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October 25, 2001

Dearest Reader:

The new What's New page is located at this location on EricFrancis.com. It will include editions beginning in November 2001 and beyond. The link you're on covers 18 months of our work between May 2000 and October 2001. There is also a site index that includes earlier work, and breaks things down by approximate topic. Most horoscopes for the past few years are here. New horoscopes are here.

This particular link will remain in its current form, and be archived intact for those of you who prefer to search for articles by month rather than topic.

Thanks for bearing with our gradual reorganization. More improvements to come; Photoshop and Go Live are learning all about me.

Peace & passion,

Eric Francis


PS, editions on this link were done in Miami, Vancouver BC and Seattle, with some stuff stretching back to New Jersey. My deepest thanks to the contributors, who include Maya, Chris, Lynette, Via, Lisaann, Melanie, Carol, Steve, Debbe, Amy, Maria, Neal, Tia, Elle, Sean and a whole bunch of other people. Carol van Strum, thanks for nearly a decade of environmental tutoring, documents and believing no lies. Dave Arner, Rick Levine, David Roell, Robert von Heeren, Melanie Reinhart and others have provided astrological support. Betty Dodson, my hero, cheeers to you. Thanks to Angela over the months for many small things that have added up to a lot.

From October 2001

Rest In Peace

Sweetgrass Braid


Mercury Also Rises | By Eric Francis

UPDATE: Attack on Afghanistan

Hold On World | Planet Waves for Sept. 14, 2001

Smell Your Television | Planet Waves for Sept. 16

Fear and Loathing | By Martin Amis, The Guardian

Bush, Walking Into a Trap | By Robert Fisk, The Independent

Remember Last Time | By Jeff Cohen of FAIR.org

Spinning Tragedy Into Propaganda | By Bill Berkowitz

For the Faithful

For another view of the news, see AlterNet.org.

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2001 Annual Horoscope

How To Be Your Own Lover

Coming to the Revolution

Horoscope Archive
Three Years Worth.

Planet Waves Essay Archive
Lots of Environmental Articles Here, including everything you don't want to know about PCBs

Rachel's Health & Environment Weekly
This is Good.

The Old Rachel Index
Worth Perusing.

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From September 2001

September Horoscope
Plus, New Bimonthly

Oh Mom & Dad | Planet Waves Essay
(The continuation of

Happy Birthday Betty Dodson

Merrick Responds to 'Global Warning'

Goddesses of Astrology


From August 2001

August Horoscope

Global Warning


You Can Be Free

For the Love of Money

Pirates of the Shawangunks

The Horoscope Story

And what the FREAK is happening?


From July 2001

July Horoscope

Mars Sations Direct


As We Were - July 1999

Request for Feedback

Ocean Alert

For the Faithful

We Have Met the Enemy...


From June 2001

June Horoscope

As We Were - June 1999

Request for Feedback

In Propria Persona

Abandoning Abandonment By Maya Dexter

For the Faithful


From May 2001

May Horoscope

Beltane: The Tree of Life

Mars and Chiron

Astrology as Homeopathy

The Other Sex
By Eric Francis at Sexuality.org

Venus and Mars Retrogrades
by Eric Francis at StarIQ.com. The Venus
retrograde ended April 20; Mars retrograde
begins May 11 and ends July 20.

When Lovers Become Their Parents
by Eric Francis at StarIQ.com

This Month's Artist

For the Faithful


From April 2001

April Horoscope

Mixed Emotions
by Eric Francis at Sexuality.org

Time Enough for Love

A Nearly Forgotten Interview
With Fritz Perls
By Adelaid Bry, 1972

For the Faithful on Depression and Homeopathy


From March 2001

March 2001 Horoscope

Firedancing | Planet Waves Essay


From February 2001

February 2001 Horoscope

Midwinter: In the Belly of the Stars

Mother of Winter, Goddess of Hearth

How to Dance

Organic Love

Chiron: When Astrology Listens

Mercury Retrograde

For the Faithful

From One Year Ago:
A Crazy Little Thing Called...


From January 2001

February 2001 Horoscope

Gemini Saturn Returns

Saturn in Gemini and Gemini Sun

Introduction to Chiron

A Bush Presidency? | By Steve Bergstein

Bush League Sex | By David Steinberg

Christmas Eclipse

George W. Bush vs.
The Palm Beach Canvassing Board
By Joseph Kushner

New Snack Cracker Will Ease
Pain of Modern LIfe

Also old... Key Life Transits for 2000

What's old... Forecasts for 2000 | Forecasts for 1999

For the Faithful


From December 2000

December Horoscope

Whatever Gets You To The Light | By Eric Francis

One in a Million | (New Paltz is everywhere)

Two in a Million | More on New Paltz PCBs
(by Eric from Woodstock Times)

PCB Photo Tour | Not for the Weak of Stomach

Illustrated Portrait of John | By Ed Cox

Mumia Supporter in Trouble

For the Faithful


From November 2000

November Horoscope

Mercury Retrograde Messes with Erection

Dear Al | Michael Moore writes to Al Gore

Alexander Cockburn | Analyzes Erection Results

Life in the Balance | Planet Waves Essay

Samhain | The Unbroken Chain

Thanksgiving Message


From October 2000

Mercugrade is Retroury

October Horoscope

Routing the Bastards | By Eric Francis

It's Life -- But Not As We Know It | By Merrick

Merrick Reports In From Prague

Buy Me A River | By Eric Francis

Genexhibitionist | By Maya Dexter

For the Faithful | On environmental toxins


From September 2000

September Horoscope

Inside, Outside | By Eric Francis

Genexhibitionist | Seeds of Change By Maya Dexter

Thoughts Turned Toward Home:
A Special Edition for New Paltz, NY

I Was There
New Paltz Coverage Continues

Link for New Paltz students

Pet Rock by Steve | Born in the USA


From August 2000

August 2000 horoscope

August 1999 horoscope

Genexhibitionist | By Maya Dexer

Love & Trees | By Eric Francis


from July 2000

July horoscope

Exponentially Increasing Randomness | By Eric Francis

Genexhibitionist | By Maya Dexter

The Nuclear Axis
by Eric Francis at StarIQ.com

Photo above by Robert del Tredici

Retrograding into the Future | By Eric Francis


from June 2000

June horoscope

Mayan Astrology | By Carol Burkhart

Too Dang Much | By Jeanne Treadway

The Art of Rebellion | By Eric Francis

Live from Los Alamos | By Amy Fulton-Stout

Political Science Fiction | By Eric Francis

When the Heart is Right | Fiction by Parris Bonds

Is Online Love Really Love? | by Eric Francis


from May 2000

May horoscope

Taurus Thunder | The Art of Rebellion

The Apotheosis of Funk | Lisaann Childress

IMF Coverage | By the Planet Waves Staff

Call it Home | An Editorial

Genexhibitionist | Maya Dexter

Behold the Bull of Heaven | Melanie Reinhart


Earlier Horoscopes from 2000

April Horoscope

March Horoscope

February Horoscope

January Horoscope


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