Many Meetings: Libra New Moon

THE LIBRA New Moon occurs on Sunday, Oct. 22 at 6:14 am GMD, and 1:14 am in the United States, and Sunday early evening in Australia. This is a busy lunation and may feel more like a Full Moon when the time comes, charged up, unpredictable and a bit volatile, but somehow beneath it all, productive, solid and stable.

To me, the chart vibrates with the message “important transformation coming” because everything is happening so close to the Scorpio edge, where all major changes visit at least once. But there is something, as well, about relationships taking on new depth and getting ready to face new challenges and adventures.

The Sun-Moon conjunction (or New Moon, exact at 28 degrees and 40 minutes of Libra, very late in the sign) is also conjunct Venus and Mars, all in a span of less than two degrees of space. In other words, it occurs close to a Venus-Mars conjunction, however, that second event is not exact until Oct. 25, in early Scorpio, with the Sun still in the mix.

To sum it up a different way, there is a New Moon in Libra, conjunct Venus and Mars, occurring just before all four bodies move into Scorpio. They are all what are called personal planets, most often manifesting as accessible feelings and experiences in the life of the ego and the personality. Yet any time you put the Sun and the Moon together, you have the potential for a dramatic event or collective transition, and lately the world does seem ready for another one of those.

Any planetary event occurring late in a sign will have some quality of being on the edge, with a feeling particular to the individual experiencing it. Depending on your life orientation, personal natal chart and current state of mind, such a concentration of planets may feel challenging, thrilling, extremely annoying or ripe with ‘lessons’. It is a bit more than usual, perhaps a bit much, perhaps just enough if you like life spicy and hot — but the essence of the experience depends more on you than anything else.

The late degrees of any sign, where the end of a cycle has been reached, have the odd quality of compelling an inward focus, and even one planet changing signs can be a real experience — here we have two plus the Sun and Moon about to change signs at once. Mars is the latest degree planet in the setup, and when Mars occupies this kind of position there is always an exploration or redefinition of masculinity. Traditional ideas of maleness are forgotten or cease to be available, and something else must take their place. But Venus, too, is nearing the end of a cycle, and we surely have plenty to consider about whether traditional ideas of femaleness have much to offer today.

Pairs of Opposites

In its most basic symbolism, looking at events in Libra in the New Moon setup, we have two sets of opposites, Venus and Mars (which between them rule two sets of opposite signs), and the Moon and the Sun (which rule adjoining signs, but which are female and male archetypes, respectively), present in Libra and forming conjunctions simultaneously. It’s an exciting, even interesting study in polarities and the way they express themselves internally, as well as in relationships.

To some degree, we all know that being a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’ is like being a fictional character; it is a role we play. We are in truth a complex interplay of yin and yang energies, expressive and receptive energies, masculine and feminine tendencies. But what society does (through marketing and other programming devices of gender roles) is push us into one role or the other, creating many divisions that are not there, but also useful for selling products and controlling behavior. We are conditioned and even convinced that there is a vast difference between the sexes, including subjects like sex drive, commitment and security needs — and we are thus led away from the common ground we might share.

The truth of this commonality is rarely spoken because it belies so many of the points on the rap sheets we hold against the opposite gender.

Conjunctions often involve a process of sorting out, but this one seems like the big mix, the fusion, the party at the beginning of the novel, occurring before any distinctions are made. Yet by the time we get around to that, everything has shifted into Scorpio, an entirely different energy than Libra, far less easy to express in words, ideas or images.

Libra is an energy resembling ordinary waking consciousness. Scorpio takes us through the looking glass, to a world full of contradictions (it’s a water sign symbolized by a terrestrial animal, and a female sign ruled by a male planet). It is something else, taking us deep into the caverns of fossilized seawater held beneath the surface of life. That water is the product of another era, rich with minerals, and in possession of the alchemical secrets of life. Scorpio is not just about the primordial material from which so much is made, but rather the process of making itself.

Scorpio is the sign of the mysteries of birth and death, as well as of psychic surrender and those transformations that are more like reincarnations in the current lifetime. We will be getting a taste of that, and the energy will have a deepening effect in relationships, though there are a few tests along the way.

The New Moon in Libra is almost like the last vision of the surface before we descend deep beneath the waves for what promises (for many reasons) to be a highly unusual, deeply introspective 30-day trip through Scorpio.

Another Conjunction

Scorpio is already the scene of much intrigue. Mercury and Jupiter make an exact conjunction the day of the New Moon. This is another example of two planets that rule opposite signs forming a conjunction. Mercury and Jupiter rule Gemini and Sagittarius; and in traditional astrology, they rule Virgo and Pisces. So four different signs have their rulers conjunct the opposite sign’s ruler with this one conjunction.

Consider that the Venus-Mars conjunction brings together the rulers of Aries and Libra, as well as Taurus and Scorpio — another four signs with the ruler conjunct the opposite sign’s ruler.

Is there something here about balancing out one’s opposite properties, or making contact with the opposite within? We could even say the lover within, or aligning with both polarities of any given spectrum in many different contexts of life. The setup has had the feeling of deep personal integration, the pieces of oneself coming together, such that all that we have sought in the outer world becomes available internally; we resolve something and then can continue an outer quest with a different framework, from a more complete place in life.

Because so many planets are involved, making similar moves, all of which involve or will soon involve Scorpio, we have an environment that many people will share, and much common ground to explore. However, Scorpio itself is intimidating and unfamiliar ground to many people, at times considered dark and frightening.

Deep bonding, sexual surrender, confronting mortality, burning off the dross of karma, cleansing, growing and changing — all are poignant and intense Scorpio themes.

It would seem, given the emphasis, that the message is to get over the fear of these things, and to recognize that we don’t have to go through them alone.

Sunday’s chart vibrates with the energy of great meetings, significant encounters and events that seem random but are guided by nature.

Mercury Retrograde

As discussed in prior editions, Mercury is not often retrograde in water signs, and many experience this as a particular challenge. Mercury is an airy and fiery energy, the energy of awareness, and it is not often that we need to hold full consciousness in the depths of a watery element. Water, we tend to experience intuitively and emotionally; Mercury is saying we need to put on the scuba gear and breathe regular air down at the bottom of our psyche.

The forthcoming retrograde (which story began a couple of weeks ago when Mercury entered the echo phase) is interesting because it involves a series of conjunctions to Jupiter, and squares to Saturn. Indeed, it gets mixed up right in the midst of the Jupiter-Saturn square, emphasizing the intensity of that particular situation, which is something that many people are feeling as a level of enforced change, reluctantly applied discipline, or a chance to make some awesome progress on the most challenging issues of our earthly lives.

Mercury is taking us on a little tour of the feelings involved in the Jupiter-Saturn square (please see this edition for another article on the subject).

Imagine the expansive and promising energy of Jupiter pushing open the structured energy of Saturn. Or imagine that Jupiter is being squeezed into a corner, until it finally bursts open and pushes out the boundaries. For Jupiter-ruled signs such as Sagittarius and Pisces, this is an exercise in containment, discipline and boundaries. Someone or something is going to be playing the role of Saturn in these lives, and it would be best to honor the work involved, pretty much without questioning it.

Mercury will be doing some questioning, but also simply revealing the nature, source and purpose of the tension between Jupiter and Saturn. If we go through the next month carefully and with awareness, we will have a truly clear map of the transition.

Weekly Calendar 

Saturday, Oct. 21, 2006
The Moon is in late Libra, slowly working its way toward a series of conjunctions with Venus, the Sun and Mars. This could be a wild ride, and we’ll surely get the feeling of much that we’ve been clueless about for the past few weeks. Expect some people to be on edge, with several planets approaching the end of a sign and heading for a new one.

Sunday, Oct. 22, 2006 – Moon enters Scorpio
One of the busiest astrological days of the year, including a grand conjunction of the Sun, Moon (exact), Venus and Mars (very close); plus an exact conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter. Scorpio Moon squares Chiron, which will be distinctly uncomfortable for some and provocative for others, so keep your cool and try to get a sense of where others are coming from before you respond or react. After the New Moon, the Sun is void of course through Monday night — an odd time, when strange things can and do happen.

Monday, Oct. 23, 2006 – Sun enters Scorpio
The astrology continues to be vurrry interesting. Sun enters Scorpio late in the evening, while Mercury, now slow and powerful as it approaches a station, holds a conjunction to Jupiter. Mars is the void planet of course, dangling all day in the very last moments of Libra, with Venus close behind.

Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2006
Mars enters Scorpio today, coming back to its traditional home sign for the first time in nearly two years. This is the energy of deep desire, but Mars approaching a square to Chiron suggests that many people might not choose to act on it. However, Venus is close behind and tends to be more reactive to the square aspect to Chiron, seeking pleasure and gratification. Jupiter is exactly trine the lunar nodes, meaning that the pleasure of emotional depth is clearly in the cosmic plan.

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2006 – Moon enters Sagittarius
Venus enters Scorpio and makes a conjunction to Mars. Traditional astrology proposes that Venus in Scorpio is not the strongest placement, but it seems to be a story about the hidden side of the female nature coming to the surface. This may be provoked by difficult situations, but the best thing to do is keep talking, say what you’re feeling and make sure you listen to what you say. It will be tempting and potentially unusually fulfilling to seek pleasure, but be mindful that it’s going to go deeper than fun.

Thursday, Oct. 26, 2006
Moon in Sagittarius passes over something really big and intense called the Great Attractor. So hold onto your hat and act like a Sagittarian. How do you do that? Why of course, it’s time to wax your hydrogen-powered amphibious flying surfboard and head for the beach! Or plan that long-awaited getaway to the North Pole. Get a guru, or better yet, become one.

Friday, Oct. 27, 2006
Moon conjunct Pluto and then the Galactic Center. This is deep, cosmic, soulful astrology, and you may feel like you’ve got X-ray vision. At the least you will be able to feel to the depths of your being, and that may include feeling a little like a stranger in a strange land, or like an ayatollah at a sweat lodge. The world thrives on diversity, and we will see some of that today.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, October 20, 2006, #633 – By ERIC FRANCIS

Happy Birthday Libra!

This week’s spectacular New Moon in your birth sign is about putting your life into balance. True, Libra is the sign of balance, but the presence of both Venus and Mars, as well as the Sun and Moon, both suggest that the right way to handle you, anyone else, or any situation is to see and feel all sides of everything.

There are at least two kinds of balance called for: one involves gender. It’s about owning both your inner man and your inner woman and making sure you really can express both sides of your nature when the time comes to do so. We spend way too much time in our society emphasizing the alleged differences between the sexes, their needs and their actions.

Now is the time to see what you have in common with those you consider different, and to find those differing qualities within yourself. In other words, there is very little you will be able to project outside you and disclaim. Indeed, to the contrary, taking possession of your own diversity and many interesting tendencies, needs and desires will be the most honest and fruitful thing you can do with your energy.

Then there is your basic plan of action in life. If you are usually the ‘push’ energetic type, now is the time to take a step back and let things come to you. If you are usually the laidback kind of Libra, now is the time to make friends with Mars and learn how to go get ’em. Yet you may feel some hesitancy in doing that — but you’ll need to overcome it. The easiest and most effective way to do that will be to start with the recognition of what is important to you — and then remember.

Recognizing your values will lead to taking action as surely as forgetting what is personally meaningful to you leads to apathy.

This naturally involves your finances, which are sure to be a significant theme of the coming four seasons. There is both a quest, and also a phase of sorting out your economic priorities, a process which you can reasonably expect to go on for a while — but which will be productive, even if it takes some time and energy. With so many planets about to enter your 2nd solar house, the house of personal resources, the balance involved is about you recognizing your work, and getting it every opportunity you can.

You give so much. First, recognize that fact, and let some of that energy come back to you.

Aries (March 20-April 19)
By all indications, your energy is on the upswing and many interesting encounters seem not only likely but inevitable. What you don’t want to do is burn out, spend your passion all at once, or deny anyone else the pleasure of being attracted to you. You have time to let things build gradually, and if you do, they will take some pleasant and unexpected turns. But as an astrologer what I am here to remind you is that all pleasure is best paid for in awareness. Awareness will help make any encounter, no matter how new, real and meaningful. Family Focus: The next few weeks present important opportunities for family financial planning.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
The more energy you allow yourself to feel, the more is going to come up. Fortunately the equation is balanced, and as your emotional intensity or erotic drive gather strength, the places you need to grow will arise in a way that you can handle them. What you learn this weekend may even be more deeply etched in your memory than the fun you have or the people you love. The truly important thing is that you allow yourself the freedom to express your authentic feelings. You have nothing to hide, and so much to offer. Family Focus: A child in the family surprises you with a quantum leap in intelligence and maturity.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
You may have a deep urge to reveal your secrets to someone. Make sure it’s not any old someone, but a very particular someone you want to connect with and who you trust deeply. By no means advertise your private business despite what may at times be an overwhelming urge to do so. You run a serious risk of being misinterpreted and having your words used against you. If you make sure what is private remains in a private context, the result will be an opportunity for intimacy, rather than its evil twin, scandal. Family Focus: A child benefits from a meeting with an uncle or older male family friend.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
This weekend, your home will be the most interesting place in the world. But for that to be true, you’ll have to lower some of your boundaries, and for that miracle to happen, you will need to be aware of what they are. And there’s really just one sure way to find out, which is to give your limits a push, a stretch or a leap. Set your life up so that something unusual happens, something you feel you’re not exactly ready for. Then, let it happen. You can be sure of some exciting results. Family Focus: Children learn what to be afraid of from the adults closest to them.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23)
Many feel that the truth is an absolute value. I would suggest that that is true in any one context or time. The truths you become aware of and which you may feel a deep need to share are a work in progress. You may feel a need to hold onto them, but I suggest instead that you appreciate what you discover and the effect it has on your life. One revelation will yield to the next, and at this stage of your life, honesty is about taking one day at a time, and one discovery at a time, regardless of what you may have felt yesterday. Family Focus: There are times when family is everything, and this is one of them.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
One of the best ways to see things is to magnify them. Another is to get up close and take a good look. This is basically what is happening to you these days on a deep inner level. If you find that your own mental process is often a mystery to you, or too intuitive to understand, you now have a chance to see how it works in vivid detail. This may play itself out in a relationship with someone who has the gift of being able to hold a powerful magnifying mirror to you and, from the outside, reveal what is true for you inside. Family Focus: What is good for you is good for your children, so don’t deny your true needs.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)
Money is about energy on one level and it’s about numbers on another. The energy part, you’re working with brilliantly. That involves motivation and commitment. While you’re at it, you may want to add up the numbers a few ways, across the columns to the right, and down the page to the bottom line. Make this a habit and remember to focus on this tangible level of reality every time the subject of resources surfaces — as it’s bound to in a major way sometime this weekend. Whatever you may feel, let the numbers do the talking. Family Focus: You seem to have marriage on your mind — and finally you are free to choose.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
Human skills are the most important ones there are, and the rarest find. As one of the zodiac’s masters of psychology, you need to put your gifts to work over the next few days. The situation that’s developing is a rare opportunity for both partnership and growth. Both people bring something to the equation that the other is lacking, and that the other needs — but that places both people in positions of power in one another’s lives. Once again, the responsibility is yours to set the example of kindness, tact and fairness. Family Focus: Do not doubt your integrity as a parent — no matter what anyone may say.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22)
Having faith or awareness in the ‘unseen world’ seems to follow few rules of the ‘regular world’. On one side of the veil, if you have a business idea, you talk it over with your bank or potential investor. On the other, you might ask an astrologer what is in the future, and on the basis of some planetary charts they may say something rather profound is happening. The one common thread they have is that sincerity counts for everything on both sides of the veil. Treating any information with respect, whatever its source, falls into this category. Do not judge; rather, consider. Family Focus: Keep a clear head when you’re with your children. Listen carefully to what they say.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)
Life is long, and you can afford to wait. You can also afford to enjoy an experience in the moment and let it go, and maybe see what develops when it returns. There is a chance that this event or meeting signals an opportunity, and a chance that you’re getting a glimpse of your potential, which may arise in some other form, at another time. Remember, though, the undeniable way that opportunities are trees that grow out of the ground of possibilities. Trees don’t grow quickly, but they are alive, and they do all the better when we recognize their life. Family Focus: Make sure children have plenty of time with their closest friends this week.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
The world is ripe for a long talk about the difference between the appearance of integrity and the reality of it. You may be the one to give that speech on national television, but more to the point, you’re the one who is setting the example. That in truth is more powerful than TV, because it has the power to do something that TV sorely lacks: form actual human relationships. If you will do something that’s actually pretty natural for you and embody your deepest truth, you will meet some extraordinary people the next few days. Family Focus: Vow not to be ruled by the petty insecurities of your parents.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
Now is the time to seriously consider the possibilities for expanding your professional horizon. An extraordinary series of meetings between Mercury and Jupiter over the next few weeks suggests that something big is afoot — particularly with Jupiter about to cross your 10th solar house, Sagittarius. Pisces is the most cosmic sign and it has the odd tendency to be one of the most myopic. A series of veils will be lifted from before your eyes, and if you want to learn something about yourself, all you need to do is open your eyes and really look. Family Focus: Your creative and fertile powers are at their strongest these days. Be conscious of that fact.

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