Too Rich for Words

WE SEEM to be embarking on the strangest weekend since God knows when, perhaps before the American Revolution. I woke up this morning and clicked on the Planet Waves blog — which someone else is covering for me at the moment — to be informed that today is the day of Pluto conjunct the Galactic … Read more

Global Orgasm Day: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

CAN ORGASM create world peace? In our strange but true country known as the Internet, the word is out on the streets that Friday, Dec. 22 is Global Orgasm Day. Being someone who thinks “every day is Global Orgasm Day,” it took some time (and a few reader emails) for me to figure out this … Read more

Di, Dodi and Henri Paul: What Happened?

WITH the Princess Diana story surfacing yet again, it seemed as good a time as any to take a look at the astrology. I had never seen the chart for the car crash itself; in 1997, I was still doing mostly natal astrology and it did not occur to me to check the event chart; … Read more

A Non Essay: Our Sagittarius Moment

THE SKY is remarkable right now. As of yesterday, Mars has joined Pluto, Jupiter, the Sun and Venus in Sagittarius. As of a few hors ago, Mercury has joined the fray and we will experience a stunning triple conjunction of Jupiter, Mars and Mercury on Monday. This conjunction occurs in the 4th degree of Sagittarius. … Read more

Galactic Headrush

SO PLEASE allow me to tell you about what we’re doing — and give you some insight into the business we’re in at the same time. After months of plotting and scheming, and years of working with astrology for the public, the Planet Waves team is creating a first-of-a-kind project — a full-year almanac. A … Read more