Daily Astrology: October 2020

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Saturday, October 31 — The Day of Attentiveness

If today is your birthday: A stunning Full Moon on your birth anniversary urges you to let go of your plans and attachments and allow in something entirely new and unexpected. Your year will have this quality no matter what. The question is whether you will cling to your previous reality or let go into some new adventure. Right now our world is obsessed with the aversion of risk. That is a lie at its essence, because life on this planet carries the chance of success or failure as the prerequisite to liberty — that is, any freedom whatsoever. So look before you cross, and keep your life moving. — efc

Saturday: Full Moon in Taurus, Conjunct Uranus

During Scorpio time, the Full Moon happens in Taurus (it’s always in the sign opposite that of the Sun). The Moon-Sun opposition takes place Saturday at 10:49 am EDT, such that waxing full phase will rise Friday night and waning full phase will rise Saturday night. Both nights, weather permitting, it will look exactly full.

Speaking of things happening twice, this is the second Full Moon within a calendar month, sometimes called a Blue Moon, which happens on average every 2.7 years. Personally, I don’t read astrological significance to this, but we are surely living in “once in a blue moon” times.

The Full Moon is a kind of energy slingshot. The Moon-Earth-Sun relationship gathers momentum, and at full phase the Moon and Sun are at exact opposition relative to the Earth, therefore at full polarity. This can come with a burst of external energy, excitement, celebrations and staying up late at night.

This time around, the Full Moon occurs conjunct a planet associated with electrical energy, jolts, shocks and surprises. Uranus is the patron of revolutionaries and inventors. We are certainly in revolutionary and inventive times, so it’s the perfect aspect for our moment.

Read More: https://planetwaves.net/the-spectacular-halloween-full-moon/

Friday Notes

So much is happening in the world and in our busy lives that it may seem impossible to slow down and turn your attention inward. There are good reasons to, as we are passing through a zone in consciousness that is not normally available to perception. If you are seeking guidance, this is the time to tune into your inner wisdom and listen. This is the key: listening to yourself, dropping in past the static or any chatter, and getting the guidance you need — from yourself.

Many who are sensitive to the energies experience the “thinning of the veil” this time of year. The veil is the scrim that separates the physical world from the astral. The thinning effect serves as a background to the Full Moon. This is like an inner wave of understanding coming through, which has much to offer you if you will receive it. You may only get a flash of illumination: it’s up to you to receive what you learn and make the most of it. Self-doubt may enter and is a consistent problem for humanity. Those who can move past that can connect their true purpose to their actions. — efc


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Friday, October 30 — The Day of the Unusual Outcome

If today is your birthday: You may feel like much is about to change in your life, though you would have this feeling all the time if you were paying attention. Now, however, you are noticing the possibilities, however I suggest you do so without a sense of expectation or prediction. Rather, proceed steadily in your chosen direction of travel, and take care not to walk in circles. Identify a point on the horizon and move toward it. If you cannot see the horizon, follow the Sun. If you cannot see the Sun, learn to use a compass. You are not lost, nor are you wandering. — efc

Thursday Notes cont. | On Mars rx and Unresolved Anger

Today’s conjunction of retrograde Mars and the Moon in Aries is likely to show up as unresolved anger. The thing to do is have an honest conversation with yourself. Ask yourself what am I angry about? And why? Where does it come from? What’s beneath this emotion? Then once you are able to put a finger on it, figure out what to do. For example; if you’re angry about doing the dishes while your partner is sitting on the couch playing games on their phone, kindly ask them to help. Sometimes it’s as easy as that. And it takes a lot less energy to ask for help then to have an ongoing angry internal dialogue constantly running in your head. — Joshua Halinen

Thursday Notes | Into a Full Moon Weekend

The Moon continues through Aries today and most of Friday, before entering Taurus on its way to the sure-to-be-memorable All Hallows Eve Full Moon.

This afternoon lunar contacts include a conjunction with retrograde Mars, exact at 2:33 pm EDT. An urge to forge ahead on important projects can be put to good use, but save yourself unnecessary frustration by working with prevailing energies rather than against them. Chances are desired progress involves sorting through complications that have accrued over time. There’s the clue to successful navigation: what takes time coming in requires time to resolve. Patience is a valuable resource now.

Keep your ears open for strategic advice from those with experience, and the grounded intelligence necessary to see things through. That voice may arise from within or from those around you, so listen for it.

Under current astrology the challenge is to disregard process in favor of the more exciting grand scheme, or end result. In other words: don’t take on too much. That would be a waste of the potent drive available now. Focus on step-by-step achievements that build one upon the next. — Victoria

Thursday, October 29 — The Day of New Ideas

If today is your birthday: Retrograde Mars conjunct the Moon in your 6th house may be asking, “Do I have the right job?” This may be an opportunity to review your workplace environment. If something is coming up for you as an issue, act on the issue. If you deal with it, rather than suppressing it, you will feel much better. If you don’t, it will continue to take up space in your mind, disturbing your peace. That doesn’t mean you have to quit your job; but maybe it’s time to ask for a promotion. Or, it may be as simple as rearranging your desk or getting outside on your lunch break. Feel out whatever your situation is, and then experiment by making a change – continue as needed. You’ll know if they are the right adjustments by how you feel. — Joshua Halinen

Wednesday Notes: Moon enters Aries

Early this morning at 4:45 am EDT the Moon ingressed Aries, and is, once more, set to make contact with the cluster of planets located in Aries and Capricorn that have been the prime movers of this year’s astrology. Shortly after at 5:32 am the Moon will oppose Venus, which ingressed Libra just last night. And later in the day at 4:39 pm EDT the Moon will make a conjunction to Chiron. On the topic of Chiron: building up in the background of all of this is Venus’ opposition to Chiron on Saturday. This relates to a fear of the worst happening. To take a glance at the current state of the world, it’s clear that fear and the potential for catastrophe are being broadcast daily, nonstop. However, there always remains a choice in how you respond to fear. Some are overtaken by it, and others battle against. And yet, you could attempt to work with it. Try and lean into that which feels good, and into what feels like a balanced position from where you can relate to what it is you are experiencing. Then from there, calmly consider your needs — healing or otherwise — and respond appropriately, as needed. — Spencer

Wednesday, October 28 — The Day of Research

If today is your birthday: Place your focus on how you attend to the needs of your daily life. It might feel a little awkward at first, practicing to be more aware of what tasks actually make up the bulk of your day, or what you spend most of your time doing while at work. However, this extra scrutiny will also serve to make you more aware of what is working for you, or what isn’t. If your daily grind is leaving you grinding your teeth at night, change it — speak out. There’s no need to go along to get along, and the energy you free up would be better spent making the best of your work, and your rest. — Spencer

Tuesday Notes: Mercury and Venus enter Libra

Today something unusual happens: both Mercury and Venus enter Libra at about the same time. One enters from the front (Venus, in direct motion) and Mercury from the back (in retrograde motion, just having been in Scorpio for a while). This is an unusual chart picture; I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Libra encourages deliberation. It has a thirst for justice. Venus thrives in an open-hearted environment where beauty is welcome. Mercury wants a real conversation. There are complications ahead, and both of these are virtues and assets in our most unusual time of history. They will also serve as the Full Moon pushes events and also “news” reporting to a frenzy. Keep your cool, and keep your curiosity where you can reach it. You will need both. — efc

Tuesday, October 27 — The Day of Impulse

If today is your birthday: Scorpio is known for its secrecy, though if that is true for you, this is a policy that must change, beginning with how you relate to yourself. You have the potential for unusually powerful inner vision. The emphasis is on Libra rather than your own sign. To me this suggests that you will be able to take a multi-faceted approach to understanding your relationships, and have a gift for discerning exactly how and why you’re compatible with someone — and why not. The thing that you might avoid is relationship for its own sake. You are called to be your own best friend, your own lover, and your own confidant. — efc

Monday, October 26 — The Day of Organizational Cohesion

If today is your birthday: Investigate how much of the emotional material you’re carrying is from the past. This is usually one of those ‘unconscious’ things. Rather than thinking about it, it tends to sneak up. However, it will help to do some thinking, that is, to actually reflect. Much of what you experience emotionally is like a flashback, but seems like it’s happening in the present. Spotting this is what I call a ‘therapy skill’. Learning how to sort out what has happened from what is happening now can take a lot of practice. It can take a lot of time. But it does not need to. Ask yourself one question: where do I want to be?”

Monday Notes: Moon in Pisces, Mercury Rx into Libra

With the Moon now in Pisces as of late Sunday, you may begin the week feeling conflicted or confused about recent events. The Moon will be near Nessus all day, as well as Neptune. This is a cue not to come to any conclusions. When the Moon is near Neptune, things are never quite what they seem. You don’t know until you find out. And we are definitely in find out mode this week.

If you are feeling ambivalent — pulled in opposite directions by two distinct powers — go with the flow rather than fighting it.

Monday morning moves us toward an original take on a perplexing situation, as the Moon is sextile Uranus at 10:44 am EDT. There’s a revelation in there. You know how much work can be saved with a good idea. To have that idea, you need to be receptive and give your imagination some space.

Tuesday just before 10 pm EDT, Mercury backs into Libra, stirring up some wind on its way to station direct. Mercury sign changes have a distinct color cast, and you may notice you’re seeing things differently than you have for the past couple of weeks. Libra is emphasizing relationships and Mercury emphasizes communication. Less than ten minutes later, Venus enters its home sign of Libra in forward motion, from Virgo. This further underscores a decided shift in tone and attitude.

The light at the end of the week is the Full Moon in Taurus on Saturday, Oct. 31. What dead forms have been gathering during this time before the cross-quarter holiday? What old patterns might be concealing something new? The opportunity here is to follow the Moon’s trajectory. This can lead to resolving deadlocks, that is, stuck situations. Apply minimal energy, only slight shifts in trajectory. All of the current activity favors moving with the energy rather than trying to change too much.

This will take a little trust, which I know is in short supply these days. If you remember there really is a future, you will see the benefit of both cultivating trust, and being worthy of it.

Sunday, October 25 — The Day of Substantive Form

If today is your birthday: You understand that silence communicates as much, if not more, than words. Yet thoughts are nevertheless conveyed — and received. Where feeling is strong, trust that you’re picking up valid signals and sending them, and that soon enough, outward expression of much that’s gone unsaid for a long time will feel like the next logical step. Right now, however, the most important communication is between You and you. A potential breakthrough in your awareness is at hand; make the most of it. Jot down images or ideas or sensations that occur so you can review them later. To reclaim is to make new, and you need all of yourself going forward. Especially what’s been buried in the past, and held without the light of love it needs to be made whole. — Victoria

Weekend Notes — Aquarius Moon

The weekend astrology builds to the peak of Mercury retrograde. This takes place Sunday, Oct. 25 when Mercury, the Earth and the Sun align in what is called the interior conjunction. Mercury retrograde still has a long way to go from there, as it retrogrades back into Libra and makes a big show on Election Day in the United States. More on that another time or check our front page for coverage.

Meanwhile, the Moon is in Aquarius nearly all weekend, until it enters Pisces at 5:18 pm EDT on Sunday. This is social astrology, which would be squandered by investing it only in internet socializing. Get with people in person! Pretend it’s last year. The minute you get together with others you will notice how much you need it and miss it. Do you actually feel danger? I mean for real. Stop and feel.

One other note: Venus in Virgo trine Saturn is fantastic astrology for organizing and for organizing financially in particular. Definitely take advantage of that while the opportunity is there. Trines mean ease. Let it flow. — efc

Saturday, October 24 — The Day of Sensational Detail

If today is your birthday: Now’s the time to dedicate yourself to establishing clear communications. That is, whether you’re communicating with your friends at the dinner table, your friend’s friends, or the wider world around you. If you start to feel like you’re bordering on being a taskmaster in your efforts to be thorough, you’re on the right track. However, no need to fear: you have an air about you, and others will surely see how much you care and the genuine place this comes from. And as you become known for being a steady, stable voice of reason, you’ll find you have all the support you need to assist you in enacting your loving vision for the world. — Spencer

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen

Scorpio and the Genome

Dear Friend and Reader:

While DNA was discovered in the 19th century, it was not until 1953 that James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double helix configuration that is now recognized as the sigil of life itself.

Lady Frieda Harris.
Lady Frieda Harris, the painter of the deck.

Between 1938 and 1943, Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) and Lady Frieda Harris (1877-1962) created the Thoth Tarot. It started as a three-month project but took a little longer. The deck was not published until 1969, after its creators were long gone.

Thoth Tarot was a major evolution on the tarot in many ways. One is that it visually keyed the cards to astrological symbols. The cards have always had a connection to astrology, though the whole point of the tarot was to be disguised as a game so that it would not be seen as an esoteric tool. The symbols were encrypted into the designs of the cards, and conveyed through numerology.

One of Crowley’s roles as an author and teacher was to turn the esoteric inside out. As part of that mission, he identified most major and minor arcana cards with astrological glyphs. There was never any doubt among those initiated into the tradition that the 13th card in the major arcana (Atu 13) was associated with Scorpio. But as with many things, he makes it plain.



Friday, October 23 — The Day of Conflicting Karma

If today is your birthday: It’s time to come out of your shell and be around people. What might prevent you from doing that? If fear of some potential consequence, then that’s the thing to take a close look at. Any fear you may feel is more likely to be another form of insecurity projected onto a topic that is irrelevant to the real issue. That is the way to think of any health concerns you may have, for one thing. That said, the gift of this year of your life will be finding professional direction. Remember that in truth, this is about what you want to do, not what you want to be. By do, I mean do every day, the actual activity involved. That’s the place to focus. that is what matters to you. — efc

Thursday, October 22 — The Day of Allure

If today is your birthday: The Sun changes signs on your birthday, and today is one of those days that is a rare “cusp” event. Whether you consider yourself Libra or Scorpio, the events of recent weeks have been rather “scorpionic” in nature. This time in your life is about a deep investigations of your priorities, your values and also of your sense of your own origins. Look closely at your father’s side of the family and how your mother related to those people. This is also a time to study the history of both personal and professional relationships, particularly where the two intersect — in any form of a business partnership or marriage. There is lots of reviewing going on for you, it’s true — that’s the nature of both Mercury and Mars being retrograde in your solar return chart. It is essential that you learn from the past — both your mistakes and your successes. — efc

We are in this together. We live on one planet.

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Special Comment: “Schrödinger’s Virus” | Added October 22

By Eric F. Coppolino

Lately I’ve been calling SARS-CoV-2 “Schrödinger’s Virus.” Those familiar with quantum folklore will recognize this as the example from Erwin Schrödinger, under one interpretation of quantum mechanics where the same hypothetical cat can be both alive and dead at the same time, due to a fundamental principle called quantum superposition.

Lab accidents happen.
Lab accidents happen.

The two states that seem to exist in superposition are: 1. There is no virus and 2. The virus came from a lab. I have been going over both possibilities throughout this crisis, accessing scientific and journalistic sources, as well as the available data, and there are strong arguments on both sides. Through the course of the year, you have heard both sides argued by guests on my program.

I Am Not Taking a Position

I am not proposing that these are the only two possibilities; each has several branches, and there are many other possibilities. For example, the lab origin theory splits in two: accidental release (a commonplace event) and bioterrorism (a topic about which the media and political community have been curiously silent, given all the attention that terrorism has received the past few decades).

I am saying these are the two dominant theories that challenge the official position of wholly accidental and natural origin — and I am presenting them specifically because they would seem to contradict one another. Holding the contradiction is a useful tool in investigative reporting and many other aspects of life. This is another way of saying having respect for the unknown and respecting that anything is possible.

I do not assert either position, though I’m following closely the abundant evidence on either side. I am here to tell you what they are, so that you may further your own consideration and analysis. I would also caution that simple dismissal is not an argument, such as a “fact check” that claims to prove something did not happen.

The “No Virus” Position

“No virus” advocates say correctly that the government admits that it has not isolated and purified any virus called SARS-CoV-2. What is found via PCR in both patients, healthy people and claimed isolation events are RNA fragments with a broad reach. Additionally, there is no one syndrome from claimed exposure. Even the “flu-like” versions of the disease do not match and are unremarkable from a medical standpoint; they could be symptoms of many different things.

Only 44 pneumonia patients were initially identified in Wuhan in December, and only 15 of those tested “positive.” The PCR primers were written in France with no patient samples available, only computer code. Nothing close to Koch’s Postulates have been met, and at this time there is no correlation between “cases” and claimed deaths (there was briefly, in March and April).

The “Lab Origin” Position

On the other side, the “lab origin” advocates say that the virus they see shows evidence of genetic editing. These include Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute and others. They state correctly that the U.S. and China were collaborating on “gain of function” research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (funded through Eco-Health Alliance) — located very close to the first claimed outbreak. They point out how frequently lab escapes and accidents happen. They give evidence of biological arms race.

On the issue of “natural origin” versus “lab origin,” there is no direct or circumstantial evidence of natural origin, there is much that argues against it, and there is strong circumstantial evidence of lab origin. To my mind, after careful thought, the weight of the evidence goes to lab origin, if presented with these two possibilities.

Most who are investigating this are taking one position or the other — “lab origin” or “no virus,” and sticking to it. This is a source of confusion for the public, and I have not seen this specific issue discussed anywhere else. I have found that arguing and researching from one side is not helpful, and that I need to hold both possibilities in mind at the same time, and consider every scenario and development from both positions.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Wednesday, October 21 — The Day of Singularity

If today is your birthday: You must investigate whether what you struggle with emotionally is your material or that of someone else. By some estimates, up to 90% of the issues people confront are not personally their own, but rather passed on through their genetic and family lineage. In the thick of a realtime situation, it’s not easy to pause and remember this, and there would remain the question of what to do with the information. It is perhaps easier to observe that certain situations go back many years. But just how long? When you study your family, what similarities do you see? In the words of Dr. Sean Maguire from Good Will Hunting, “It’s not your fault.” It is one thing to identify this intellectually. It is another to feel it in your blood and bones, and when you do, you will see that a new path opens before you. You are your own being with your own karma, and your own commitments.

Tuesday notes: Sun void-of-Course till Thursday

The Sun as well as the Moon can go void of course. This happens briefly once a month when the Sun is done making aspects before it enters the new sign, which it is now (the Sun enters Scorpio at 7 pm EDT on Thursday, Oct. 22). The Sun-void feeling is like a backdoor open to odd and unusual possibilities. You might go through that door; other people and events might have a point of entry into your energy field. That said, the Sun is making aspects to two important asteroids: a trine to Ceres, and a sextile to Vesta, both of which are very late in their signs. So those are the energies that are “holding the edge” and that can be brought to prominence with other planets out of the way. Ceres in Aquarius has a “feed the the people” feeling, though in this scenario ideas as well as food. Vesta describes the organizing principle of space, the ritual fire of sexuality and creativity, and devotion to service. In the last degree of Leo, this is about being more transparent about any of the taboo aspects of these subjects or activities. — efc

We are in this together. We live on one planet.

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Tuesday, October 20 — The Day of Vogue

If today is your birthday: Everything hinges, hangs and pivots on your ability to be honest with yourself. To do this, it will help to make your statements out loud. In writing will work; vocally will be better. Either way will work, as long as you pay attention to your own words. Then go through the exercise again the next day, and notice what you might say differently, or how you might change the story. Notice the changes. Notice what stays the same. Get into a dialog with yourself about where you actually stand. This may be annoying; you may find you cannot focus. But keep trying to. This is not about a journaling process or therapy exercise. It’s about your relationship to yourself. — efc

Monday, October 19 — The Day of The Projector

If today is your birthday: The turning points in your life will not be obvious, though they will be there. Even when you’ve lived in a town for a long time, there are streets that you don’t now about. You can roam around on foot and miss alleyways and passages. You must either see those turns to make them, or wander around lost until you come out somewhere interesting. Either way, the momentum of turning a direction is with you, and you are more likely to find what you want by chance than you are by design. This takes some faith. It also takes letting go enough to trust that you will find your way should you lose it — though it will be another course or route than the familiar one. — efc

Weekend Notes: Sun Square Saturn, Venus opposite Neptune

Two events occur simultaneously at about 10 am EDT Sunday: The Sun squares Saturn, and Venus opposes Neptune. In a way these are aspects with opposite effects. The Saturn-Sun contact is about being realistic, disciplined and self-regulated. The Venus-Neptune contact is about relaxing and having a good time, and indulging in luxury, romance and maybe some fantasy-rich sex. The important thing to note is that both aspects are happening at once, and that could create some tension between get it all done, and have a good time. You might be able to serve both masters if you put work ahead of play. Not everyone can do that; you might want to line up your priorities and decide what you really want, and what you really need. Knowing that will help you make decisions, though in my reading, this astrology says take care of business before pleasure. Maybe that’s a matter of values. If so, so be it. — efc

Sunday Addition: Along with all of this, retrograde Mars is square Jupiter today. I’ve given my interpretation of this aspect in the Sunday birthday reading below: it is about proportionality. Measured responses. Determining whether something or someone is level.

We are in this together. We live on one planet.

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Sunday, October 18 — The Day of Personal Leadership

If today is your birthday: In all things, keep a sense of proportion. You will need to do what is called “reality check.” This might be complex, such as taking a survey of trust people in your life before making an important decision. It might be simple and efficient, like placing a quarter in a photo of a small object to give a sense of scale. You might think of yourself as carrying a ruler and measuring everything, just to see how big it is. Perhaps purchase one of those level tools you can get at Home Depot for a couple of dollars, and place it on random things to see if they are parallel to the horizon. While you’re doing this, measure the perception and the responses of others. Decide consciously for yourself whether you think their response to any situation that affects you is appropriate or sensible. — efc

Saturday, October 17 — The Day of Precarious Balance

If today is your birthday: Work with your limitations rather than against them. Work with time rather than against it. This means becoming your own authority, rather than having others enforce your boundaries. This way of life has become so rare as to make one wonder whether it still exists, particularly in young people. However, make no excuses: your life will be far better off if you are the one who sets your goals, your definitions and your schedule. You will find it easy to organize yourself if you make the least sincere effort, sustained daily. Please remember, though: time is of the essence. Waste not. — efc

Friday, October 16 — The Day of Essential Judgement

If today is your birthday: The astrology of your birthday is complex, and it could have you in a tight spot. You may feel like you’re trapped by your circumstances, and the possibility that you’re in a no-win situation. One thing only can be your guide through the dark: what is true for you. This is the space where there can be no compromise. Most people have no idea what this means, as they have spent so much of their lives making deals related to their personal truth. Having integrity starts here. You must have a long discussion with yourself about what is true for you, what has long been true for you, and about what might be changing. Then, circumstances will present you with opportunities where you can put that information to good use. You will be under pressure when you do. That is the time to show some spine. That is the time to make a real decision.

Thursday notes — Mars and the Earth; New Moon

Mars and the Earth have reached the peak of the retrograde; on Tuesday, Mars and the Sun reached full opposition, which means that the Earth has passed between them. That means we are halfway done with the retrograde, which ends Nov. 13 amidst much other astrology.

Eric Francis.

Look back over the week for information about how you responded to this peak energy, and for where the Mars retrograde is headed.

Meanwhile, the Sun is square Pluto today (that was exact overnight Wednesday to Thursday). There is some power trip to this aspect; there is some lone wolf.

It also has a self-righteous quality that is emblematic of the times we are living in. This quality will have a tendency to persist in the long-run, that is, for years. The only factor that would intervene would be the willingness of people to do the evolutionary growth work of Pluto.

Friday is the New Moon. I have covered this in a full-length article below, though the upshot is that the Moon’s conjunction to the Sun will light up the whole pattern of Mars, Pallas, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Eris — all at once. I know some are having a hard time getting through the day, and others are having a difficult time getting a grip on their emotions.

Pay attention to your neighbors. If you have anything they need, consider sharing. —efc

The new Planet Waves TV covers the Libra New Moon that takes place Friday at about 3:30 pm EDT. The New Moon is all mixed up in the Aries-Capricorn pattern, and is likely to be pushing many people emotionally. I develop the theme of figure and ground that is so beautifully fits the astrology. I also introduce my guest on Planet Waves FM, Dr. Peter Breggin, advocacy for sanity in psychiatry and now an investigator of Covid-19.

Thursday, Oct. 15 — The Day of the World’s a Stage

If today is your birthday: Your situation may seem complex, though there is a way through, and there is a way to make the most of this unusual time in your life. None of the circumstances you are experiencing are new. They just have some new twists, and there is focus on one particular relationship that you must reckon with. This does not mean a reckoning within the situation but rather within your mind and feelings. The decisions you make about your life are yours alone. You could say that karma matters; you could say that the needs of others matter. But you know what you need and what you want, and moreover, you know that you’re patience is coming up against a limit. That is the reckoning. —efc

Mercury Retrograde, New Moon in the Hot Zone

Planet Waves
Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Dear Friend and Reader:

This is one of the most interesting astrological weeks of an interesting year — complete with all the implications of the Chinese curse. Before I get into the astrology, I want to repeat my caution that we are, in these weeks and months, setting the pattern of our lives for the next 24 years of Aquarius astrology.

Right now, old patterns are being broken and new ones are taking hold. Whether it seems so or not, this is all a matter of choice: mostly, of how to respond to our environment. Yes, the environment creates most of what we experience, but it exists in a dynamic with your awareness. That little zone is where we make the transition from “fate” to “free will” if it can be made at all. To the extent that you have influence over your life, and we have influence over our collective lives, it happens in the space where environment and awareness meet.

I know that this can be argued from a dozen different spiritual and allegedly spiritual positions. I know that there are people who argue that the awareness and decisions are meaningless, though I am not one of them. If you are traveling on an unfamiliar highway, and it’s getting dark and it’s raining, and the road is narrow and you’re surrounded by trucks, what do you do?


Wednesday, October 14 — The Day of Moderation

If today is your birthday: It will serve you to keep your life simple. That is not easy, and it’s not an absolute. It’s a direction that you gently guide things in. Remember the tendency for all matters to grow more complex. Remember the law of unintended consequences. Remember that when you accept a person into your life, you take them and all of their wonderfulness — and their problems. So to make this “simplicity” thing work is an act of mindfulness, and it is a process of both learning how to evaluate people and situations. And most of all, about making your yes, your no and your maybe into truly meaningful gestures. — efc

Tuesday, October 13 — The Day of the Tough Cookie

If today is your birthday: It’s easy to say follow your intuition, though this is a source of anxiety for many, when a deep hunch violates either logic or the ‘advice’ being given by others. The thing is, you do know your personal truth, and nothing and nobody can change what is true for you. You don’t need to be vocal about this. You don’t need to engage in a discussion seeking confirmation of what you know. What will be helpful is if you are observant and quietly take in the messages from inside yourself. Also, take your time making decisions; there will be moments when you want to take a leap, though this will probably not be necessary. The idea is not to push yourself into taking action so that you don’t lose your nerve. Rather, make contact with your confidence and move from there. —efc

Monday Notes: Mercury retrograde, the New Moon

The tension this week is being driven by three factors: Mercury stationing retrograde Tuesday night at 9:05 pm EDT (overnight into Wednesday in Europe), and then an unusual New Moon on Friday. In the background of everything, and associated with both events, is retrograde Mars in Aries.

Eric Francis

These are unlikely times to come to quick resolution or any resolution, as so many factors are in motion. We will need to live with the ambiguity for a while longer; by my best estimate, some of the fog will clear on or around the solstice, which is a way off.

Regarding immediate events, easy does it will be the way through. Mercury retrograde is always a bit tense. In Scorpio, it can also be emotional, with reason struggling to stay afloat. This is a “more questions than answers” event, complicated by potentially false awakenings in the long opposition of Mercury to Uranus. There is the caution here to be careful with finances and in particular, rushed decisions about them. I would give any important decision involving money, investments, joint finances or real estate until the end of November or later.

Meanwhile, the upcoming New Moon is unusual in that it happens right in the pocket of all of the Aries-Capricorn astrology that has been spinning the world in its finger all year. The New Moon will be opposite Eris and retrograde Mars, and square Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. That’s a lot of aspects. I’m planning an article about this (with a horoscope) to go out Tuesday night. These are just some opening thoughts. — efc

Monday, October 12 — The Day of the Grand Gesture

If today is your birthday: The difficult conversations are not easy; that is what makes them challenging. Yet to make progress, you need to state not just the generalities but also the details of what you need, what you want, and what you intend to do. The discussion could go on for a while, so you will need to be patient. Getting to the truth about sex is a crux issue, and within a couple of months you will see how many other matters this connects to, whether domestic, creative or professional. There needs to be a mutual agreement on personal disclosure in any intimate situation. People close to you are working something out, and sooner or later, you need to know what it is. — efc

Sunday, October 11 — The Day of Gracious Ease

If today is your birthday: The Sun’s meeting with Jupiter in your birthday chart offers an opportunity to create the more supportive base of operations you’ve needed for a long time. You must exercise discipline, however, to make use of it: take a cautiously optimistic approach and recognize the value in incremental gains. Focus on clearing away clutter as if you’re converting an old building into a temple — in many ways that’s exactly the task at hand. Consider the project a spiritual training; proceed with a sense of modesty and gratitude for what blessings you enjoy, to receive the real gift on offer, which is greater wisdom. Use resources with prudence and discretion. — Victoria

Saturday, October 10 — The Day of Prudent Economy

If today is your birthday: Though it may seem like the ground is shaking beneath your feet, focus on pursuing your purpose. As attention consuming as it can be to navigate the chaos of relationships or unyielding family issues, again it comes down to where you place your attention. Perhaps try placing it on you and your needs in service of where you’re looking to go — plumb the depths of your being. This reorientation might shake loose parts of you you hadn’t experienced. You might find others supporting you in this journey in unexpected ways. Any jostling that occurs is only helping you to settle and integrate this interior space. Think of a bird, ruffling its feathers as it settles into its nest. Sure things get moved around a bit, but you’re only making space to make yourself more comfortable, and truly more at home. — Spencer

Mars Rx square Pluto: Two down, one to go | Added October 9

Friday morning at 9:09 am EDT Mars retrograde made an exact square to Pluto. This has been building over the past week or so, and its effects will continue to last for the next couple of days.

The good news is that after this weekend it should begin to dissipate. That is to say, the potential for further control dramas, power struggles, or feelings of frustration should lessen.

Pluto from New Horizons

Mars previously made a square to Pluto while direct on August 13. And as Eric has said before, the second square in a series of three holds the deeper meaning — so think back to that time to string together any themes that call out to you.

In light of Mars being retrograde this time around, the aspect could present itself in a slightly different dimension. For example, there could be the internalization of power struggles, or an inner sense of shearing, strain, or tension that is magnified.

And yet on the flipside, this is a call to get real about what it is that you want — whatever that may be.

On its face Mars square Pluto can bring up what may seem like prohibitive outside forces that clamp down on your desires or the sense of forward motion in your life. And on many levels, the events of this past year have served as that for a large number of people.

However, just as often (or perhaps just as much a component of this dynamic) inner experiences can have the same impact. Former disappointments, inner constrictions, or inhibitions have a way of choking out life and presenting as deterrents to going after what you want. (Or make it difficult to discern.)

This square between Mars and Pluto is to happen one more time this year, with both planets direct, on December 23. That’s just two days after the major close out aspect of 2020 between Jupiter and Saturn on December 21.

Use any obstacles or roadblocks to refine your relationship to your desire nature. Then, when the time comes to make or break, go for what you want. Don’t stop to ask.

— Spencer

Friday, October 9 — The Day of the Penetrating Gaze

If today is your birthday: Immense reserves of power are yours to tap this year, though to use them constructively will require skillful means. You must know how to identify underlying reasons behind whatever frustrations or pent-up anger you feel. If authority figures or key relations provoke you, instead of seething inside or popping one off – pause. What or who do they remind you of? Current irritants likely echo power struggles from an earlier time, that have been buried and weighing you down. Here’s the key: What desires felt thwarted way back when? From there, you’re ready to effectively sort through what’s held you back. This will take time and occur in stages, so be patient. But when you burn your high-octane fuel slowly, like an engine, you will go far.

— Victoria

Moon is now in Cancer, making many aspects into Saturday. Mars Rx is square Pluto | Added October 8

The Moon is now in Cancer (as of just before noon EDT). That tells us the Moon is on the cardinal cross and for the next 48 hours will be making aspects to everything in Aries, Libra and Capricorn.

MacBook selfie from Thursday morning

In the mix is retrograde Mars square Pluto, which is exact Friday morning at 9:09 am EDT and will remain strong though the weekend. This is a classic power-trip aspect. Therefore, steer clear of petty tyrants. The Moon squares Mars and opposes Pluto Saturday morning around 6:30 am EDT.

With the Moon in its own sign, deep watery Cancer, the message here is not to let yourself get dragged into your own emotions, or those of anyone else. You do not need to get into arguments about how you feel, many of which exist on the level of toxic gossip.

The helpful news is that we are at last-quarter phase, which is a kind of resting point, and the Moon will be trine Neptune in Pisces, so you will get reliable hunches if you are listening.

Yet Moon-Neptune in the water signs is also potentially slippery territory, so keep a little pouch of sand handy and toss some on the floor. Saturday could have a heavy feeling as the Moon opposes Pluto and Saturn, and squares Mars and Eris. Avoid any notion of permanent commitments (that is not the appropriate discussion for now), and keep a step or two ahead of yourself.

The Moon enters Leo Saturday at 8:24 pm, and a new story begins. Mercury stations retrograde Tuesday. — efc

Thursday, October 8 — The Day of High Romance

If today is your birthday: Pick your battles. Meaning, know your priorities and make your own equilibrium numero uno. That might mean not battling at all. This is something of a fine art, and takes practice; many never get the hang of it. Don’t take on what isn’t yours, but when your help is needed give without strings attached. Resentment or feelings of martyrdom, however, are clues to reassess your priorities. When in doubt, withdraw for a trip to the spiritual well; know what helps you connect with your inner being and actually do it. Guidance as to how best to approach challenges on the relational and/or financial front is trying to get through. Much that has built up over time will take time to resolve, and a little trust is usually all it takes to align with what you need. However, trust is in short supply these days. Try to know it when you feel it.

— Victoria & Eric

Shake it Loose: Mercury opposite Uranus | Added October 7

Today Mercury in Scorpio is opposite slow-moving Uranus in Taurus. Due to the upcoming Mercury retrograde, Mercury is making a series of three oppositions to Uranus. This is erratic and psychically explosive astrology, the perfect picture of nobody knowing which way is up. Or, pretending not to.

Mercury is the planet of basic awareness. Uranus is the revolutionary, the inventor, the disruptor, and sometimes the thief. To those who can surf the waves, this is inspirational astrology.

MacBook selfie in my cottage on Montauk, across the street from the beach. Good to get out of Dodge for a bit.

You could discover or figure out something that you’ve been working toward for years. It is the picture of a breakthrough, though accessed by stretching the mind to some extreme and then turning up the juice.

Because of the Mercury retrograde pattern, we are going to experience this two more days in the near future: with Mercury retrograde Oct. 19, then again with Mercury direct on Nov. 17. So this is part of a discovery process.

Mercury is also being compelled to change its thinking about something, and is under much pressure to do so. The whole environment is saying WAKE UP to what is going on. Technology comes to mind.

You know you’re waking up when the world looks and feels different than it did an hour ago or a day ago or from any time in the past. Different means you have more to work with: ideas, information, or fertile chaos.

Because Taurus and Scorpio are involved, sex is central to the theme. Mercury in Scorpio has its mind on all things erotic, and with the rebellious jolts of Uranus coming through, you may find your mind extending into some unusual places, places that challenge your sense of identity.

You may be experiencing desires that feel transgressive, that challenge you, that cross borders and boundaries. You are free to take the ride. Maybe you can find some company to share the adventure. Given that one of the planets involved is Uranus, it might be more than one person. Take the ride. There is power and inspiration in this aspect pattern, yours for the taking. There is surrender and submission, yours for the offering.

In the spirit of this aspect, here is some behind the scenes deep background on the Covid situation — no astrology, just investigative reporting.

Wednesday, October 7 — The Day of Defiance

If today is your birthday: You’ve got what it takes to be a fair and decisive moderator in your home. Whether that’s making sure the kids are washed and fed, ensuring everyone pays their equal share of rent, or seeing that there’s equal access to the remote control. (If people are even still watching cable TV these days.) You have the knowhow, and the experience to evenhandedly organize your living situation. And by all accounts it should work out; you’re bound to see some cooperation. But where do you fit into this equation? In your effort to both establish and maintain the peace, be cautious that it’s not at the expense of your own inner sensitivities — make certain that you express your needs. Sure you might think it risky, or that it will shake up the delicate balance you’ve worked so hard to maintain. But, then again, is there really any balance if your needs aren’t fully included as well?

— Spencer Stevens

Eric adds: Be cautious about others influencing your decisions about money, especially if they assure you that you can make a lot of the stuff fast. Rather, put off decisions about finances and investments until late November, when the dust has settled on Mercury retrograde in your 2nd house of finances, and if you’re American, when we get a sense of the fallout from the U.S. election. Be a little frugal; your investment plan must be something like “save for a rainy day” and only buy what you need. The rest, you can improvise, beg, borrow or steal — the chances are, you already have what you need.

Tuesday, October 6 — The Day of the Good Life

If today is your birthday: However impatient you may feel to break free from restrictive financial or partnership situations, step away from the edge and give yourself time. You’re in a period of re-evaluation that will uncover much you haven’t yet fully wrapped your head around, and rash moves are not a winning strategy. What will serve you is taking time to map out what you actually value most, where you want to go and what underlying beliefs you have about security and self-worth. A trip to the proverbial mountain-top is in order. Be alert to flashes of insight and jot them somewhere you can refer to later. Revelations are available, but you must open to receive them.

— Victoria Emory

Retrograde Mars Conjunct Eris: The Central Alignment

At the moment we are experiencing the retrograde conjunction of Mars and Eris — which I consider the peak of Mars retrograde. There are three such conjunctions in this process, closely clustered: Aug. 17, Oct. 4, and then Dec. 22 (amidst much other activity). In a three-pass retrograde, I consider the middle alignment to be the “real” one.

Technically, it was exact to the degree (partile) for about the first four days of October.

This is what I call a “proving moment” for Mars retrograde and for Eris, as it is something that has never happened before. I use this term mainly to describe events that help delineate new planetary discoveries.

Eris, named for the Greek goddess of chaos and discord, is still a relatively new discovery, only having existed for astrologers since late 2005. The contrast is striking: the current distance of Mars from Earth is 62 million kilometers, about as close as it gets. The current distance of Eris is more than 14.2 billion kilometers, about as far as it gets.

An Unusual Pairing — Never Before Consciously Experienced

The result of this unusual pairing (the first-ever retrograde conjunction of Mars to Eris since its discovery) has indeed been chaotic. Throughout the year of this event, we have entered a new dimension of over-the-top.

Yet we are “accustomed” to this constant flood of conflicting information from numerous sources throughout the day, never sure who we can trust. Many people do not trust themselves. That is not surprising. We live in the day when “true” and “untrue” are allegedly meaningless terms, when “knowing something” is allegedly the same as “not knowing,” and where there is no threshold or concept of understanding.

It is no wonder that we also live in the age of a digital test that gives results so unreliable as to be useless, which can vary from day to day, and which are being used to invoke terror and havoc in the population. It is the ambiguity that is the most pernicious element of the equation. This is the nature of the digital realm.

President Trump at Walter Reed

It was during these specific days of the partial conjunction that we were told that the president and many of his aides have tested positive for coronavirus.

See the Full Article Here


Monday, October 5 – The Day of the Just Cause

If today is your birthday: There’s no real separation between the tectonic shifts in your immediate environment in recent years, and the radical re-arrangement within your own psyche. You’ve probably realized that already, but may have felt overwhelmed simply by the effort to maintain. This year you get a cosmic green light to help you move on from ancient structures you’ve outgrown. Just remember that it’s your internal environment that sets the tone. Your perception of the past is what’s actually powerful; that’s what casts the spell you’re ready to awaken from. You’ve got more than enough courage to dig into the fierce kind of psychic feng shui that gets the job done.

— Victoria Emory

Sunday, Oct. 4: Retrograde Mars conjunct Eris | Something New

one of those days when we have an event that has never happened before. True, retrograde Mars has made thousands of conjunctions to Eris over the millennia, though this is the first since the discovery of Eris in 2005. So it is new for us. It is a new event in consciousness. And it is right on time.

Over the years, my work on Eris has led me to an understanding of how it’s working through electricity, mass communication media and more recently, digital media, to turn the people and the world inside out. We know the internet turns us into tribal beings — that work was started by electricity 120 years ago.

If you want a summary of Eris in Aries, here you go — as told by Eric McLuhan, son of media philosopher Marshall. “The body is everywhere assaulted by all of our new media, a state which has resulted in deep disorientation of intellect and destabilization of culture throughout the world. In the age of disembodied communication, the meaning and significance and experience of the body is utterly transformed and distorted.”

Retrograde Mars conjunct Eris describes a retrieval. It describes the idea that our humanity is something we can and must preserve in the face of the endless march of technological “progress,” which in many ways turns people into slaves, and teaches us to act like machines.

Remember who you are. Be who you are.

Sunday, October 4 — The Day of the Incorrigibles

If today is your birthday: Your job is not to be tolerable or to kiss anyone’s ass. Your job is to be yourself. You can do this and still get along with people pretty good, but that cannot be your first requirement of yourself. In a phrase, that is selling out, and once you have been deemed acceptable, it’s difficult to get out of that rut. In all other ways, it cannot be security that is your motive for being or for choosing, but rather asserting yourself in your integrity, which means wholeness. In the end, that you are real and truthful is your first, last and only line of defense if someone has an issue with you, even if it’s none of their business. So put that first.

Venus in Virgo through Oct. 27 wants order and reason; Mars conjunct Eris: maximum chaos | Added October 3

Venus has entered Virgo just as retrograde Mars is making its conjunction to Eris. This is creating a tension dynamic between the over-the-top chaos of Mars conjunct discord goddess Eris, and Venus in Virgo wanting everything to be rational, focused on healing, and moving toward order.

We might first consider the source of the chaos and destabilization: it’s about digital. This is not easy to see for what it is. It’s easy to read those words and ascribe no meaning to them. It’s a little like describing “wet” to a fish, for whom wet is the usual condition; it is a comparative term. It’s not that fish don’t understand water; rather, they have no basis to understand the lack thereof.

Eric Francis

We are now under the bottom of the digital ocean, and most people no longer have a concept of what it means to have any other condition.

It follows that we don’t understand the nature of our situation, since it is essentially ‘unconscious’ or perhaps lacking a contrasting idea to help us see it for what it is.

While the world has long had problems — and the modern world has had modern problems — we are in an unusually destabilized state right now.

Venus in Virgo is calling for the recognition of the need for healing. That in turn calls for recognizing the situation calling for it, which as I am describing above is difficult to see. Yet we FEEL it in the sense of disorientation and scrambled feelings, and scrambled relationships, and upended priorities, associated with digitally-driven loss of self-awareness.

Venus in Virgo is calling for a clean, orderly, well-lit place to hang out and do something like read a book (the old paper kind). It is calling for spending some time in nature, to experience the natural order of life. Venus in Virgo is calling for a reflective time, where the mind and the emotions are working together to come to their realizations, rather than one or the other dominating. This integration is possible, though it does not happen by itself.

Attempting to do this can feel restless, frustrating and itself problematic, though it will be worth doing, even if you don’t immediately feel a benefit. Emphasize the feminine through taking care of yourself and your environment, in a gentle, passive and patient way.

Saturday, October 3 — The Day of the Trendsetters

If today is your birthday: Try as we might to push our relationships where we would like them to go, at times they don’t seem to budge. If you do feel stuck, perhaps stop and take notice that you’ve actually entered into new territory. And yet it’s not entirely new, but instead a deeper, more still space within yourself. From this space you can take a wider and more compassionate view of the “arena” of your relationships, and find that it isn’t really a battle at all. The more you engage this compassion, and feel into this deeper sense of your being, the more you will see that what was once immovable was simply waiting for you to allow it to let it flow.

— Spencer Stevens

Friday, October 2 – The Day of Verbal Acuity

If today is your birthday: The most valuable thing you can do this year is clear space in which you can simply be – physical space and mental space. It’s imperative that you identify what supports and nurtures you, personally, and act on that as if you were your own mother. Regardless of whatever madness may be swirling around you, it’s possible to stand in the eye of the storm. From there, you can process what’s necessary to arrive at the appropriate response. You’re approaching a threshold of immense creative potential, and you must allow for a period of introspection: much that is not yet fully available to your conscious awareness needs time to surface. Let it. Turn down the volume as much as possible and set your receiver to ‘open.’

— Victoria Emory

Thursday, October 1 — The Day of the Top Dog

If today is your birthday: The Full Moon on your birthday is conjunct Chiron and speaks to a heightened awareness of your relationships and their impact on you. But this isn’t in the sense of who deserves your title of BFF. Instead, you’re being asked to go deeper into your awareness of, and relationship to yourself. Naturally your private or intimate partnerships tend to act as a mirror, where you then have the capacity to recognize and claim who you truly are. If it has felt like slow going on both fronts — relating to others, or using that to propel your inner quest — this ebb and flow is exactly what’s needed to recognize that sweet spot where you can effortlessly manage the two. Just remember: no matter how shiny or interesting others may seem, it’s not about them. It’s about you.

— Spencer Stevens

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