July Monthly Readings for Scorpio Sun, Moon & Rising

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Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — There is a problem right now associated with people having had the view of their own future cut off. This is a loss of perspective that can be costly for many years, as people fall for some hype or another and cut off their own potential. This time of year, however, is when you can see the furthest ahead of you, and sense that you live and indeed participate in a wide world with many possibilities.

Your chart is reminding you of many ways that you must take care of yourself. Part of that is minding your spiritual life, which embraces the emotional and the psychological. What used to be thought of as spiritual for a vast portion of society has been reduced to power, and matters of survival. That is to miss the point entirely — spiritual is about connection above all else. That means connection within, and connection to the people in your environment. Should you ever find yourself isolating, or getting stuck in your root chakra, at least make a note that a more holistic approach is possible.

Spiritual also implies having a sense of your own purpose for existing. This is not something you hope for, long for or wish for, but rather what motivates you every day. Many factors in your chart all but assure you can connect with your purpose without much effort, and mostly by allowing yourself to be you. Herein lies the challenge. There is a lot of “not you” that has been piled on every one of us, and which seems to get in the way of making decisions. 

Even small ones will count for a lot right now. At each and every juncture, take the opportunity to make the choice that is right for you. We both know: you know what it is. You will decide based on who you think you are — so consider that carefully.

By Lanvi Nguyen. Our special Everlasting Forest Book is now available!

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Stay busy with what motivates you. Yes you have other work to do — life is a farm, and there is always some chore that needs attention. However, at this time, I suggest you focus on the productive tasks that require little effort and where the time flows easily: the things you like to do, that you also need to do. Then, jam in the other stuff. Usually you take the opposite approach, focusing on what is necessary and setting aside what you prefer. I am suggesting that you re-train yourself and approach the matter of prioritization differently. Act more like you have the freedom to choose what to do. Stick to the things that only you can do, which will tend to be the areas where you’ve developed your talents based on your true nature. Those are the areas to expand into; they are likely to be the most productive and the most profitable, as well as the most personally fulfilling. If ever there was a time when these factors are aligning, it is now. Yet you will need to set aside any guilt complex associated with the crude notion that real work cannot be fun, or that there is always something more important than the thing you want to do. There is still a powerful creative streak running through your chart, and this is calling for expression. This can apply to various shades of art, music and hedonism, as well as the basic truth that wherever there is a problem, there is a creative solution. Yet to do this, you need to be in a relaxed mental and emotional state — so do what you love.

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Planet Waves Weekly for April 28, 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — With so much illustrious activity happening in Pisces, only your insecurity stands between you and some phenomenal experience of life and love. This could take two forms: difficulty seeing beyond the edge of what we have all been subjected to the past few years — the loss of potential, of mobility and of faith; and the fear of the jealousy of others. Neither of these are a good excuse not to live fully, though they tend to serve their purpose. Any positive experience you have is likely to feel like you are exceeding something — your quota of happiness, some imposed limit, some rule, some possibility you may feel is too good for you. Persist, and move past that sensation. It is not true and it’s not real. Nor is it true that others are lacking some desire for freedom; to the contrary, if you go with the plans of a close partner, you could find yourself on an unexpected adventure.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen. Our special Everlasting Forest Book is now available!

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for May 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — The key to life is feeling good. It’s difficult to figure this out in a world where it seems like everyone and everything is so committed to feeling shitty, and where so many people take for granted that they are depressed and uninspired. In recent years, Chiron has been helping you get underneath anything that has been troubling you. This of course may have enhanced the feeling that you need to pay attention to your health, and by that, I don’t mean watching Dr. Sanjay Gupta reruns all night on CNN. It’s essential that you think of your health holistically, meaning paying attention to how everything influences everything, including you. Rather than looking for a ‘magical cure’, or persisting in any form of hygiene theater, take the effort to sort out what is helpful and what is harmful. Consider food, water, air, activity, your behavior, and who you associate with — all included. Yet there is one other factor that is perhaps the single most important factor in the life of a Scorpio besides an abundant supply of sex, and that is work you can relate to. By relate to, I mean work that expresses who you are, and feeds your self-development. I mean work that you are happy doing, where you can express some creativity, and most of all, that does not negatively impact your health. Perhaps you think this is more than you can ask from life, though the planets say otherwise. 

Planet Waves Weekly for April 15, 2022, for the Libra Full Moon| Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Mars has moved into your water sign Pisces, so you are likely to be feeling right in your element. That would be water: feelings, your imagination, and your ability to be a receiver of telepathic and empathic information. There is an impressive collection of planets here, and they are urging you to have fun, though you must be sensitive to the needs of a close partner or loved one. Mostly this means hearing them out, and allowing them to speak for themselves. If you pay attention and actually listen, you will go a long way toward gaining their trust and reassuring them that you care. In our time, listening, trusting and caring are radical acts. The world has grown cold, so set your temperature to warm, open your heart and do anything you want.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2022 — Part 2 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Yours is a fixed sign, though given its location in your solar chart, all things (and potentially people) related to the sign Pisces are about the way you express your flexibility. They are also the aspects of life most easily toasted to a crisp by stress, time pressure, work ethic and associated responsibilities. They all relate to personal expression of some kind, and the seeking of pleasure: for you, that means everything from making music to painting to creative writing. I am describing the 5th house, or what you find four signs from your own. Others may express this house in more aggressive ways: through physical sports competition, gambling, or dare-devil stuff like bungee jumping. Even if you have a taste for some of that, I would propose that your true fulfillment comes from all that is introspective, sensory and sensuous. If you want to do these things and find yourself continually distracted, you have a clue what is going on: they are fragile under any circumstances, and particularly so in a world that does not truly honor anything that is subtle. One of these aspects of life is relating sexually. Normally, you would not need to remind a Scorpio of such a thing, though there is nothing normal about our moment. There is quite a lot that is distracting from sincere emotional contact between physical humans. You now get a moment to stretch into places you may have neglected or sacrificed for a seemingly more important purpose. The possibilities are wide open; you will need to reach and stretch and explore as a conscious choice. You won’t be pushed into anything, which means that if you don’t take action, very little is likely to happen. Yet if you make the first move, and keep doing so every day for a while, you will feel better. 

Mixed Media by Lanvi Nguyen.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — I was explaining to someone born under your sign today that Scorpio is one of the reasons people are made nervous about astrology. It’s also considered proof that astrology is real. Yet those Scorpionic tendencies exist mostly in rumor. These days, you are a point of contact, warmth and gathering more than anything else. A hidden planet called Apollo is making its way through your sign, so slowly as to represent a permanent feature (it is a new arrival, and will be with you for decades). Apollo is a facilitator of success. You are doing better than most people these days, and everyone knows it. While the modern thing to do is to keep this to yourself, you will only enhance your good fortune if you are generous with others. What you have, and the talents you may offer, are only meaningful if they expand. If you treat them with an energy of contraction or concealment, you will diminish the very best of what life is offering to you. At the same time, I can see that there are a few different sources of either emotional conflict that may be riling you up, some of which are coming from your family or household. You may not feel like you have much in common with your family these days (which for a Scorpio Sun or rising is a positive development, as it will encourage you to be more independent). And there seems to be a disruptive factor in your relationships that sparks up when you least expect it. All of this can work together toward a rather timely goal: you are the founder of a tribe, or perhaps more accurately, a family of choice. Yet unlike most other groups, one attribute I suggest you cultivate and even insist upon is the right of people to be individuals: to act and think and choose freely. There is room for everyone in your life, whether or not you like them. That matters less than everyone thinks.

Special Edition for New Moon — March 3, 2022

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — You may be trying to make decisions, only to find that they are making you. This has been one of our great challenges on the road to personhood and maturity, and it’s come up in spades twice in recent years: once in early 2020, and again right now. Among the topics of inner debate are the supposed meanings of when you make choices different from those of the people around you. You recognize that while the old ways have their value, they are not equally useful all the time. You have been struggling to update your files, and now have yet another opportunity to do so. The ideas you’re grappling with all seem to involve resources, the concept of sacrifice, and your whole approach to sex. You might ask what about love and commitment? Well, those things surely count, though they always seem to bend to circumstances. And those words and the state of mind they represent rarely seem to include love and commitment toward one’s own life. Of course you want to create an existence that you share with others, though to do that, you must claim it for yourself first.

Lanvi Nguyen.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — The astrology of late February through April is a bonanza for Scorpio and Scorpio rising, if you remember to have fun. This will do more to enhance your creativity than anything else you can do. You may need to set your phone’s alarm clock to go off every 15 minutes. You may need to keep a sketch pad and pencils on your desk, and pause regularly to apply color to the paper. Flirting with strangers, taking care of plants and critters, and vacuuming out your car all count. Or how about remembering where your ancient collection of CDs is kept, and remembering how much you love music (and not depending on a streaming service to hear it — there is a difference). If you play a musical instrument, dust it off and put on new strings, and come back to it every day. The world you want to indulge is the nocturnal one. Whether your preference is for day or night, the dark side is your creative, playful and erotic one. It is fair to say that you’re a different person when the Sun goes down, and that is the creature that you want to feed. The past couple of years have been harder on you than on most other people. You are feeling the mental stress and exhaustion. Rest alone will not get you back to a balanced place; expressing yourself will help. Over the next few weeks, reading and writing are essential. Reading includes what you’ve written. Almost everyone has access to their old emails — go back two years and study your sent mail folder. Get a sense of where you were at in all areas of your life. As for writing, now is the time to journal out what you’ve lived through. If you are finding it difficult to write, you need to do so all the more. The idea here is to create feedback loops so that you may be in closer contact with yourself. This will help you stay positive and process any mental blocks and negativity, and keep moving. Life will never “be the same again,” though you will love the ways in which it is different.

Planet Waves Horoscope for February 3, 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) —  If you don’t know what to think, you are not alone. Yet in order to get a grasp on what is true, you may need to be: in other words, what you determine to be valid is not about what others believe, but about what you figure out for yourself. Your personal understanding of life is not a matter of consensus. It is not a matter of opinion, which can be swayed. Rather, it is the product of your hard work exploring the facts from many angles, and the inevitable growth process that occurs when you make genuine observations and have actual breakthroughs. This is no time to settle for counterfeits of these things. It is no time to satisfy yourself by thinking that as long as someone agrees with you, what you believe is true. Here is some news: the truth is not a matter of belief. It is more about blood, sweat and tears. The truth is a matter of investigating, agonizing and being wrong many times. It is a matter of dismantling all that is false, in order to find the immovable object at the center of it all. This probably does not sound like fun. Yet it’s been the thing your whole being has oriented on for many years. Once you start to approach this place, which is a space of being or state of awareness, you may discover other people gravitating toward you who have been through a similar process. You may find they have independently come to similar observations, or better yet, complementary ones. This feels like ‘agreeing’ though it is substantial — it is homemade pound cake or Bavarian whole-grain spelt bread, as contrasted with the Twinkies that pass for reality most of the time. When you succeed at unraveling the many critical matters you are considering, you may notice that you have the affirmation of your ancestors. They are talking to you from the place of experience. They have seen this all before, and they are neither distracted nor deceived. Yet the journey you are on is yours, not theirs: that path is for your steps alone.

Lanvi Nguyen

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — You need a clear space, where you’re free to be yourself. I say this because various personal zones in your chart are rather jammed with activity that seems to be leaving little room for you to be yourself. This may be one of those times when there’s a party at your house and you go out to the park for a long midnight walk, leaving your cat in charge of the festivities. You do have plenty of bandwidth available, in the area of your life where two important factors merge into one: your priorities, and your spiritual connection to the cosmos (or God, your Higher Power, or whatever you may experience). For you, this is territory where you are certain nobody will understand your values or your source of information. This is actually your freedom. Think of this as the place where you don’t have to convince anyone of anything, because they won’t believe you anyway. Ta-daa! You are therefore free. And at the moment this is a vast and glorious space, with your ruling planet Mars making a journey across the Galactic Center. You may think of the GC as a spiritual homing signal, but the catch is that you’re unlikely to consciously remember the things that you learn. This may not matter, as you have still internalized them, though I would strongly suggest you jot down the various things that you suddenly find yourself understanding. Note what feels like a breakthrough. Mars is about to enter Capricorn, which is for you more the mental realm than the spiritual one. You will soon be making important decisions, and you want these to be based on an underlying sense of values. If you know your True North, and know which way you are headed, then you will always be able to orient. As you enter any new territory, remember, your notion of what is true takes higher priority than what anyone else thinks is true for you.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2022 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — You seem to be at the point where you don’t know what to believe. Yet that does not mean there is no such a thing as the truth, or a true fact, or a falsehood. Get clear about that: sometimes people and institutions lie to you. Sometimes you encounter things designed to confuse you. And no story you tell yourself can solve that problem. One’s mental state puts up a nearly impenetrable filter between themselves and reality. That’s because the mental state synthesizes what seems like reality. At the moment, your mind is very nearly a jumble. The past and the present are swirling along on the same amusement park ride. Your prior moorings for establishing what was true are all but gone. It seems like no two people you know agree on anything, so you cannot exactly support your viewpoint by calling witnesses, though it would not be strictly accurate to say you have a perspective or angle of sight. Further, it’s not easy for you to tell what you’re looking at right now versus what you believed or perceived previously. This is likely to be taking a toll on you, and what is happening today is an extension of what has been going on over past five years. However, the pressure has been increasing lately. What I can propose is that you get out of the mental realm and into the creative realm. Being a consumer of the music or art of others will help a little, though what I suggest is that you give yourself some kind of creative art therapy: work in color, form, sound and texture. You need a way out of the maze of “right” and “wrong.” There is such a thing, and you can apply a rigorous mental approach — that may help. If you’re going to take that approach, I suggest making a list of what you do not know. Yet playing with pastels or drawing pencils on quality paper will help you feel better sooner rather than later.

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