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Dear Readers,

I received this from Deborah (Taj) Anapol (the sex teacher and noted polyamory author) in her newsletter today. It's about "low frequency active sonar" testing in the oceans, covered previously by Planet Waves in the article Dolphinity by Christopher Grosso.

The following is by Deborah:

I have never sent an announcement like this to my email list and probably will not do so again but felt moved to do everything in my power to stop this desecration of our oceans.

A couple of years ago I went to my favorite beach and found a whale washed up at Muir Beach here in Marin County. Some men were dissecting her and the sea was red with whale blood. I asked them what was going on and they told me that the US Navy was testing a new sonar system that was suspected of damaging the ears, eyes, and brains of whales and other marine life. I was distressed to say the least, but didn't know what to do. I'd given up on conventional political solutions a long time ago.

Low frequency active sonar (LFA) is designed to detect enemy submarines. It also disorients whales, causing them to leave their ancient migratory routes, to stop communicating, and to abandon their young. It is also a threat to humans or any creature who get in its path. LFA sonar is
unnecessary. It was developed illegally, in secret, without appropriate environmental impact studies. The Navy has recently developed two new systems to detect submarines that are not hazardous to marine life. Unfortunately, they've already spent millions on LFA so are reluctant to abandon it.

Flash forward to yesterday -- some people I know gathered learn more about this deadly sonar threat. We shared about our experiences, information, and concerns and watched a 10 minute video about the Navy's Noise Bombardment of Our Oceans. It had been produced by the San Francisco ABC News affiliate station. We then meditated and wrote letters to our Senators and Congresswoman and to the President. Finally we made music together and sang and danced to celebrate our action. It was fun! This issue is bringing together diverse groups of people who love our oceans and marine life. The sonar testing is unnecessary and ineffective. We can win this one!!!!

The US Navy (and other Navy's around the world) are about to blast one of the loudest man-made sounds throughout 80% of the world's oceans. We have about 2 months to stop them. An avalanche of letters and phone calls (email is not effective) to your Senators and Congresspeople, and to the President and Cabinet, CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Please read the information below and put it into a hand written letter to your representatives. Or call them on the phone! Look in the front of your phone book or call your local City Hall for names and addresses of your representatives. If you are in the SF Bay Area you can email us for these addresses. Tell your friends and neighbors.

Write letters to your local newspaper. Order the video ($10 from CFLO, PO Box 296, Fairfax, CA 94930. 415/258-9516) and show it at house parties. It is especially important to raise public awareness in the non-coastal states where people are generally not aware of this issue.

Here is a sample letter: Dear Senator ______, I oppose the use of LFA Sonar. Please support congressional oversight hearings on the Navy's anti-submarine warfare program.

For more information go to or or or, or email

(Thank you Deborah...)

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