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Remember first that in our society and the Western world generally, many people are on the edge, supported by medication, and at or above life expectancy. In the U.S., 94% of those lost were already very sick. That means they were immunocompromised, and heavily medicated (which are related). This is different from what we were told would happen back in February and March, which is that millions of healthy people would die.

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I understand that there are “healthy” people who are said to be sick with Covid, though beginning with mortality, CDC death data we’ve checked back to May (after the events of March and April) confirm the 94% number, all with an average of 2.6 underlying causes of death for claimed Covid patients.

There was also a change in death reporting policy in March that made it easier to include Covid deaths without any postmortem exam (those were discouraged). “Presumed” Covid is the same as the thing itself, without specific data.

In fact according to my source in the actuarial field (death data expert for life insurance business), we do not know if there is excess mortality, which is a statistical matter, not anecdotal, and we will not know for sure for a couple of years, assuming data compiling is honest. In some areas we are seeing lower mortality reported than in 2019.

Other mortality is being caused by failure to go to the doctor when people need to, for reasons other than “Covid.”

Remember additionally that it’s been documented many times, including by my reporting team which has done primary source research, that the PCR can get false “positives” even 90% to 100% of the time. There are many reasons for this, including the primers, the cycle threshold, and most seriously, errors introduced in the “reverse transcriptase” phase of the process, where messy RNA is rewritten into ersatz DNA, then replicated, then called virus.

As for Right Now

As for who is sick now: It does seem like more people are sick, though it’s difficult to tell with all this media focus driving attention. Regardless of the hype, I keep getting field reports of empty hospitals, not overwhelmed ones.

Still, let’s assume there is more illness, for the sake of discussion, since that is arguable based on reports we’ve read in this thread and others where I have asked similar questions. I don’t mean that we don’t know of individuals who are sick; I mean on a scale of all of society.

Many people are stressed. Many have been under lockdown, depressed and angry, which hastens illness and decreases immunity. Therefore, latent illnesses are being hastened. Elderly people — the primary medical victims of this mess — are isolated from their families, which will hasten sickness and death. We knew this before “Covid.” So the “cure” is killing people.

What’s happening now is occurring during what we call “flu season,” which is now no longer a thing; all we have is “Covid.” I listen to EMS radio and have for many years, and as far back as I can remember, going back years, most of the medical calls are for “difficulty breathing,” which remains true, even though we have next to no “Covid” cases in my area. All of these current cases of difficulty breathing are reported as “no known exposure.”

However, assuming more people are sick now, with something new and different: My two best theories are 1) turning on the 5G system last September, when this all began, and 2) something went wrong, or changed, with the 2019 and 2020 flu shots.

Both of these would seem like contagions, and the flu shot can be spreading a non-disease causing version that only gets a PCR positive and nothing else. Reaction from 5G or any EMF radiation can cause the body to get sick, stress, and excrete exosomes, which can potentially turn up in the PCR, as they are indistinguishable from viruses. People will argue this to the end of the world, with no data to counter the very serious problems electrical shifts have caused in the past.

Spanish Flu Was Not Transmissible

It is also documented that even the most virulent outbreak, the 1918 “Spanish Flu,” the disease could not be spread via body fluids, aerosols, nasal contact or eye contact with infected sputum (full text of 1919 publication included in that link).

Additionally, and this is VERY important: once there is mass panic (including fear of terrorism or bioterrorism), that will lead to mass psychogenic illness. I learned this from reading a 2006 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document that compiled several such incidents, where there was no toxin or pathogen but only word of one, and many people — thousands, in one incident in Japan — showing up in hospitals with respiratory symptoms but no exposure.

It took only momentary exposure to news reports or one quick incident (without a toxic agent) to cause this — not nearly a year of around the clock panic-mongering and relentless threats of disease and death ALL TIME TIME, EVERYWHERE.

Here is that document. It’s short and it gets right to the point. Again, U.S. government document produced under the Bush/Cheney Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

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