Planet Waves | A Thanksgiving Message





The existence of this internet project, like every other publishing or broadcast venture I've ever attempted, is the result of a continuing series of miracles all of which arise from relationships with a wide variety of people. I want to thank you: those of you who contribute your writing, research and artwork; those of you who have sent in cash, or who help keep a roof over my head or who run Yahoo! searches all night helping me track down obscure facts or type endlessly or give me cheap computers and technical assistance; my astrology clients, who provide me with gainful employment, leaving me free the rest of the time to stir the pot; and a truly vast network of friends, cousins and colleagues who support the work that you find here in countless ways.

I thank you each and all.

And I encourage everyone reading this message to ask for what you need, to ask directly and innocently for help, and know that you deserve the support to make your dreams real.

Peace & passion,

Eric Francis
Seattle, Thanksgiving Day 2000

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