sin to be alive, to breathe, to feel and to desire. And to explore your desires, you do not need to offer yourself into any form of slavery. If you experience any guilt around this, you have discovered a place where you can claim back another piece of yourself.

Chiron conjunct Eris seems to be four years in the future, as a known and inevitable event, but it can be tapped into right now. It is happening now, as both planets are in the same sign. The simplest way to describe this conjunction is to say that it’s about liberating yourself from the nearly compulsive impulse of society to demand that everyone pretend to think the same way, and where every human transaction is another opportunity to give yourself up.

How do you know where you stand on these matters? Well, if you agree too much with others, I suggest you be suspicious about whether you are really using your discernment. Once you are in possession of your own views, you’re not going to agree with many people on many issues. And you will be highly unlikely to accept someone’s idea of who you are or who you should be.

An Aquarian Era for Virgo:

You are the Editor in Chief of Collaboration

Hello Libra Sun and rising! Click on your sign to get your 2021 annual reading.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Another long-term transit lasting through May 2026, Uranus in Taurus is a comment on the stability factor of your relationships. Various circumstances may be creating the sense of being unsettled in what were previously solid commitments. You are not the type to make too-fast decisions, so it’s likely that you have stuck with certain arrangements hoping that the situation will go back to normal.

If your relationships are changing, it’s because you are changing. Taurus is your 8th place, associated with commitments and exchanges. Taurus places material of substance in this house, that wants something solid to hold onto. Whatever is in the 8th is your medium of exchange, and Taurus is tangible, valuable stuff, beautiful and well-crafted. This is what you have to give and are open to receive.

You want your relationships to be based on solid mutual values. Do you feel this way about your exchanges?

Let’s add Uranus to the equation. Uranus can scramble up whatever it contacts. You are getting one message from Chiron and Salacia, to reevaluate your relationships. Both of these points lean toward reserved, respectful, and honoring of modesty. If they change the status quo, it’s through a kind of homeopathic approach. Eventually Chiron may emerge as radical shifts in awareness, though its approach is always gentle at first, enlisting your participation and involvement in your own healing process.

Uranus works differently: it can feel like getting struck by cosmic lightning. It can flip your entire reality. Taurus is about what is time-honored and Uranus does not give a toss about this whatsoever. Uranus exists entirely outside of time. It is the realm of pure energy. (Saturn is our chronological model of time, and Chiron is what grounds one into the other.)

An Aquarian Era for Libra:

The Continuing Story of Staying Human

Hello Scorpio Sun and rising! Click on your sign to get your 2021 annual reading.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — The theme of false collectivism is currently driving society and driving it insane. It is being driven by sales and marketing, like many other things that have taken over Western society, though the condition of the world (described by the Aquarian Era astrology) is currently making it easy for vast influences/influencers to get control of large groups of people, mostly against their conscious will.

Your mission at this time is to define yourself as you are and as you want to be, and to meet the world face on, on your terms. Nobody gets to do this 100%. There are immovable facts of life, and conditions that influence us. However, it is one thing to state your proposition and another thing to pretend not to.

To assert your individuality may seem like an isolated or isolating journey. There is a campaign telling us how antisocial this is. To an extent, this is true: one of the costs of individuality is confronting the fundamental aloneness that it implies. Yet that is not the end or the destination. It is the point of true beginning. Right now, and for the long foreseeable future, you are a point of gathering in your world. This will work whether you do it consciously or not; whether you want it or not.

An Aquarian Era for Scorpio:

Retrograding into the Future

Hello Sagittarius Sun and rising! Click on your sign to get your 2021 annual reading.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — The world operates on what it thinks of as the basis of “permanent relationships,” which are never supposed to change.

However, you are able to perceive that everyone is changing all the time. Yet this does not make you feel secure in any way. You are likely to react against this by striving for relationships that you perceive as everlasting. This is not a condition that exists on our planet, in the framework of space and time. Here, we live with the passage of time and constant change, exhausting as it is.

You are in contact with the fact that the universe itself changes all the time. It is in a constant act of self-creation. However, from the standpoint of life on Earth, this kind of transience can seem especially brutal. It also presents one of the most challenging experiences of living on the surface of the planet, and perhaps the most necessary: working within the structure of what is finite — even if it’s an illusion or secondary reality.

It is vital for your growth, wellbeing and happiness that you confront change directly rather than trying to fight against it. There is a rhythm to your relationships, and to the world in which they exist, and when you feel that rhythm you will be much better adapted.

An Aquarian Era for Sagittarius:

From the Galactic Core to Your Zip Code

Hello Capricorn Sun and rising! Click on your sign to get your 2021 annual reading.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — You have the potential to be among the most independent of all people when it comes to asserting your true being and your actual values. You have so much energy in reserve here that it can be easily used against you. And there is always the lever, the threat, of being cast out of the tribe. At a certain point, your personal, verified truth must take precedence over what others seem to expect you to believe, and what you think they might do if you do not believe it. I am here to encourage you to make no compromises where this is concerned.

In effect, it’s time to take the risk of doing so. In the end you will feel less lonely for being truthful to yourself than you will for being “accepted” and untruthful with yourself.

Yet there is a juncture here: you can, if you want, proceed in a fashion that seems to be better for you financially but does not honor the truth of your values. This would be in the name of being practical, acceptable and not standing out.

Or you can proceed in a way that honors who and what is true about you, stand up for yourself, and take a chance. This will involve, or may seem to involve, pushing people — but you’re not pushing them to do anything but to accept the fact that you are being real in their presence. This is too much for most people, who tend to cower under their own strength. I am not suggesting that you be defiant or disrespectful, or even ask anything of anyone: only that you resolve to be yourself at all times.

An Aquarian Era for Capricorn:

The Search for Values: Of Authority, and Inner Authority

Hello Aquarius Sun and rising! Click on your sign to get your 2021 annual reading.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Aquarius is the sign whose motto should be, “Know when you don’t know.” I suggest you be extremely cautious around any assumptions related to your intelligence. I am not implying that you’re not intelligent. Rather, the difference is your ability to monitor your thoughts, your thought process and the conclusions that you make.

You need to ask yourself constantly the fundamental question of the fact-checker: how do I know that? This is the assumption-busting question – and the one that few people want to ask.

This is particularly true in our era of pretend knowledge, bubble thinking, and group ideation that is taking over the world. If you can keep questioning yourself, you will start to catch your leaps of imagination that pass for intellect. By all means use your imagination, though you must be able to distinguish it from the truth. This is “convenient” when the truth is uncomfortable. It’s also extremely dangerous.

While you cannot solve the problem of the whole society, you can certainly resolve it for yourself, in the sphere of your own life. You can dedicate yourself to what is meaningful because it’s true.

An Aquarian Era for Aquarius:

The Art of Change, and of Changing Your Mind

Hello Pisces Sun and rising! Click on your sign to get your 2021 annual reading.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — One last thought before we enter the future. You have finally come to the point where your perspective on yourself is far more meaningful than what anyone else might think or believe about you.

This is a vitally important step in maturity, and a challenging one for a Pisces. You must cultivate and maintain a discipline of refusing to take on the projections of others. The more visible in public you are, the more critical this is. The more what you do is considered meaningful, the more critical it is.

Your rudder in the spiritual water is Chiron transiting your 2nd house or 2nd place (same idea). This is about your priorities, your self-respect, and your personal assets (anything from your talent to your money to your computer to your pots and pans).

Chiron is saying stick to your principles. Make sure you have them, and make sure you know what they are – before you stick to them, or defend them. Principles are real. You will not have many, if they are true to what you live for. When in doubt, start with one, and test it out. Know when you’re making an exception and why. Exceptions should not be treated casually. They deserve a journal entry. It might begin (just giving an example), “It is my usual policy to tell the truth, but today I had to lie to someone.”

Chiron is the master teacher, and will constantly be teaching you that who you are is directly related to what is important to you and what you do, based on that knowledge. Your identity is not something you declare. It is something you discover through processes of trial and error, trial and discovery, and trial and correction.

An Aquarian Era for Pisces:

The Journey Inward

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