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Front page of a Department of Homeland Security report on mass psychogenic illness based on fear alone.

I was asked to comment on why there seem to be people sick and dying. This was in reference to a document produced by the Department of Homeland Security explaining that in time of widespread fear, there could be thousands of hospital admissions based on sickness caused by terror and anxiety. After getting more than 100 comments, Facebook deleted the post and banned me for three days. We may continue the discussion here. Please register for this website to comment.

So Why are People Sick and Why are Some Dying?

I think there are a diversity of factors at work. Note that in the DHS document, the fear input of all of the incidents was momentary: it lasted a minute or a day, and yet resulted in (for example) a rush on the hospitals with no biological cause. Here we have had a year of nonstop terrorism, which is driving people insane, and wearing down their immune systems.

Then there are the physical and emotional effects of the lockdowns. Once someone goes to a hospital convinced they have the plague, they are subjected to medical “care” that we know has killed a lot of people this year.

Now let’s add some physical influences: ramped up EMFs, a pandemic of flu shots and a hideous pneumonia shot people seem to be taking in droves, the flu itself no longer being counted by CDC to drive up “covid” numbers; and flu-like respiratory issues, this being a generally difficult time of year for many people to breathe (zero carbon uptake by plants), and a diversity of other issues.

They are using a “test” that is not capable of finding a virus, programmed to “find” a “virus” that does not exist in nature; which is racking up 90% to 100% false “positives” (according to my extensive, persistent, obsessive research) So you can be experiencing a psychogenic effect or ordinary flu, wearing a mask (which jacks up “positives”), flunk the PCR, think you’ve “got it,” walk into a hospital and be treated like you’re potentially going to be dead tomorrow.

Let’s add one last factor — the persistent use of “disinfectant” chemicals basically everywhere, on every surface, which fill the air with toxins. We like to pretend that chemicals are safe (and that viruses and bacteria are the only dangers) but actually, society has this backwards. Chemicals are one more thing heaped on the pile I have just described.

Under these conditions, nobody needs a virus to get the effect we are seeing. As for people dying? We all do. No symptom of “covid” is not associated with many other issues, and most (at least 94%) of people who are said to “die of covid” are already very sick, and they still ***possess all the reasons they were sick as well as the resulting illness*** i.e., poor diet, poor nutrition, toxic burden, immune suppression, medication, etc. Produce the proof that a virus killed them. So far, nobody has.

PS — anyone who thinks that there is a deadly virus also has a duty to account for everything I’ve said above.

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