Where Two or More Are Gathered, by Eric Francis

Only puny secrets need protecting. Big secrets are protected by public incredulity.”
— Marshall McLuhan

Dear Friend and Reader:

I’ve been seeing and hearing the term “conspiracy theorist” flying around, and in tonight’s letter I want to offer a few thoughts about this. The term has been coming up in the context of those who question the consensus view of the virus and pandemic.

These are showing up more and more on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. I am wondering what an “independent fact-checker” is, in this context. Independent of whom? And is the person refuting Montagnier also a Nobel Prize winner?

Generally, it’s used as an insult. It means something like, you’re a fool, or an idiot, or you cannot think, or you’re speculating wildly and you have no facts.

If someone is calling you a “conspiracy theorist,” implied is the notion that they are right and you are wrong; no need for any particular effort to settle the discussion factually.

There is a spiritual element to this. To be dismissive of an idea or a person or a point of view describes a relationship to existence. To learn something, it’s necessary to face the unknown. And right now, the unknown might be scary — and to seek the truth requires courage.

This is happening in a time when the cable networks and most newspapers are taking a simplistic view of what is happening, and not asking too many questions. And it’s occurring in a time when major internet platforms like YouTube (owned by Google) and Facebook are blocking content that they deem to be outside of the official consensus view.

For the first time, Facebook censored something on my timeline this week — an interview originally broadcast on French television with Luc Montagnier, the French scientist who shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in medicine for his discovery of HIV. This is another issue — blatant censorship in the name of “independent fact-checking.”

The interview actually happened, and was in fact broadcast on the French channel CNews. Montagnier is qualified to have an opinion, if anyone is, or what good is the Nobel Prize? In fact-checking terms, that means it “checks out.” Another scientist might counter his evidence or analysis, but that’s not in the purview of a Facebook “fact-checker.” They have neither the authority nor the right to settle a dispute. What Facebook is actually asserting is the position of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and it is therefore serving as a government proxy. We need to take note of that.

Censorship is not my topic today. I’m planning to take that up on my program this weekend. Today I want to comment briefly on the notion of a conspiracy theory.

The Plotting of Evil; to Breathe Together

Let’s first consider the term, which has a long history documented by someone whose work I trust, Douglas Harper, author of the Etymology Online Dictionary.

To conspire means “a plotting of evil, unlawful design; a combination of persons for an evil purpose.” The origin of the word “conspire” is to breathe together. It requires two or more people with an agenda to do so.

The House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded in 1976 that based on scientific evidence, Pres. Kennedy was probably shot by two or more assassins. The Warren Commission said it was just one lone actor, Lee Harvey Oswald. This is the “lone gunman theory.” Few remember the existence or findings of this committee, one of two federal bodies to investigate JFK’s assassination.

While the term “conspiracy theory” goes back to about 1893, used in a different context, the way we use it today is from the Kennedy assassination, where it had a specific meaning.

Either one believed that Lee Harvey Oswald shot the president as a lone actor, sponsored by or reporting to nobody but himself; or one was a “conspiracy theorist” because any other possibility required a conspiracy of two or more people.

There were two federal investigations. As it turned out, the Warren Commission determined in its 1964 report that Oswald acted alone.

The House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded in 1976 that based on scientific evidence, there was a high probability that at least two gunmen shot Kennedy and that the assassination was the result of a conspiracy. That means that two or more assassins (and many others involved in planning, financing and evading prosecution) acted in concert; they did not just happen to show up on the Grassy Knoll at the same time by coincidence.

Nobody talks much about the House Select Committee. If you don’t accept the findings of the Warren Commission, you’re allegedly a conspiracy theorist. Americans love the “lone actor” theory. It seems to be stitched into the national mythology, like the Marlboro Man. Every mass shooting is presumed to be by one of those, and to say there may be a potential connection is, correctly, a conspiracy theory. And it may not be wrong. So far as I know, nobody has investigated whether all those mass shootings have been a coordinated effort.

The term came into use again around the Sept. 11 incident. If one did not accept the Sept. 11 Commission’s finding that Osama bin Laden engaged 19 hijackers to crash airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, one is a conspiracy theorist. However, the government’s own theory is a conspiracy theory. Otherwise, how else would 19 people act in a coordinated fashion?

I have a question — if 17 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi, why did we bomb Afghanistan and Iraq? There would seem to have been some kind of Saudi conspiracy. I’m not saying that there was one; I just want to know why there were so many Saudis involved in one massive plot to change everything.

When We Say Scandal, We Usually Mean Conspiracy

When we learned that Richard Nixon led a conspiracy to break into the Democratic National Committee, and had used the FBI, the CIA and the IRS to do his bidding, we call that the Watergate scandal. Actually, it was a massive conspiracy. It went right to the top of the U.S. government.

Lt. Colonel Oliver North being sworn in. He coordinated a conspiracy involving the sale of weapons to our enemy Iran, diverting the profits to the CIA-backed Contras in Nicaragua. He is perhaps better known for charging the federal government for lingerie for his secretary.

When we learned that the United States government had for a decade concealed the damage and failure of the Vietnam War, and then baldly lied to the public, we think of that as the Pentagon Papers scandal.

Actually, it was a massive conspiracy involving hundreds or possibly thousands of people who understood what was going on. It went right to the top of the U.S. government.

When we learned that the Reagan administration had illegally sold weapons to Iran and diverted the profits to the Nicaraguan CIA-backed Contra rebels, we called that the Iran-Contra scandal.

Actually it was a conspiracy that resulted in top-level resignations, prosecutions and jury convictions. Again, it went right to the top of the U.S. government.

When people accuse someone of being a “conspiracy theorist,” it’s as if they don’t admit that conspiracies are documented on a regular basis, and cause real damage. Part of why our trust in government is so shaky involves the examples I gave. But then it’s a real wonder when, on a matter of national security and health, and personal health, we trust every word they say — and many self-styled “revolutionary” types attack others for not doing so.

Planet Waves
Workers are seen inside the bio safety level 4 laboratory in Wuhan, Hubei province, Feb. 23, 2017. This lab actually exists, bat viruses are studied there, and the facility has been known to have safety issues. It is partly sponsored by a grant from the United States. Photo by Johannes Eisele/VCG.

A Contemporary Example

Today, to question whether 2019-nCoV came from a laboratory can usually earn the title “conspiracy theorist.” This is because it challenges the accepted narrative that the virus originated from the Huanan Wet Market. However, a study published in The Lancet, the premier British medical journal, concluded that 13 of the first 41 patients had no contact with the market or any traceable connection to the market, including the very first case reported Dec. 1.

If the virus did not come from the market, it came from somewhere else. I think that statement holds up to logical scrutiny. As Aristotle or Pythagoras or Spinoza or someone wearing a toga said, “If it’s a bird, and it’s not a robin, it must be some other kind of bird.”

Photo purportedly showing wild animal meat being sold at the Huanan wet market in Wuhan, China, where there was an early outbreak of coronavirus in late 2019. They must sell bats, right?

Where exactly is that somewhere else? It’s possible to use logic to speculate without a “conspiracy theory.” For example, it may have been an accident. It’s also possible to use logic to set up scenarios where there may have been two or more people acting in concert, with intent. Maybe there was a lab accident that was covered up. Maybe it was bioterrorism.

In fact, lab accidents happen. Accidents happen in all areas of science. So this is not a stretch. We’ve just spent the past 19 years since 9/11 freaking out over terrorism. So that’s no longer a problem?

For me, the plausibility of this line of thinking is based on one fact: that labs studying coronaviruses exist in the city of Wuhan. There are at least two of them. If the labs were in another city, there would be a problem with the lab theory. If the labs did not exist at all, there would be a problem with the lab theory. To ask and investigate whether this virus — such as it may be — came from a lab is to ask a logical question, especially if there is a lab from which it may have come.

If someone says, “It came from a lab, therefore it is the intentional action of the Illuminati,” that is a conspiracy theory. It’s not necessarily wrong, though it’s not necessarily based on known facts. You would have to investigate.

The origins of the virus are (in my opinion as a reporter) the most important facet of this story. I am enjoying reading so many people commenting that it does not matter where the virus came from; it does not change the fact that we have to deal with it. That is a strange notion. To discover the origin, we will need to discuss and investigate the possibilities.

But we know one thing for sure: 13 of the earliest cases had no connection to the Huanan Wet Market in Wuhan. So therefore, something else must be true. In fact, that something else may have involved two or more people acting in concert, with nefarious intentions.

Suppressing Discussion is Not Critical Thinking

There are many facets of the story that are murky and call for further investigation. And many discussions emerging from these issues are being shot at as “conspiracy theories.” Others are being removed from publishing platforms as allegedly false.

STAT, a medical industry website, published an article this week calling for open discussion among scientists, and allowing in those who do not take the consensus view.

Dr. Dan Erickson shown in an ABC News video still. YouTube has removed his interpretation of statistics, and continues to do so. He has been attacked as a right-wing actor. Neither is a critique of his discussion points, numbers or analysis.

After taking a dig at “snake-oil cures to conspiracy theories about the origin of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the disease,” they actually start to reason:

“A case in point involves the response to John Ioannidis, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, who was thrust into the spotlight after writing a provocative article in STAT on Covid-19. He argued in mid-March that we didn’t have enough information on the prevalence of Covid-19 and the consequences of the infection on a population basis to justify the most extreme lockdown measures which, he hypothesized, could have dangerous consequences of their own.

“We have followed the dialogue about his article from fellow academics on social media, and been concerned with personal attacks and general disparaging comments. While neither of us shares all of Ioannidis’ views on Covid-19, we both believe his voice — and those of other legitimate scientists — is important to consider, even when we ultimately disagree with some of his specific analyses or predictions.”

“At this moment of massive uncertainty, with data and analyses shifting daily, honest disagreements among academic experts with different training, scientific backgrounds, and perspectives are both unavoidable and desirable,” the authors write in their conclusion.

“Scientific consensus is important, but it isn’t uncommon when some of the most important voices turn out to be those of independent thinkers, like John Ioannidis, whose views were initially doubted. That’s not an argument for prematurely accepting his contestable views, but it is a sound argument for keeping him, and others like him, at the table.”

Now, we can theorize about the conspiracy of who might want to shut them down, and why.

With love,

PS — I will have a new horoscope for you Sunday night. I’ve posted the May monthly horoscope below in case you want to review it.

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The Wuhan Market Conspiracy Theory

A Story by Anna-Cristal de Lyon

A junior clerk at the Wuhan lab took a holiday 1,000 miles away, in the region where they have these special bats, in a remote region of the Yunnan province.

Batgirl. DC Comics.

While he was there, his uncle died and willed him a couple of tame ferrets. He took them for walks in the countryside, complete with harness, at sunset every evening.

He finished his holiday abruptly because the poor ferrets had a bad cold, and the local vet, at his vacation village, was incompetent. So he brought them back home with him to get care in Wuhan.

Coincidentally, he also came down with a bit of flu. As he was scared of losing his job, he nevertheless went to his office in the Wuhan P4 lab. While chatting with colleagues at the coffee machine, he explained that he was now the proud owner of a couple of ferrets, but was worried about their health, as the Wuhan vet didn’t seem to find a proper drug to heal their pneumonia.

The colleague went to talk with others in the lab, and by the end of the day, the story filtered out to the top boss, Mrs. Bat Woman, real name Ms. Shi Zhengli. Who promptly recommended the ferrets be brought to the lab, to be given a compassionate new drug, just out of the test tubes.

So he did bring them into the lab and under care of his top boss. After some days, the ferrets unfortunately did not survive. He brought them home crying. Failing a garden for a proper burial, his girlfriend suggested he sold them at the wet market. The poor young chap was not only badly sick then but inconsolable and he died of sadness shortly thereafter at the loss of his ferrets.

His girlfriend was able to tell the story on Weibo when she recovered from the bad case of flu she caught from handling the dead ferrets.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — You have relevant, necessary work to do, and you now have the opportunity to focus on that. Certain factors in your intimate partnerships are likely to be giving you more time to yourself. This might have something to do with all the extra togetherness if you’re “isolating” with another person; the result could be its opposite. Anyway, be bold about the projects you want to do, and let yourself make an investment in them. That might include a financial investment, though really this is about focus, dedication and bringing your ideas into manifestation. With so little worldly activity, we might expect a wave of phenomenal songs, books, paintings, computer programs and inventions to emerge next year, all of which are happening now. I’m not so sure, though, that many people will recognize, much less take this opportunity. Be the one who does; take advantage of this utterly unique moment to connect with yourself. You don’t need to call forth deep creativity, or set that as a standard. Rather, engaging in activity is what to focus on. In other words, rather than writing a brilliant sonata, play the piano. Rather than writing something with impact, sit down each day and write. Eventually you will get the hang of ‘doing without doing’, and get lost in your work. When you see three hours go by in five minutes, you know you’re in the zone. You’re much more likely to find what you’re looking for accidentally than by seeking it consciously or drilling into yourself for it. Therefore, be present each day for your chosen activity, and let it flow through you. Avoid evaluating the results; allow each experience to build on the next.


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — The Jupiter-Pluto series of conjunctions in your sign is a helpful answer to the shock of whatever the Saturn-Pluto conjunction represented earlier in the year. You still may not feel like you have a handle on your affairs. You may sense that something positive can come out of all this change and uncertainty, though you may not see a clear path to it. This is an interval where you can set aside thinking about your destination, and instead, consider your priorities. Amidst all of the intrigue, one thing you’re doing is sorting out what is important to you from what seems to be important to everyone else. This can be a real stretch. One clue that you’re making progress is that there are moments when you feel terribly insecure, as if nobody could possibly approve of you, for all the thoughts in your head. I say progress because needing approval is one of the most noteworthy things that holds up your progress toward self-actualization. Or said another way, you can forget that your desire is for your fulfillment, and what you prefer, and who you prefer, is nobody else’s business. Yet this can feel like stepping off of a cliff; like having no ground beneath you. I suggest you come to love that feeling, because in it is the actual freedom that your soul seeks. You exist because you say you do. The love you feel is a value in itself, regardless of who may respond, or notice, or not. Yes, this represents a total reorientation from many prior phases of your existence, perhaps all of them. And you’re just getting started.


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — The unusual blend of energies coming through your astrology describes this as one of the most creative and inwardly focused times of your life. These same influences are also pushing you to mature in ways that will have results you could not have foreseen but will most surely appreciate. I recognize you are being pushed, and this is not easy. Yet the movement, the pressure, the drive to become, are coming from inside you. You are experiencing the power of your own psyche moving and asserting your true being. To be who you are, you must inevitably crack through the shell of who you were, and who you thought you were. You are being compelled to drop old and outmoded ideas about yourself, not by some outer circumstance but by the power of your soul. At times this can feel like your old personality is melting, and you’re unsure what you will become, or if you will survive the process. To be sure, this is an extraordinarily sensitive time for you, with deep currents moving within the depths of your being. This is all a precursor to who you are becoming. You don’t need ideas about your existence. Rather, you need to grant yourself permission to be, and to grow, without expectation, which means, without guiding the process. Let this go on — and on. You will make peace with being in a state of near-constant flux, until suddenly one day you recognize who you are; who you have emerged as being in your new state. And while these days may be difficult, you will miss them when they are gone — yet all that is new will carry you forward without looking back.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — To survive or thrive these days, extreme flexibility is the thing required. So, too, is the ability to be confined, to stay close to the reservation, or even a touch of claustrophilia — the love of small places. Thankfully, these are Pisces attributes. So, too, is a naturally introspective orientation, in a society that seems clueless what such a thing is. Our current environment is one where you can do quite well for yourself, and concentrate your power. The outer elements, whether social or commercial, have stepped back, and you can feel yourself for who you are. This moment will not last forever, whether we’re talking about the cultural one or the astrological one. It is rare that the conditions of society favor Pisces. Make the most of this opportunity, which will afford you the time and space to reorient your life in a way that has been most necessary for some time. The presence of Neptune in your birth sign for many years has come with some strange effects, including challenges focusing your efforts, your ideas and your energy. Now several different factors are describing the opposite influence. You and society are changing in compatible directions. Someday this strange phase of existence will be behind us, and you will emerge into a world far more akin to your true nature. Meanwhile, set your fears aside. Do not be intimidated by those voices that strive to do so. Stand your full height, and remember, you actually inhabit not the world but the universe.

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