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Photo by Eric Francis – Book of Blue, New York

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Artist’s conception of our galaxy (the horizontal line) shown with gamma ray bubbles (called Fermi bubbles) discovered in 2010 and gamma ray jets discovered in 2012. The jets and bubbles extend about 27,000 light years above and below the galactic plane, further than the Earth is from the galactic core. There is a lot we don’t know about our galaxy. But these gamma rays are believed to be emanating from the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. Image by David A. Aguilar. Read more here.

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Neptune & the Galactic Core: Get Out Your Dream Catcher

Dear Friend and Reader:

For this month’s column, I originally planned a rundown of current transits — the kind that happen to people at certain ages. Transits are among the most important events in astrology; reading a chart is largely about observing how the planets at the time of birth intersect with the planets in the sky right now.

Based on a few notes scribbled on graph paper, I started writing (in parallel to the last An Aquarian Era chapters), and in about a week the project had morphed into an e-book, covering a diversity of current astrological events for people from ages 1 to 84. (Both will be made available at about the same time.)

Among the transits that washed in with the tide was an event now happening to people born around 1988, all of whom have a placement called Saturn conjunct Uranus. This is a permanent feature in their birth charts. It’s a challenging natal aspect to live with, putting the planet of rebellion (Uranus) in the same place as the planet of authority (Saturn). People born with this can carry considerable tension, which has to be expressed one way or another.

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Redwood roots on the Grandmother Land in upstate New York. Jim Dowd personally dragged these out of the Pacific Ocean where they were disposed of in previous eras, and brought them across the country to New York in the 1970s. He gets his visions for sculptures from the Dreamtime. Photo by Eric.

Notes from the Dreamtime
The Land Calls the People. The People Coexist with the Land.

By Eric Francis Coppolino

During the Northern Solstice of 2021 (when the Sun enters the sign Cancer, overnight Sunday to Monday), Mercury is stationing direct. This kind of confluence happens often, where turning point events cluster up. The current Mercury retrograde also included two eclipses and the central event of Saturn square Uranus.

There were other little flourishes. For the entire duration of the retrograde, Mercury and Neptune have been in a square aspect (90-degrees), which has been soggy, and calling for constant vigilance. For the next few weeks, well into July, we will be sorting out truth from lies. With each passing wave of that process, a few more people wake up.

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