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Saturn in Gemini and the Gemini Sun

By Eric Francis
Planet Waves Digital Media

Saturn visiting Gemini has special meaning for people of all ages born between May 21 and June 10, because Saturn will conjoin or come close to your natal Sun, and be associated with a variety of forms of change and progress.

One astrologer, when I was under the influence of Saturn conjunct my natal Sun six years ago, described it as a process of "coming to terms with myself," and today I like that description a lot. At the time, however, it was an exhausting concept, because I had so much of that coming to terms with myself left to do, though I didn't really understand how or why. "Terms" means mutual agreement, an understanding, but occurring within. We tend to do very little of this in life, given the fact that the life we live is our own, and we are the only people we really need to come to terms with.

"Terms" also means limits. We tend to think of limits as our enemy, but in our culture of exaggerated excess extravagance, limits are very helpful. Often we discover inner limits on how much of a bad thing we can stand, how much boring work we can take for one lifetime, or to what extent our real needs can be set aside year after year. Limits limit the annoying, disruptive and difficult things in life.

At the time Saturn aspected my Sun, suffice it to say that I did not understand that it was indeed my own life. It was during this phase that I woke up one morning with the approximate feeling of the room being upside-down, furniture dangling from the floor above, me sleeping on the ceiling, aware all at once that it is my life. Totally disoriented, I picked up the phone and called my therapist and said, "Joe, I get it. It's my life." He said something like, "Congratulations." This is, by the way, a very good time to work with a therapist, assuming you can find a sane one. One of the best things any therapist (or astrologer for that matter) can help you do is to recognize that your existence is just that and nothing more.

Claiming one's life, or recognizing it as one's own, can come with throwing off the yoke of people who hold us to their terms and ideals (parents, lovers or spouses for example), yet this can only happen once we have established an inner understanding and awareness of our real needs and sincere limitations, and have summoned our deeper potential into manifestation. Such is your opportunity now.

Most newspaper horoscopes, not distinguishing the exact date of birth or the particular phase of a given sign, will regard all Geminis as being influenced by Saturn's presence, and to a real extent this works. Astrology is a little weird and it seems that the vibrational influence of Saturn reaches all across Gemini, even if it's 27 degrees away from the Sun. Those born in toward the end of Gemini, however, will come under the more potent influence of Saturn conjunct their Sun in 2002. Much of the following information about the Gemini Saturn return will apply to Gemini Sun and Gemini rising as well.

Saturn conjunct the Gemini moon could force us to being our words and ideas closer to our emotional reality. This is not an especially lively transit, but rather forces us to deal with our most basic needs, the first of which is to be a unified individual.

Saturn crossing from the 12th house across the ascendant to the 1st house represents a major shift in priorities, an emergence into oneself, as if an inner chrysalis is breaking open and a new inner being is discovered. It often represents the end of a long pause in life action, or a withdrawal from life, though a re-starting on much more solid inner terms.++

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