Cats Under the Moon

Cats Under the Moon (Lots of Them) Cats on the bandstand Give ’em each a big hand Anyone who sweats that hard must be all right No one wants a fight No black eye Just another cat beneath the stars tonight                — Robert Hunter IT’S JUST ABOUT TIME for the annual Leo Full Moon. The … Read more

Venus Stations Direct

Venus Stations Direct Dear Friend and Client: WELL NOW, it was a heck of an interesting first week of the Year of the Dog. I dare say it was even productive. It’s not exactly over, but the imminent station direct of Venus in Capricorn provides an excellent backdrop for whatever develops next, and will help … Read more

Goddess Country + Weekly Horoscope

Goddess Country OVERNIGHT Friday to Saturday in the States (and at 9:48 am Saturday in London) is the Cancer Full Moon. When the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, this is the Full Moon. Sure as the Lord made little green men, the Full Moon involves a polarity of the zodiac. We are now … Read more

Happy Birthday Capricorn!

Happy Birthday Capricorn! What you are looking for is something you are, not something you possess or need to have. You can feel confident searching within, as well as looking in certain specific places in the past where you feel you may have been sidetracked. The chances are, you probably were — but the beauty … Read more