How did we get here? (part one)

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New York City, May 18, 2020. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Back in January, Donald Trump was not removed from office after committing what appeared to be high crimes — using his office to gain personal advantage in the 2020 election, and then trying to cover it up. This revealed the failure of our system to correct itself, a massive karmic blunder that everyone could see.

A lot of us were concerned about what would happen next. Even some ardent Trump supporters were made nervous by this development.

As consolation, we were headed into an election where the country could change course. The people would decide. Bernie Sanders and many others were still in the race. There would, at least, be a national conversation about issues that had been sidelined for years.

Central to the election was going to be the discussion of Medicare for all, or some other form of universal health care. It was finally going to be time. The theoretical argument against it was going to be, we can’t afford that. It’s too lavish. That, and for some, the strange idea that “health care is not a right.”

Today, less than four months later, it’s as if there is no election. The “news” consists of around-the-clock reporting on one virus that we were recently assured would kill one to nine million Americans — a death fantasy that terrorized society and Wall Street and that led to a sacrifice of the economy: that is, the ability of many people to pay their way in life: to have food and shelter.

More than $4 trillion in federal debt has so far been spent dealing with this problem and it may not be enough to avert the next Great Depression.

More than 35 million people are off of the employment rolls, meaning many things — including their loss of health insurance, and depending on the state for unemployment insurance. Many more have seen their gig economy income disappear. A great many small businesses are going to fail, and the big ones are already getting bigger.

Planet Waves
NYPD traffic cops take a break on the campus of Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City on Monday, May 18. It is eerie to see the campus devoid of any students, and to consider that they may never be coming back. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

From Universal Health Care to One Vaccine

Now, the entire universal health care discussion has been reduced to talking about one vaccine for one virus that does not appear to be especially deadly or illness-producing (by the numbers, particularly compared to the initial death threat of one to nine million dead Americans).

We are finding credible questions as to whether the thing being defined as “2019-nCoV” even exists as we are told it does. I am not ready to accept that yet, though based on considerable research and many problems with the dominant narrative, I fully accept the legitimacy of the question. There are many questions that are not answered and to which we should not pretend to have the answers.

By “does not appear to be especially deadly or illness-producing,” I mean it’s not cancer, it is not heart disease, it is not diabetes, it is not autoimmune disease, it’s not Lyme disease, and it’s not AIDS. It’s not the opioid crisis. It’s not death by firearms or traffic accident. It’s not alcoholism or domestic violence or any of the other problems that plague our society and kill many people every day, almost everywhere.

Planet Waves
Biotech is the new porn. Stock images like this abound.

Suddenly, it’s as though none of these things exist.

Instead, we get daily body counts. My reporting, based on the analysis of many sources, indicates that the case count is grossly overstated, since being “Covid positive” is not proof of infection, of being infectious or of having a disease. The death count, for this reason, is inflated, and in some places, many or most overall deaths are being listed as Covid.

Meanwhile, we as a society are ignoring all other health problems, and in fact, all other problems. We have put more time, money, fear, concern and energy into the “novel” coronavirus than we have into DDT, dioxin, oil spills, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima, Roundup, asbestos in baby powder, smoking and murder — combined. The United States not only has a problem with its lacking health care system, and with not everyone having access to something that should be on the level of clean air and basic education. We have a situation where we are the most medicalized society in the world: the most people on the most drugs, sustaining their lives. We need to talk about this.

We also need to talk about wellness and its relationship to the food we eat. We need to be more alert to how our food is grown and prepared, and what’s in it that does not belong there. We need to understand the health impact of our dominant national diet. We need to consider why so much food is wasted while so many people go hungry.

However, it seems that instead, we’re going to be talking about a virus and a vaccine, as if health can be induced at the point of a needle. On the deepest level, this conversation is about what we think a person is; what it means to be human at this time.

Planet Waves
Buddha presides over Karen Pardini’s vegetable garden in High Falls, NY. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Night and Day, Wall to Wall Virus ‘Coverage’

We now live in a world where all that exists is a coronavirus, 24 by 7, on every channel and every newspaper except Comedy Central, all night and all day. The alleged culprit, 2019-nCoV, has not been proven as the pathogen.

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Sanjay Gupta, ship’s surgeon at CNN, is now a war correspondent.

It is assumed and presumed to be the pathogen, which is not the same thing for many reasons, medical and otherwise. Basing the perception of a problem on a presumption or series of them is fine — until you need to solve the problem. If the solution is wrong, the situation will stay the same or get worse.

Note that our society does not like to resolve things; we like to “manage risk” and hang out on the brink of disaster. There is a word for this: dysfunctional.

As a viral outbreak, this one is on par with many past events that American society has lived through and forgotten, yet the response has been unprecedented and irreversible — and has had political and economic repercussions we have not even begun to consider. We have not considered the psychic damage of getting the entire society to distrust one another when trust is the one thing we need, if we’re going to work together toward ANY goal, any improvement.

But what we’re considering is one virus and one vaccine — and a gold rush. And if you have some opinion about this, other than one that the WHO agrees with, you can be removed from the discussion. If you discuss remedies other than masks and hand washing, you can be removed from the discussion or fined by the FDA. So there is just one discussion allowed: Virus + Vax.

We’re also hearing discussion of the vaccine being mandatory, connected to travel “privileges,” the idea of a permanent branding in one’s skin, and “distributed,” meaning injected, by the Army.

Planet Waves
Pedestrian in New York City, May 18, 2020. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Who knew? Rather, who didn’t know?

As regards the foretold aspect of this incident — largely relegated to the “conspiracy” bin — let’s say that for a surprise, unplanned event that caught everyone off guard, there was quite a bit of visionary future writing.

In his 1978 book The Stand, Stephen King writes about a weaponized virus strain that escapes from a lab. But instead of 99% of people getting the disease surviving, more than 99% of the population dies.

Dean Koontz, in his 1981 novel The Eyes of Darkness, describes a pandemic featuring a virus called Wuhan-400. The book includes the line, “They call the stuff ‘Wuhan-400’ because it was developed at their RDNA labs outside of the city of Wuhan, and it was the four-hundredth viable strain of man-made microorganisms created at that research center.”

In 2003, Peter Daszak told the CBS program 60 Minutes that he feared a coronavirus would travel the globe before it was contained.

Planet Waves
In Season 22, Episode 6 of “The Simpsons,” Fox News takes its seat at the table of media empire representatives who are planning the next crisis to keep up viewership and ad revenue. The presentation lays out the psychology of using the media to create a mass panic. This is the cleanest version of the video I could find; it has some additional graphics edited in, which turn out to be pretty interesting.

The Rockefeller Foundation, which has a virus fetish going back to the early 20th century, described the scenario in advance in 2010.

A movie called Contagion 2011, with an all-star cast, described the scenario. You may read a critique here.

Even The Simpsons described events in advance, in a 2011 episode that impeccably unveils the psychology of the media coverage designed to get the public to panic.

In Matt Groening’s version of events, the media outlets get together and cook up the whole thing to drive up ratings and therefore ad revenue. Even if cable television didn’t come up with this crisis out of whole cloth, we must study their business interest in maintaining the fear level. This kind of event is very good for ratings. Meanwhile, someone has to pay the $7 million annual salary of Rachel Maddow, and it’s not coming from your cable fees. It’s coming from advertising. So what happens when a potential news event is about an advertiser?

We also must consider the corporate media’s interest in not having their version of the narrative challenged by any other viewpoints or alternative scenarios. If the main version of events being pushed on society turns out not to have been true, those reporting that story without question are going to look pretty stupid. On some level, anyone who accepts the narrative has a similar interest in saving face, whether with themselves or with others. Nobody likes to admit they were fooled.

An EU comic book in 2012 described the scenario in advance.

Then miraculously, Event 201 — funded by vaccine magnate Bill Gates — described it to a tee in October 2019, just weeks before everything went wild — down to the last detail: a coronavirus rather than an influenza, originating from a bat, followed by economic freefall, collapse of the travel industry in particular, the lock down of society, the need for bailouts, and a crackdown on discussion on the internet. The Event 201 scenario called for an 18-month shutdown of society, until a vaccination is developed — a concept that Bill Gates has talked about in his real life predictions of what would happen in the current situation. Many of the same people at the table are now the ones involved in developing the vaccine.

To me the most chilling element of Event 201 was the inclusion, in the preparation plans, of internet censorship of the conversation about the issue. Given that this is a situation calling on us to be mature adults and make important decisions, and to work together as a society, this is particularly enraging.

Even if all of these prognostications are not evidence of a setup, we cannot say nobody knew, or had never thought it through. In fact, the inevitability of a “corona pandemic” would seem to be the best kept open secret on the planet. Given that, it’s inexcusable that our supposedly advanced society was not prepared with the most rudimentary personal protection equipment needed to supply the doctors and nurses attending to patients. It is inexcusable that there was so little surge capacity in hospitals that this one issue alone (as was said at the time) was responsible for the stock market crashes and the subsequent lockdowns.

And now instead of discussing health care — which obviously we cannot afford, because society just sacrificed its economy and tens of millions of jobs and many industries fighting a coronavirus of all things — we are discussing a vaccine gold rush. As if that one magic injection will heal all of our hurts.

In late April, I went to the Grandmother Land looking around for a place to hang out on Beltane. When I found my location — an old campsite from the dude ranch days — I summoned the nature spirit who is my closest friend here. I asked: what is happening? (as regards the planetary situation and Covid). I got a reply immediately: Everything is OK. Not quite ready to accept that, I asked again. A second reply came: Everything is OK. I had to consider that carefully for a few weeks. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Outsmarting a Virus with a Plastic Sheet

Some are delusional enough to think that a sheet of plastic next to the cash register, or face covering, is protection from the most brilliant evolutionary innovation ever, a virus. Or do we really? Is that just to have some sense of involvement, of doing our bit no matter how small? A lot of people know they are play-acting.

Planet WavesAt the only sushi place in Kingston still doing business, you have to pick up your order outside, separated from the employee by a plastic sheet stapled to some moulding. All that’s missing is a sign that says, “All Viruses Must Stay on Their Side of the Divider.” Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.
At a fraction of a micron in scale, plumes of virus can pass through (and around) the finest mesh, and somehow manifest in the Arctic and in a desert simultaneously. A virus can ride the jet stream across the ocean and still survive. It is not interested in one-way aisles at Walmart or your local supermarket, perhaps the most laughable “innovation” of this whole sordid incident.

In 2020, society is stuck debating a “technology” that was widely used in 1918 — putting a rag over one’s face. Nearly everyone is missing the sad irony: after a century of medical advances, there is still nothing that doctors can do. The most advanced treatment involves paralyzing the person, injecting them with steroids, and shoving a breathing tube down their throat (or through their neck).

It is my observation that many Covid deaths could have been prevented with better care, and that the death count is being exaggerated due to inaccurate testing and improper listing of the cause. We have begun a collection of articles about jurisdictions walking back their death counts, and will soon be posting that to Covid19 News.

In body language, covering one’s face is a sign of shame. That would certainly seem appropriate now. The question is how to move this discussion forward, since every problem society had before the “novel” coronavirus, it still has, and a good few more.

From the look of things, we’re going to spend the next few months debating contact tracing and injections. Meanwhile, the election approaches, and neither the world’s problems, nor those of individuals, are solving themselves.

I wonder when we’re going to get around to that. Remember — we’re in the midst of a political situation where the timing of this crisis is just a little odd. That’s a call for caution, for prioritizing and for demanding a measured response. It’s also a wakeup call, to all we have not been dealing with. And we have that little issue of how you can’t wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep.

With love,
PS — The horoscope below is a combined extended June-July horoscope that takes us out to the end of Venus retrograde, and Saturn retrograding back into Capricorn.

PPS — Among the hundreds of articles passing through the Covid19 News desk this week, this one by a doctor named Lissa Rankin was the pick of the litter. She compiled a list of 17 things we don’t know and need to stop pretending we know about Covid. Her article reminded me a little of last week’s extra publication, Is It or Isn’t It? People who accuse you of being a “conspiracy theorist” for asking questions are not being intellectually honest. Apropos of that, here is my commentary on what a conspiracy theory is.

PPPS — The program LONDONREAL has done a new interview with Judy Mikovits. This interview is two hours, and it’s gripping. Despite the outpouring of hatred and attempts to ban her from social media, the editors of Covid19 News (published by Planet Waves FM) continue to investigate her work and her comments about the origins of the new coronavirus. We’re not accepting the “she’s a hysterical crazy old lady” argument against her. And if she is a “fraud” she sure has a lot to say about the vaccine manufacturing process that checks out with my research long before I ever heard of her. We are well aware of the motives that would lead powerful interests to want to silence her, which plan is going terribly. I am also tracking the personal psychological reasons for the pushback, which I am planning to cover on Saturday night’s Planet Waves FM.

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Adams Fairacre Market near Kingston, NY. We are in Warhol territory here. Photo by Eric.

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