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As an astrologer I am more of a philosopher, however, like most other deep-fried people with a little too much Virgo digitizing their brains, I am a technological technical detail freak. One astrological detail not to miss is Mercury retrograde. Especially Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, starting Wednesday through November 10.

I predict that in the next three weeks I will have more amazing sex than I have experienced in the past 15 minutes, which is none. Unexpected and dependable sources of income will arise in the midst of my reality, and I will have an extended opportunity to clear up every misunderstanding based on unspoken truths that is currently at question in my life. The texture of my entire reality will become conscious communication, whether intuitive, written or oral.

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, this is the way to use astrology: as a programming tool. For real and for sure, astrology is a composing language, a set of symbols and ideas that convey not just bare (and often deceptive) information needed for commerce and a little creative writing on the side (like the English language, for instance). Rather it is a language system able to relate subtle senses of time, movement, change, feeling, space, energy and the quality of existence, not to mention its ability to assist us in peering into relationships with disconcerting detail.

Mercury retrograde has been called a lot of things. It has been blamed for everything at least once. It is the whipping boy (or is it a girl) for all of our complaints for 24 joyous days when we actually have something to blame. Any project I have initiated (with rare exceptions) has gone a little weird, or not at all, if Mercury was retrograde at the time. I can think of lots of examples.

Merc Rx (as astrologers scribble it in frantic emails to one another) is most famous for blowing up computers, transposing digits in phone numbers and not knowing what the duck anybody is talking about. When we are about to buy a top-of-the-line BMW motorcycle, astrologers will warn us of it turning out to be a lemon. It is good advice.

But of what is this evidence?

When Mercury turns to retrograde motion -- an illusion, of course, caused by the planet overtaking the Earth in its orbit, kinda passing us on the inside bend, reality does a weird little dance to a funky little rhythm. Mercury does not go backwards, but it looks like it is doing so, and for some reason this is a big deal. Just watch, it's funny -- but make sure you've backed up your computer files before you start laughing. And pay attention while you're doing it.

Now, you may claim this proves astrology is an illusion. Nothing really happens, but it has a big effect, or any affect, and there's a funky dance to boot. But as John Lennon once said, reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

The physical world, in less Medieval interpretations of metaphysics than we got in school, has recently been described by scientists as everything from a single vibrating string ('String Theory', an up-and-coming cosmology) to a programmable hologram of which our minds are the central interpreters. Indeed, our minds do work as holograms, as defined by science, capable encoding millions of gigabytes of information -- everything we ever see, feel, think, read or touch for perhaps a century -- in a bunch of fat cells between our ears. Our thoughts and memories are stored in many places in the brain, not just once, and in amazing detail.

Even science is learning that our world is not the hard and finite place we perceive it to be. It is reality, but in a relative sense, and this reality is subject to the movement of energy, and to energy itself. With Mercury retrograde we contend with the rush of an entire planet speeding by us, making waves and a great big sucking sound (in the immortal words of one former presidential candidate). Mercury happens to be the planet of Mind, the seat of the conscious soul and the on-air monitor of awareness.

Is it so shocking that everything goes jiggy?

Many times I have flashed to the insight that we conceive of the solar system as being much larger than it is. We see and, when we do, experience it as a sprawling stretch of lightyears -- though it's actually only a few lighthours wide. Yet the solar system is really a little tiny space contained in our minds, which is in fact where all thoughts and observations of it or anything else reside even as we perceive them in any given instant.

Most minds experience Mercury retrograde in difficult ways, but mind can learn. Where Scorpio is involved, we'll all be a lot happier surfing the waves of intuition in the sea of emotion along the beach of the imagination. And if we pause from worshiping our precious inhibitions, it could be really good: like, really good. Just get jiggy with it.++

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