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Planet Waves | July 2000

By Eric Francis

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ARIES (March 21-April 19)
I asked Patti at Wreck Beach, one of your blazing Aries cousins, what she wanted her July horoscope to say. "I don't know, you tell me. You're the astrologer." She could not understand why I thought that was so funny (when asked, why not say, "Life Is Amazing! Love! Freedom!"?) But with your emotional pots being stirred and homefires stoked by none other than the Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury this month, there will be those moments when confusion is rampant, fulfillment is overwhelming and when passion's fires reach into the heavens of perfection. What I'm trying to say is don't waste these experiences even if you're feeling mixed-up. Swim in your confusion. Surrender to yourself, and dive into those rich unknowns where anywhere is everywhere.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
You may not have faith in you, but I have faith in you. I know how long it takes to set things right, how long to make progress where before there may have been none, and to muster the guts to ask for what you really want. But while certain influences which held you down or set you back in the past are still present, what you'll find if you check is that their power to influence your life is greatly diminished. While it seems like "circumstances" have played a big role, it's really been about prevailing mental conditions and how you perceived events as representing the nature of the universe that have dragged you down. And if you question whether you are creative, remember you would not be alive if you were not.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)
One of the greatest gifts of Gemini is your ability to see things on their face; to size up the obvious without getting too caught in the complications everyone else so depends upon to keep life interesting. And though you may have your shallow moments, you're never bored -- a virtue on this planet if there ever was one. But if you want a moral or lesson from recent events, and for a few events to come, I would suggest it's that you get a feeling for how to allow life to touch you deeply in ways you'd resisted in the past, and to find those places in you where the ocean reaches the furthest into the earth. In doing this, you will not be venturing so far from familiar territory as you might think. To navigate, just follow a simple guideline: go where you feel good.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)
As long as you remember you can change your mind, you're headed for one of the strangest and reality-altering experiences of good fortune that you can imagine. I don't mean a day or an hour's worth, I mean perhaps a season or a year, enough to lift you into a sense of yourself that you can really work with, give you a demonstration of what is really possible, and prove that you can make it real. Insecurity along this particular journey is a sign that you are close to your passions. Work with your fear, not against it, and no matter how tangible things may seem, no matter how set in your ways you think you are, use your imagination, and create visions of the life you need and desire -- all by way of saying: change your mind.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)
I know that somewhere deep in that kitty heart of yours, you're wondering whether it was all for nothing. These few years have been tumultuous for so many of their months, and there are times when I am sure, like anyone traveling a long road or working on a very long projects, you have your doubts, and those doubts may seem well-founded. Now may be such a moment. What I can see that you cannot is that you are passing through the last in a series of life-change gateways that will be the most vivid and, I am certain, bestow a golden touch of the sense of accomplishment that you so deserve, and that will give you the moxy to proceed on this trail of life with true courage, with the full benefits of all you've learned and seen.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
This would be good advice for anyone on any day, but you are your ambitions. You are what you aspire to be. You have neither "product" nor "image," you are you, and you are what is aware, what understands, and what succeeds. Therefore, present yourself to the world as you are. Like the rest of us, you were cultivated to think less of yourself than you really are. But remember that there is not one person whose work we admire, whose ideas inspire us, or who has managed to find their way in this life who did not struggle with the process of self-acceptance on some level. But this is not an image you need to project into the world too brightly. Anything else would do, but the best idea is love, hopefully the love of what you do. People are noticing, you and they are poised to respond.

LIBRA (Sep. 23-Oct. 22)
Much of what we learn through exploring art, music and passion is what I call unbecoming our parents. In childhood, we surely adopt their patterns, and these are old. They include baked-in fears of our grandparents and beyond, of things like the Great Depression, world wars and, for the most part, old ideas about relationships and sex. Yes, unquestionably, our parents were 100% more hip to reality than were our grandparents (there are notable exceptions to this). But let's say that at best, a humane -- much less truly complete -- picture of erotic love has yet to be conveyed to a new generation. So, get out your paint brushes and mix your colors, and know that with each experience of joy, pleasure and surrender, you free yourself and the human race from another little piece of the past gone mad.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
Home is where you can undress, and it could be anywhere, on any side of the ocean, on any side of town, and you know that. Looked at another way, home is where you can get your phone messages. Ask these two questions and you'll have no problem figuring out where you belong. But be specific. If you cannot undress in your living room, you are not at home there. If you cannot check for your phone messages from your lover's house because of their live-in (just an example), then you can't really be at home there. Home is where other people can't control you, and, for good measure, where you don't need to control them. But once you're there -- well, that's another story. All kinds of ideas and possibilities await you, ones that will help you explore some fine new dimensions of who you are from a place you really know you're safe and secure. And what an innovation.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21)
Negotiation is the way to get what you want. Here's why I say that: you deserve what's yours, but the people of influence in your life are also very powerful. They hold some of your cards, so to say. In such cases where strength is necessary but the weapons of war have no proper place, the only option is to negotiate, which is to be a master of assessing the strengths and weakness of all positions involved, planning a strategy and then asking for what you want. You are not without significant power in this situation, but you have barely begun to figure that out. You also possess your freedom, the most important element in any competitive situation. But above all else, you have vision, which is the secret elixir of physical reality.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
I would never want to accuse you of being uptight, but now the question is how un-uptight can you be? Planet Weird is a tense place. sure, people are anal, neurotic control freak flakazoids and they don't even let on that they know it perfectly well. In such an ecology, putting a little extra on groovy, as in, being in the groove, counting the rhythm of life and improvising where necessary, would go a long way. Given that we are all fickle little kids who know that the only power in all of God's green creation besides sun and sea is the ability to change our minds. So expect people to change their minds, and just keep your plans flexible. And remember that from this point forward, the name of the game is expand, as in grow outwardly. One stage of your world's design and creation is complete, and another has just been born.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 19-Feb. 18)
Friction makes heat. It makes those waves of energy which are the trademark of your sign. But now you're going to need to get used to the experience of less friction in life, less pressure and less stress on the survival systems you've so carefully put in place to ensure your wellbeing in times of difficulty change. This means living with less fear -- not always an especially easy task for the mind trained to go over everything three times, to consider every singly possibility, and to believe in the benefits of fear applied to every element of your world. But all of this represents an inefficient power source, a messy and time-consuming way of creating energy. There is an easier way: draw it straight from the sun. It's a good season for it.

PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)
This month's horoscope comes from the "learning from my own horoscope" department. Last month I made what struck me as the brilliant point, suggesting that we fish stop swimming against the tide and find easier ways to do great things. The image in my mind was Jupiter breaking free of Saturn and making its own way in the world. Jupiter knows the secrets of ease, and Saturn knows the secrets of making things last -- and a good example of something lasting has been your persistence. But my point is equally brilliant this month: easy does it, less work, more relaxation, develop ideas that carry their weight, concepts that simplify difficult things into feasible ones. Seek paths of least resistance, know when to get expert help and when it would smoother doing it yourself -- and remember there's always a cheaper, more effective way to have the fun.

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