Planet Waves for July 2001 | By Eric Francis


By Eric Francis | July 2001

To my readers, thanks for your patience with the late update of Planet Waves. I was on vacation, driving back from Mount Shasta up the Oregon coast back home to Seattle. AOL readers will also note that Mystic Gardens is similarly late, but for different reasons. To those who have called or emailed in my absence, I'll be in touch ASAP. Thanks to all of you who have sent in feedback. I am still interested, in case you still want to respond.

Mystic Gardens Readers - Please Read This

aries (March 21-April 19)
The Earth is not falling out from beneath your feet. It is, however, moving, and in a short time you may find yourself standing on top of a mountain that grew up beneath you. There are many who believe that "this life is a test," and I am not usually inclined to believe them. However, at this particular juncture of your personal history, "test" is a fair statement of reality. The main question seems to involve an inquiry about whether you really believe in yourself, your visions, your ideals and your hard-won knowledge. You are being summoned, as well, to explore whether it's possible for you to turn your greatest liability into your greatest strength. Do you doubt this is possible? I don't advise wasting your time with such trivialities, or pestering your mind with pointless questions. It's not only possible; it's inevitable.

taurus (April 20-May 20)
Have you noticed that the pace of life has picked up considerably in the past two months, and that so much which seemed unresolved, shrouded in fog and clouded in mystery are now much more clear? It may, however, appear that you are back to your old dilemma of, "Is it about love, or is it about security?" Or possibly, "Is sex about pleasure, or is it about nurturing?" But I assure you, there are much more important questions, especially if it seems like someone is provoking a power struggle, and especially if it involves sex or money. Okay, what power struggle does not cover at least one of these subjects? But the question in its simplest form is some version of, "What is mine and what is yours, and how are we going to decide?" Figure out now what you are willing to concede and what you are not. Decide now what is yours. Then the discussion will make more sense -- and lean in your favor.

gemini (May 21-June 20)
Flexibility is your great strength. It always has been, and now it will be your savior. At the same time, you are learning important lessons in stability. We could ask where the meeting point between flexibility and stability is, and the answer would be something like the whole concept of architecture. The most stable structures are the ones that bend and move when necessary, and such is the result of experience and careful planning. In the psychological realm, this could translate to learning the art of choosing from among options. In the coming months, you can do a lot for yourself by identifying those options, and deciding long in advance which are acceptable to you and which are not. The moment of decision will soon arrive, and to make the most of it you will need to be prepared.

cancer (June 21-July 22)
In so many ways, your whole life pivots on this summer. I hesitate writing this because this is precisely the kind of thing not to write in a sun-sign horoscope column because most people will project their insecurities and fears onto the statement rather than their hopes and aspirations. And it's surely true that in any moment when something can go brilliantly right, it can also go tremendously wrong. But I see only the most positive potentials in store for you right now, if you are willing to accept them. I am aware that at this moment you may not be so tuned into your potential or the gifts that await you. I am aware that you may feel like you don't deserve what's coming your way. But it would be really wise of you to set your biocomputers on receive/accept mode, being aware of your tendency to use nurturing others as your favorite means of feeling alive. There is now another way.

leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
A mother cat knows when to sleep, when to fight, and when to hunt. Those are your choices, really, and will be so for some time. You'll no doubt have a lot of opportunities in the coming months to choose between these possibilities. Sleep when you're tired and feel safe. Fight when you feel threatened. Hunt when you are hungry, or are teaching your young how to survive. Just pay attention. And remember that the power struggles that others are so passionately involved in have very little (or nothing) to do with you, and that you are not actually threatened by most of what goes on -- unless you get yourself into the wrong place at the wrong time, or take something personally that was not intended for you. Because most people feel they lack real influence, they tend to be addicted to struggle. This is not your mission, and it's not your game. You have a life to live, and will save yourself a lot of time and energy by pausing to think clearly.

virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
It may be worth taking the time to allow a difficult domestic or emotional situation to work itself out. You've waited this long and I don't blame you for being antsy. You may ask the benefits of waiting; it would seem the answer has something to do with your parents. Their methods of problem solving were not especially enlightened, to say the least. But their methods of identifying problems were the real issue, and as a result I am not sure that at this point you can really get a handle on what's actually wrong. Since you can't solve a problem if you don't know what it is, action at this point is risky because it can do more harm than good -- and leave the real issues untouched. Far from doing nothing in the meanwhile, however, I recommend that you consider your current situations and circumstances very consciously from the viewpoint of mom and dad and anyone who was assigned with their jobs. Then you will finally see where your real power resides.

libra (Sep. 23-Oct. 22)
The theme of theme this summer is opportunity, and more than anything, the opportunity to take care of yourself. Difficulties and challenges which may seem to dominate the lives of people close to you are more likely to leave you not just untouched, but more accurately, in a position to assist in family or professional roles. The key to being a good nurturer in this world is making the act of nurturing others work for you. So keep this in mind as you feel called upon to assist the people around you. And remember there are other aspects of your life that have nothing to do with any of them. Keep yourself visible in the world. Pay attention to the many changes that unfold, particularly through late July and early August. There are quite a few ways for you to fit in, and find a viable, profitable and unique role for yourself in a big world.

scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
It's too early to tell whether the current unfolding of events is working for you or against you, but that also means there's time to change your mind. The challenges of the months to come are as intense as those in the past two months, but they're of a very different nature. In the spring you learned how to honestly identify flaws in your systems of life, love and work. There's still time to make corrections, because you'll soon face the real challenge: a test of whether you can hold to your own truth with enough focus and clarity to compel other people to reconsider what they believe. By the time this occurs, you will have already gone through enough self-examination and self-assessment to make a convincing case that unless someone with whom you are involved has undertaken a similar process, their values are subject to question. It does not mean they are wrong, however.

sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 21)
I hope that you've spent a reasonable amount of time meditating on the issue of freedom recently, because it's been a rather important concern, from the look of your charts. There are certain issues of freedom on which there is no compromise, and there are others where flexibility and choice are possible. Yet when a partner is faced with no options, or backed into a corner, then you have to give them the space to decide whether they want to play your way, or want out. And that means there is a connection between winning and letting go. And this is why it's not always so much fun to win. As it works out, the earlier you take up certain extremely difficult subjects, or one in particular, the easier it will be to find a win-win situation. The longer things progress, the more power destructive forces and self-interest will seem to have.

capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
Presently unfolding events have the potential to take a significant toll on your health and, as a result, on your ability to get your work done. But this is an early warning. Most of the better early warnings go unheeded in this world, and astrologers, psychics and doctors (for that matter) have to live with this. At the same time, most people ignore the facts and advice they know will make their lives easier or more prosperous in the long-term, and I come offering some of this today as well. In both cases, take it a little at a time is the operative advice. Make improvements and corrections slowly. Change your diet and work patterns gradually. Identify the inner forces that are compelling you to change and grow. Pay attention to your dreams because this is the most dependable place to get information about the unseen world and highly compelling, though invisible, forces which are crucial factors in the events of the coming two or three months.

aquarius (Jan. 19-Feb. 18)
There exists in every person the struggle between the need to conform and the need to be an individual that is the hallmark of the sign Aquarius. Far from being the only one who goes through this, you are, more accurately, in a position of mastery and expertise when it comes to the inner negotiation of this issue. That's a good thing, because the events of July and in particular August will call you to task. You may have to make some serious decisions about what you feel is right or wrong, and you may not be especially popular for your opinions. It's rather easy for an Aquarian to chalk it all up to, "Who the hell cares!" But because, as it appears, so much is at stake, you'll need to win some people to your viewpoint. So, kid, you're going to need to adopt some subtlety. You're not above it and it's not above you. You can, however, console yourself with the knowledge that people who know far less than you have a lot on the line. Just don't put it that way.

pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)
It's a good idea to walk with the trust of a child, and to explore the world through a child's senses. As the world turns, you're in line for the opportunity to make some of the most serious and yet rewarding choices of your adult life. What most adults making such choices lack is precisely the trust and vision of a child. When a child trusts, it seems (to us) to be an investment in the outer world, but from within, it's a trusting of the body, a silent sense that our most vital needs will be taken care of no matter what happens. Moreover, children possess a willingness to dare to act beyond their own knowledge. As the weeks of this season progress, you will get some clues as to just how strong your position is. Other facts will demonstrate beyond question that you're far from the people and events of the past. If you ever have to trust with your mind, I'm sure you'll find both of these realities extremely useful.++

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