The Celtic Wings

WHEN I had finished my last political job before becoming an astrologer, I packed up my Mac II CX into my old station wagon and one dusky Friday evening drove up the New York State Thruway from Westchester, back home to Rosendale. I had been living at the house in White Plains where the Center … Read more

Turning the Tide

MOST people in the United States do not know what they have [probably] avoided with this week’s election miracle, basically because they’re not quite up to considering such a possibility. We Americans tend to be extremely naïve about politics, and always greet the future with hope and a barbecue. That’s why it’s possible for abuses … Read more

No Sex till your Saturn Return

TWO stories made news this week that ring the bell during these extraordinarily Scorpionic days — days leading to a wildly contentious national election in the United States, where presently Republican majorities in our legislative bodies are up for grabs. If you’re not from the US, you may well marvel at how strange this all … Read more

Scorpio Station Retrograde

MERCURY stations retrograde in Scorpio Saturday morning across the United States and the afternoon in the UK and Europe. The retrograde is noteworthy for being in a water sign (rare enough), and also for being exactly aligned with the now-complete (but still close) Jupiter-Saturn square, a unique mark of distinction and sign of the times. … Read more

Many Meetings: Libra New Moon

THE LIBRA New Moon occurs on Sunday, Oct. 22 at 6:14 am GMD, and 1:14 am in the United States, and Sunday early evening in Australia. This is a busy lunation and may feel more like a Full Moon when the time comes, charged up, unpredictable and a bit volatile, but somehow beneath it all, … Read more