Beltane and the Taurus New Moon

Beltane and the Taurus New Moon THURSDAY arrived with the Taurus New Moon. This opens the season of Beltane, which is the cross-quarter holiday or ‘high sabbat’ of spring. Traditionally, this is celebrated around when the Sun reaches the midpoint between spring equinox and summer solstice. This year that falls May 5. The Moon will … Read more

Psyche Speaks – revised

Psyche Speaks Who will save your soul from all the lies that you told? — Jewel chart >> SO it’s not exactly the most exciting thing in the world when a couple of guys in suits get new jobs, but on the current Great Stage these are pretty special guys and anyway, politics is … Read more

Threading the Eye of the Nuclear needle

Threading the Eye of the Nuclear Needle READER WARNING — there are intelligent people who believe that nuking Iran is a good idea. You may be one of them; I don’t know. If so, please don’t take offense. This article is not directed personally at you. I’m just trying to save the world. Before I … Read more

The Hole in the Bucket

The Hole in the Bucket FOR A FEW YEARS now, I’ve been writing about the ominous presidential inauguration chart from Jan. 20, 2005. Ominous means full of omens, and it contained two that stood out enough to put into print repeatedly: one for late October 2005, and another for late March or early April 2006. … Read more

Her Name is Rahda!

Her Name is Radha! Let’s Get a Groove on 1992 QB1 SERIOUSLY, what is it with these annoying astronomers? Sometimes they’re in a big hurry; sometimes it takes them forever and a few light years to get the simplest things done. In fact, if astronomers ran astrology, there would be no such thing as a … Read more