Aries Birthdays: The Boarderland

Aries Birthdays: The Borderland THIS WILL count for one of the most astonishing years of your life, and mostly what you need to do is go with the flow. That is not so passive an act as it may seem, or as the term is used in common speech. The ‘flow’ represents all the forces … Read more

Eclipse Trip – Virgo New Moon

Planet Waves by Eric Francis Friday, March 10, 2006 – Weekly Horoscope #601 Happy Birthday Pisces! For a Pisces, it’s often a challenge to maintain your objectivity, since everything about the world feels so intensely personal. But developments and events this year promise to give you a measure of freedom from attachment in emotional situations … Read more

Retrograde: A Review

Retrograde: A Review I am beginning to think of Mercury retrograde as a sport. It is, at least, a kind of game. In any event, my planned Friday article fell through the cracks of a fast-motion week, though just in time to decide that it would be a better idea to continue the outer-planet discussion … Read more

Key Life Transits: Uranian Opposition

Key Life Transits: Uranian Opposition URANIAN opposition is a transit that occurs somewhere between the ages of 39 and 42, sometimes spanning the whole date range. The exact age depends on the time of year you were born, and the time in the Uranus cycle you were born. Also (as with all outer planet transits) … Read more

Key Life Transits, Part 1: Pluto Square

Key Life Transits, part one: Pluto Square THERE ARE two kinds of astrological transits, or personal planetary events: the kind that are specific to certain individuals because of how their chart is set up; and the kind that affect large swaths of the population based on the year of birth. Strangely enough, the ones that … Read more