Is It, or Isn’t It? (non-mainstream pandemic theories)

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After reviewing voluminous testimony from scientists, doctors and people we assess to be credible, there are essentially six major theories of the origins of the global pandemic that I can account for. Please note that this is an evolving document. Lest anyone confuse these with “conspiracy theories,” please read this article on the topic. All of these are grounded scientific theories, all of them offered by MDs, Ph.D.s and qualified journalists. Many will seem to contradict. Part of doing this work involves holding multiple possibilities open in one’s mind at the same time and not going nuts. That is a spiritual discipline if anything is.

1. Novel coronavirus happened totally naturally — the Bat Soup theory (no longer in play, due to failure to contact trace 13 of the first people who got sick to the Wuhan seafood/wet market). This is a speculative, interspecies “conspiracy” theory which says that in late 2019, the virus jumped from a bat to humans via some other unidentified species (that speculation does not hold up to scrutiny either). This concept is “supported” by a single viral image of a woman allegedly eating bat soup in China. Here is a good article (among others we have) debunking the wet market theory.

Still from the purported bat soup video.

2. Escape or intentional release from one of the Wuhan BSL 2/3 or BSL 4 labs. These labs exist, and one is supported by the CDC and has had safety issues. Credible people are saying this is a GMO virus, that was militarized, or concentrated through “gain of function.” Sources we cannot discount say that this virus has attributes of HIV that are not found in coronaviruses. It is naive to assume without reflection that we are not potentially dealing with a bioweapon; it’s a huge industry, both above and below the boards. But there are other possibilities.

3. Influenza vaccines are known to be contaminated with coronaviruses and other infiltration from animal cell lines. The particular virus we are seeing now has been circulating for years and only came to the surface recently. This is true of other viruses, which have a long smoldering period prior to igniting (HIV is an example, which is documented to have been circulating in society since the mid 1960s at the latest). Under this theory, a bad batch of influenza vaccines in late 2019 started things off in Italy, where there were potentially cases before Wuhan but in any event, a bad scene that started early.

4. A wide diversity of “perfect storm” factors came together, or a “tinderbox” situation was set off by some kind of igniting event. These include the use of statin drugs, ACE inhibitors, immune suppressing drugs, loss of immunity through massive gut flora depletion (much of it driven by Roundup), stress, EMF poisoning and other factors working in concert. Under this set of theories, there is credible evidence that we are not seeing a coronavirus or any virus but rather the results of other problems, some other kind of virus, or no virus at all. The 5G theory — that we are seeing the effects of radiation poisoning, masked as a virus — is supported by years of research into EMFs, and also other pandemic events that occurred concurrently with a major advance in global radio technology.

5. The exosome theory claims that we are not seeing a virus but rather the production of exosomes, or virus-like particles produced by cells. They can be produced by people in proximity to one another under similar kinds of stress, creating the illusion of an infectious disease if mistaken for a virus. This mimics transmission because it seems to “spread” around the world and into communities. Feeding into this theory are observations by doctors that the cases present not as a viral infection but as hypoxia. The hypoxia theory does not directly preclude a virus but could be due to a diversity of factors.

6. There is the false flag dimension, all of it surrounding Bill Gates, whose statements going back years, and recent events centered around Event 201, reveal intent, motive and prior knowledge of events. The Gates Foundation is involved with the WHO and the World Bank; all have an agenda to immunize everyone on the planet.

Event 201, a high-level pandemic rehearsal held in October 2019, has said this comes after a novel corona outbreak, following which there will be economic collapse, a global shutdown and widescale censorship of ideas, that will not end until there is a vaccine. Gates is saying in various public forums that the lockdown will not end until 7 billion people are “immunized” 18 months into the crisis.

The technologies involved include ultraviolet marking that can be read by a device and tied to a database lookup, a digital certificate of immunity that will be required for travel, and an electrostatically charged injection device that “stimulates” the immune system.

Interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., JFK’s nephew, has relevant things to say on the topic of what might have gone wrong, and what possibilities cannot be discounted. In the proper conduct of investigative reporting, it should take probable cause to get something on the table as a possibility and quite a bit to rule it out. Here are some of the possibilities I’ve identified.

Without the pathogenicity of “nCoV” established and proven, the “dangerous” viral load cannot be established and therefore the line between “positive” and “negative” cannot be placed correctly. This is a part of the much wider false positive problem: though its root is that a “positive” is not a case and not, in itself, indicative of anything at all.

Problems with the Death and Case Count, and the PCR Test

The reason that both “cases” and “deaths” are over-reported involves not following CDC guidelines on the polymerase chain reaction test. The upshot is that the test is meaningless; its results are a work of fiction. CDC and FDA documents say that the test is not to be used for diagnostics, as did its inventor, Karry Mullis.

This is complicated by the fact of false positives – the potential for “any asian virus” to show up as positive for Covid, and the fact that PCR, per its inventor and others, requires a Gold Standard of actually identifying the pathogen. This is important because it’s necessary to know what viral load constitutes a positive result; in reality, there is an arbitrary line in each jurisdiction.

In PCR, Western Blot and ELISA type tests, it is not a yes or no answer. The answer is always selected from along a gradient. The line on the gradient is supposed to be drawn where the viral load gets an actual pathological result in the patient. If that is not known, then the line is drawn in an arbitrary place.

And without the pathogenicity of “nCoV” established and proven, the “dangerous” viral load cannot be established and therefore the line between “positive” and “negative” cannot be placed correctly. This is a part of the much wider false positive problem: though its root is that a “positive” is not a case and not, in itself, indicative of anything at all.

Finding some RNA marker debris in one’s nose is not proof of infection, of being infectious, or of disease. Simply put, getting a “positive” does not mean anything, without other factors. Next to no positive cases show classic signs of viral infection, including those who are very sick. Signs of infection include positive antibody test (which in itself is inconclusive and may indicate immunity, not illness), elevated whites, fever, or triglyceride shift indicating inflammatory event.

Further, people who are dying “with” a positive result are being attributed to dying “from” Covid. And then in many cases there is no test whatsoever, just the presumption. So this elevates the death rate significantly.

Overlapping and Interweaving of Theories and Evidence

The two major branches of thought are the “it’s a virus” and “it’s not a virus.” There are plenty of places where the two overlap. At minimum, they are not mutually exclusive approaches. The vast and crucial mental exercise here is not thinking this is one paradigm or another. This is about going beyond paradigms. [See Beyond the Paradigm of Paradigms.]

Text from analysis of RT-PCR by Corman, et al.

These problems are exacerbated because the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test that is being used to keep the “case” count has severe problems. Under the best circumstances, it is measuring florescent light generated by accumulation of a marker for a virus that has not been proven as a disease vector. PCR could measure anything, or nothing, or everything, and there is a problem of the test amplifying noise.

Federal documents and the test’s own inventor (Nobel winner Karry Mullis) say it’s not a diagnostic tool — you must use others for a diagnosis.

David Crowe says: turn it off after fewer cycles and potentially everyone is negative. Leave it for more cycles and everyone is positive. Other documents say that configured for novel coronavirus, it also lumps in any SARS or potentially any Asian virus! The test could also be picking up exosomes.

The PCR test requires a “gold standard” of proving that the pathogen involved is actually the one causing the disease, and other factors. Federal documents admit that whatever PCR is finding is not proof of disease, infection or infectiousness — that is the bottom line. In a sense, that is the actual gold standard. And it fits: ZERO.

Federal documents (CDC and FDA) say you must diagnose Covid-19 using standard diagnostic tools such as symptoms of infection and contact tracing.

Many attending doctors agree that the patients are presenting with symptoms that are not usually associated with a coronavirus infection, or any viral infection: relatively little fever or fever secondary to late stage only, no antibodies to prove infection, no elevated white count, no triglyceride issue to describe inflammation. Additionally, next to none have had antibodies tests to determine infection status — and a positive antibody test can indicate immunity (past infection) as well as current infection.

PLUS there is often the presence of liver issues, blood issues, blood clots, heart attacks, altitude sickness — i.e., happy hypoxia: the patient has incredibly low oxygen but is normal, talking to the doctor, till they drown. None of this describes a virus.

So the clinical data points away from virus and toward something else, apparently “that which we cannot name” and must call the novel coronavirus.

Once I had a pocket knife (a small Swiss Army kind) taken away when I was getting onto the Statue of Liberty Ferry. When I objected, someone said, “You could take over the whole boat with a small knife.” I said, “Why would I need a pocket knife? You can take over the boat with a sentence.”

Thought Lines of Some of the Major Theories

This is an evolving document, which will develop with further research. Much of the best information is not presented in writing with footnotes but rather in video and podcast format.

Zach Bush, an internist and endocrinologist, takes the most all-encompassing view, the most holistic view, in that he admits that a virus is “part of the experience” of a patient, and he explains the universe of viruses, and how and why we have to live with them. He describes the destruction of the biome and microbiome — he describes the ground. He cannot outright deny the virus, but he plays it down. Note that in the interview, the interviewer says that Italy has admitted that only 12% of deaths were in fact coronavirus deaths. We must check this.

Bush also says patients are not presenting as if with an infection — that is important. Kyle-Sidell and others agree.

I think Andrew Kaufman, a medical doctor and psychiatrist, is making a point worth exploring, supported by Thomas Cowan, a medical doctor with an anthroposophic background — that an exosome and a virus can mimic one another, and that bodies under stress make exosomes, and can all do it at the same time, like trees warding off beetles. These can present as viruses and be indistinguishable from them.

Bush says that the difference between a virus and exosome is semantic. The problem with Kaufman’s theory (which I think he explains poorly every time I’ve heard him explain it) is that it does not include other possibilities, particularly not those co-existing at once.

David Crowe, a journalist who covers disease vectors, is saying, “This is not a global viral pandemic, it is something else.” He is also challenging the entire germ theory. Kaufman, Cowan and Crowe all agree that a virus is not transmissible in the way that we think it is, if at all. This is a supported theory but not accepted by mainstream science, which is still on the “germ theory” idea of viruses.

Crowe asserts (along with others) that there is no evidence that the virus has been purified, and that it may not exist. Cowan and Kaufman propose their own evidence that this is true, with both advocating the exosome theory — that cells are emitting a “substance” that seems like a virus, and which in some cases results in the illusion of infectious disease.

Even if the virus exists, Crowe says, and tests are accurate, it may well not be the cause of any symptoms present, which is supported by CDC and FDA documents. Crowe says that the realtime PCR tests for infection (the primary test being used) are subject to false positives (known in practice from people who have test results that bounce from positive to negative and back). They only look for a tiny fraction of the RNA in the putative genome (about 1%).

Note, Crowe dismisses out of hand the role that 5G or other EMFs may play, despite the known oxygen issues of electrical radiation. Crowe writes, “Almost the entire range of wireless communications that we are familiar with – cellular, WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G, PCS, LTE, GSM – falls into the microwave range, which extends from 300 MHz (0.3GHz) to 300 GHz. But to conclude from this that our brains are going to be fried or, rather, microwaved, is an absurdity.”

I have asked him for his safety data to back up such a sweeping and dismissive assertion — one that makes me question his other judgments.

Based on our own research, PCR tests are hyper-sensitive and being pushed beyond the limit, which will increase false positives. Antibody tests have similar flaws and also have not been properly validated.

Bush is talking about immune depletion and gut biome depletion AND virus overpopulation and mutation from many causes, particularly stuff like lakes of pig shit held in by levees. He says this depletion plus weird new shit (pig shit viruses or whatever) are creating a niche in the microbiome for a new thing to take over. So he interprets the virus as a message about the environment — which is where I started back in February. Note, from a PR standpoint, Bush is not in a position to disavow a virus, but he plays it way down, saying, “Well, it’s part of the patient’s experience” but NOT a cause.

Judy Mikovits, a former CDC researcher and industry scientist whose book and appearance in a documentary caused a fuss in early May, is saying that IF there is a virus doing all this, it comes from vaccines, not from bat soup. Those vaccines made in dog cell lines contain many coronaviruses, which are in fact being turned loose on the population via contaminated flu shots. These vaccines mess with natural immunity and make people sick. She is seeing this as a virologist with depth knowledge of the business

Mikovits is not in a position to, nor does she take a position on, (for example) the exosome issue. Yet even if the exosome is 100% true, we must still count in her account of disgusting vaccines with random, mutating viruses injected into the biome and microbiome with immune suppressing effects.

Mikovits talks about a bad flu vax in Italy 2019 that could be a precipitating event — but that does not exclude other possibilities. For example, Mikovits talks about the stresses that can activate latent viruses — everything from fear to lockdown to EMFs.

At least two qualified scientists have said that the virus is genetically modified. One is Luc Montagnier, the discoverer of HIV, who among others says the virus has HIV-like or retrovirus-like properties. The other is Dr. Sona Pekova, a Czech gene editor who said that the genetic code was modified and that it was a sloppy job.

Mikovits and Bush agree that this is not an intentionally militarized virus, for different reasons. Mikovits is saying, well, they cook them up in labs as part of normal biz and it’s a messy process. Bush is saying that piles of pig shit do a better job AND, well, if this is biowarfare it is a bad job because it killed so few people.

I have had the same thought, though here is where Bush’s thinking falls slightly short (because he is not a political actor or thinker): all it took was a little push to get the desired effect of an economic collapse and political takeover.

Once I had a pocket knife (a small Swiss Army kind) taken away when I was getting onto the Statue of Liberty Ferry. When I objected, someone said, “You could take over the whole boat with a small knife.” I said, “Why would I need a pocket knife? You can take over the boat with a sentence.”

Bush gives a compelling case for the nonexistence of flu season (he says it is due to increase in pollution PLUS cessation of carbon absorption by planets and trees in autumn). Where they all fall short in my opinion is: what happened to cause this particular rush on the hospitals and apparent rise in sickness in late 2019 and early 2020?

Bush describes the perfect storm as the setup in the Wuhan area: disruption of biome, overuse of Roundup, and high cyanide levels (which account for the hypoxia). Then in NY, we have high cyanide PLUS many in the states supported by statins, ACE inhibitors, immune suppressants — AND soaking in Roundup via the food. Both in Wuhan and NYC, people were right on the edge already.

I am looking for some precipitating event in late 2019 and early 2020 that covers several locales — which were respiratory pandemics waiting to happen due to high cyanide levels. So the question is, what changed in those locales, specifically then, late 2019 and early 2020? 5G was turned on and pumped up. So they got smashed. In Wuhan, they can run a driverless bus on 5G — way ahead of everyone. And they smoke and vape up the yin yang.

Now, some people say, well, we have a bad scene in ________ and there is no 5G — except that there is — coming from FLEETS of satellites. Which were launched at the turnover of the year and now can be seen streaking across the sky. And as Carol van Strum notes, EMFs are everywhere and that little bit of 5G could be the drop that spills the cup. But this will not have the same effect everywhere, as environmental conditions are not the same everywhere — chemical exposure and 5G exposure differ. There are other variants that must be taken into account to understand this extremely complicated situation.

Beyond the Paradigm of Paradigms