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For the past few years, Eric Francis has facilitated workshop intensives at our conferences, sharing with us his own unique enthusiastic energy and experience. His style can be shocking and provocative, but with a warm edge of supportiveness and respect for the participants. Unafraid to speak out and yet willing to learn from others, his presence adds to the excitement and dynamic exchange at our gatherings.
-- Ryam Nearing, Editor, Loving More Magazine

I read your web page from time to time...mostly when I am lost and in need of direction.... I wanted to let you know that each time I have visited your page the information I have found has been very helpful and insightful. I almost feel as though you are speaking directly to me, especially with the end of year information and guidance for 2000. Today it brought tears to my eyes as I read. As with any astrology...I believe these are things we already know in our hearts but need validated by the spoken words of others. This has special impact if the spoken words are from complete strangers. So I wanted to extend my thanks to you...I'm glad I found you there. I look forward to continuing to find direction from you in the future. All my best,
-- Rebecca, Philadelphia, PA

Hey, I just have to tell you that I reread last week's horoscope, which of course I didn't understand when I read it last Wednesday, as it spoke of the future, but now that most of the week has transpired, I realize yet again that you are a genius and I thank you again for your work.
-- Kate, Writer, Manhatan

Your column is well-written and very heartfelt. A refreshing change from the smart-ass ones.
-- Susan Edwards, Managing Editor, Weekly Planet, Tampa, Fl.

We have found Eric's column to be one of the most popular features in both Free Time and The Poughkeepsie Beat.
-- Jessica Beasimer, Managing Editor, The Poughkeepsie Beat (these were the first publications to ever run Eric's astrology columns back in 1995).s

Been reading your column for a couple years now and just want to say thanks for being a voice of common sense in a world of bulldozers and airheads. You're an inspiration, and we need more of you.
-- Laura Hitt

I have been listening to Eric Francis on Radio Navigator and am totally impressed. To combine his journalistic talents with his astrological knowledge is brilliant. It is refreshing to turn the radio on and hear something new, creative and different.
-- Teresa Menig, The Creative Arts Center, Rhinebeck, NY [Radio Navigator on Radio Woodstock ran from 1996-1998, and was essentially a radio version of this web page with all kinds of fun guests, from investigative journalist Peter Montague to orgasm coach Betty Dodson.]

Your column has been a steady source of inspiration and exhilaration. Carl Jung is supposed to have said that spirituality and sexuality are two sides of the same coin. Your thoughts about both sexuality and spirituality seem to reflect this idea.
-- Thelma Fisher Leech, Placitas, New Mexico

Your writing resonates deeply within me. You have incredible insights and gifts, and deserve thanks for sharing them. Your astrology mixed with philosophy helps make sense of the transits and tribulations, in my world and the world-at-large.
-- Terry Zimmerman

Eric Francis's excellent coverage [of the 1991 accident involving Polychlorinated Biphenyls on the SUNY New Paltz campus] provided much of the factual basis for our initiating toxic tort litigation against the State of New York and others. Mr. Francis rose from local dissident to international expert.
-- Andrew Kossover, Esq., Kossover Law Offices, New Paltz, NY [In the mid-90s, SUNY students sued New York State for $47.5 million in damages and medical monitoring using materials dug out of the files by Eric's PCB journalism. The lawsuits are still pending.]

Keep up the fantastic insights.
-- Suzy Smith

I just wanted to send you this note to compliment you and your beautifully done site. It is done well, and has a great visual flow and neat color ideas. I read over your evaluations of the personalities, and found them to be quite accurate.
-- Carmen Wright, Keeper & Sol Publishing

Love your column -- brash, impertinent, profound. Fun!!!
-- Dommunique Millette

Love your work! Thanks for the love waves you send out.
-- Cali

Your words are flowing, energizing, almost musical. I am oftentimes amazed, not only at what you say, but also at the way you say these magical things. I can't begin to tell you what your words, ideas, images, have meant to me
-- Sarah-Beth Hogg

Eric Francis is a regular contributor to the Chronogram, and as such is very well read and liked by our readers. I personally attribute many advertising sales directly to his presence within our magazine.
-- Jason Stern, Publisher, Chronogram, New Paltz, New York, the community arts and literary magazine, where the Planet Waves project, in is modern form, originates.

You have helped me move some deeply engrained energy.
-- Amy Pearson

I appreciate that your writing is not only extremely informative, enlightening even, but that it also reads as a gift to your readers. You are obviously coming from a high place (the philosopher king and all), and your wisdom and insight has been channeled into the service of genuine concern for we humanoids. Rather than just spout out facts, your writing invokes a tangible sense that we have the ability to use our awareness and energy to EVOLVE. Reading the article confirms my sense that all my personal "struggles" might actually be a prerequisite for my own, and by extension, humanity's growth. Additionally, I doubt there are too many astrologers that preface bold astrological insights with "regardless of whether you believe in this" type of statements. Your insights become less dogmatic, more universally true, and may spark an interest in astrology from those that would otherwise not be interested. I'm glad your voice will be around as we shoot through to the other side. It is useful, inspiring, comforting.
-- John Bosch

To write something that stirs emotion is a gift, and you have it.
-- Charyl

Eric is intuitive and consistent, a healer and a visionary.
-- Michele Muir

Your scope for next week is so beautiful to me. I have been feeling so unbelievably happy and at peace for no particular reason. I am continuously astounded by your clarity and specificity in your writing and your horoscopes.
-- Cynthia Mettinger

Eric's clarity has been stunning and has stirred me to see him for astrological counseling. His professional, powerful and personal way has been outstanding. The insights and new perspectives I've gained with Eric's help have been profound and life changing. Eric is very gifted and skilled in the metaphysical sciences. Who he is and what he has to say is filled with integrity, refinement and openness. One of the best at what he does!
-- Angelo Castello, DC, MS, Rhinebeck Chiropractic

Today was a day I needed a friend. I found your wonderful information. I feel so much better. Thanks again for your service, and know that it has touched someone's life.
-- Chrissie Ishida Blum

Highlight of the week.
-- Alec

Thank you so much for your site and words of wisdom. I always enjoy them immensely, but this time around I really wanted to let you know how you helped me see another aspect of myself in simple terms.
-- Karen

The last time I got that much good advice in one sitting I paid a hundred dollars for it.
-- Jane Axtell

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