Philosophy of Astrology Resources Area

Astrology is a Circular Language: Andrew McLuhan and Eric Francis talk about The Meaning of Meaning

Full Audio from Geoffrey Cornelius weekend workshop on horary astrology in New York City

Robert Hand and Eric Francis talk about the history of astrology

Whole Sign Houses — PDF by Robert Hand

Robert Schmidt and Eric Francis talk about the inventor of Western astrology, and the Thema Mundi

Astrology Revealed — Monograph on how to read a chart — PDF by Eric Francis

Table of Essential Dignities.
Table of Essential Dignities.

Other articles — that describe or demonstrate how meaning is drawn from a chart…

HOUSE KEYS: A Basic Introduction to the 12 Places

Beyond the Veil: The Minor Planets in Astrology (Oct/Nov 2012 edition of TMA)

The Astrology of Monsanto (Aug/Sept 2013 edition of TMA)

It’s All in the Houses (Aug/Sept 2017 edition of TMA)

When Astrology Listens

A Method for Learning Astrology

Thema Mundi
Thema Mundi

Thema Mundi: The Chart of the World

Serennu (major and minor planet ephemerides and aspectarians, plus other information)

True-Node latest version (major and minor planet ephemeris calculator)

Eris: Facets and Fragments of Self 

This is the first monograph (short book) ever written about Eris, which explores the new discovery based on its interaction with the sign Aries, where it’s a long-term visitor. In this monograph, I unfold the idea that Eris is a postmodern influence, the reigning queen of the identity crisis, and a factor that allows us to adapt to the constant changes of the current world.

Light Bridge: The 25-Year Span

From the 1987 Harmonic Convergence to 2012 (PDF). This is a compilation that covers, in detail, the planetary aspects through the Millennial era, from the 1990s through “the end of the Mayan calendar.” We produced this in 2011 and I have not looked at it much since…man it is a trip.

Articles on Astrology Past, Present and Future

A Proper Introduction to Salacia — With Help from Mars

Articles about the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction, the U.S. Pluto return, and Pluto square Eris

“Call this song the United States Blues”

McLuhan Resources: Uranus-Eris and the Riddle of the Internet

PS — Neptune in Pisces: Parallel Worlds


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