New Clear Blues

AS IF the world did not have enough problems right now, it would appear that North Korea successfully tested an atomic bomb earlier this week. There is no independent confirmation of a nuclear event, only a seismic reading observed at about 10:35 am local time near Gilju on the Korean peninsula, north of the border. … Read more

The Full Libra Experience

I HAVE a business plan. What else is new? I don’t usually publish my business plans the same day I write them, not at least without running them past my board of directors, attorneys and accountants, but I just had to get this one out. It all started with how well I did as an … Read more

The Curves of Autumn

AUTUMN in the Northern Hemisphere spans from the equinox on Sept. 23 to the solstice on Dec. 22. All seasons cover three signs of the tropical zodiac, always reaching from an equinox to a solstice or vice versa. The season includes the cardinal sign Libra, the fixed sign Scorpio and the mutable sign Sagittarius. Seasons … Read more

Annular Solar Eclipse, 30 Virgo

NOW THAT I think about it, I’m happy I was trained in the use of firearms as a kid. Though I concede it’s a little strange, though perhaps not in the United States, all the men around me had weapons when I was little. By the time I was 14, I had quietly declared myself … Read more

Our Lady of Discord

Our Lady of Discord Xena / 2003 UB 313, the discovery that led to the rearrangement of the solar system, has been named Eris. The largest known planet beyond Neptune has been named for the Greek goddess of strife, who is called Discordia in Roman mythology. She has also been given minor planet number 136199. … Read more