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Seattle, Nov. 13, 2000


Hello students of SUNY New Paltz,

This link will help you find important articles about the situation on your campus as relates to the PCB contamination of Bliss, Capen, Gage and Scudder halls, as well as Coykendall Science Building and Parker Theatre. If you know of students who live in these buildings, please pass along this link. Feel free to tell us who you send it to..

Here is the newest article, about two students who are questioning whether studying at New Paltz made them sick. This was posted in November 2000. This article from Chronogram provides additional information.

I have just added a photo tour of the campus from early in the situation.

If you want a lot of background, read this letter to Kevin Cahill, the local state assemblyman in the district including the college.

Introductory Letter | Sept. 2000

Chronogram Article | Sept. 2000

Unpublished Letter to the Oracle | Sept. 2000
(the editor refuses to print this, and has thus
silenced the point of view that there are any real
concerns for students or parents)

For the Faithful | Oct. 2000, talks about New Paltz

SUNY Dorm Tests Toxic | June 1994 article from
Woodstock Times about the scandals involving Gage

Why I Became An Astrologer | Spring 2000 article
from Chronogram Magazine that talks about my
experiences writing about New Paltz

Conspiracy of Silence | Aug. 1994 cover article from
Sierra magazine dealing with New Paltz and PCBs, with
an intro on New Paltz by Eric Francis

History of PCBs by Peter Montague

Rachel's # 295 | Rachel's #327 | Rachel's #329

Eric's Bio

Email Eric

Email Wendy (in New Paltz)

Email Melodie (student in New Paltz)

I suggest you read the articles in the order they are presented above, and please pass on this link to other students and your parents.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Eric Francis


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