Covid: The Gritty Details (or Pandemic 101)

This compilation of articles is something like my final report on Covid, so far as we have experienced it through December 2020. I am tackling the medical and scientific angles, as well as the effects of digital; those are my specialities. I have left the discussion of the Great Reset to others. — Eric Francis, 12/08/2020

A study of nearly 10 million residents of Wuhan, China — basically, all of them —  demonstrates that there is no asymptomatic spread of 2019-nCoV. The study came out about a week ago in the journal Nature.

It’s Time to Demand the Truth About Covid | July 28

This article was a breakthrough on the problems with the PCR assay, and documents the Dartmouth-Hitchcock incident proving that the device can get 100% false positives. It can be wrong all the time. The article also discusses the proximity of the Wuhan Virology Institute to the Huanan Fish Market, and other exciting, taboo topics.

They Were Barefoot in Babylon | Sept. 7, 2020

This article about the Woodstock Festival and the Hong Kong Flu pissed off more people than nearly any other article, as it de facto makes the case against social distancing as anything but a psychological intimidation tactic. I describe how the one difference between 1969 and today is digital. See also Drowning in Digital.

On the Toxicity of Masks, from a HazMat Expert | Nov. 2

This is one of our best documents on making the public wear phony personal protective equipment, by the former longtime editor of HazMat Management magazine in Canada.

How Safe is Too Safe? How Safe is Dangerous? | Nov. 5

This article develops the problems with the PCR, and documents for the first time in my coverage that there are no samples of actual virus (known as quantified, purified isolate). This is one of the best articles for an overview of the situation from a scientific standpoint.

Correspondence with a Planet Waves reader about the “novel virus” concept | Oct. 6

This article takes up the all important matter of whether what is being called 2019-nCoV is a “novel virus,” meaning a virus never before seen, to which nobody is immune. I refer to the work of Christian Drosten, which came into focus late in the year (see below, radio presentation about the “retraction paper” and also the Three Biggest Scientific Developments).

What Do I Think is Happening? Reply to Reader Query | Nov. 23

Among the many replies to reader queries is this one, about what I think is happening for real. It’s an early version of I Was Banned From Facebook. I describe the confluence of events that could lead to a medical and news situation like we have, but with no virus necessary.

Which Pandemic Are You Living Through? | Nov. 28

Here, I look at the pandemic we were sold and promised in March and the one that really happened. People are living like they are in the middle of the fantasy pandemic, when the real one is not so bad, and there is evidence that it’s mostly a statistical ploy morphed with a fraudulent test.

The Three Biggest Scientific Developments on Covid Happened in Late November | Dec. 2

The last week of November was astonishing in scientific developments. This article covers the Johns Hopkins report saying that there were no excess deaths; the article in Nature saying that there is no asymptomatic spread; and finally, the demolition of the Corman-Drosten paper (which is the “constitution” of the “pandemic”) as being a work of scientific fraud. I cover this in radio format here — utterly fantastic stuff — see the Dec. 4 presentation below.

Interview with Kevin Corbett, co-author of the Corman-Drosten Retraction Paper | Dec. 4

In late November, 22 scientists from across Europe, the UK and the United States issued a demand for retraction of the supposedly scientific paper that established the foundation for the pandemic. The player below contains the full interview, lasting 1 hour 50. Additional coverage, documents and recordings at Planet Waves FM.

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Drowning in Digital | Dec. 3

Everything about Covid is based in digital, beginning with the “test” being used to “diagnose” it, straight through to the news used to “document” it. The PCR is an AI device that uses a dataset, not a virus, to find “virus” in the population. This article is based on my Covid research plus five years studying with the founders of media studies, the McLuhan family. Yet the impact of digital on this situation is profound, because it’s ultimately the thing that has destabilized civilization and individual minds sufficiently to create the problem that we have today.

I Was Banned from Facebook for Posting This | Dec. 8

In this post, I once again describe the confluence of events that could lead to a medical and news situation like we have, but with no virus necessary. Facebook’s robot, or Marc Zuckerberg, personally, did not like this one so much. It got me my longest ever Facebook ban, of three days and three nights! This one, about abstinence only sex education, got me my previously longest ban, of one day.

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