When Do the Natives Get Restless?

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Mars is in the process of changing signs. Today it’s in the last degree of Capricorn (a degree with a conspiratorial feeling, in case that vibe is in the air), and it ingresses Aquarius at 3:43 pm EDT on Monday.

The conspiratorial theme is now the one dominating the discussion on the internet. Yet we’re about to live through six weeks of Mars in Aquarius — the very six weeks when everyone is supposed to stay home and apart. [Note, Mars during this time will re-cross the degrees where it was retrograde in mid-2018 — a memorable experience for sure.]

Planet Waves
We live in the time when you can see photos of the Martian landscape. I don’t know about you, but I think this is over-the-top incredible. Not sure which rover took this one.

This may connect people to their anger at this situation. One month ago we were living normally and being told to wash our hands. Now much of the United States resembles a ghost town.

I think we need to be asking, and demanding answers: what is this and how did it happen? Yet before people get there, the fact of the disruption of our lives is going to gradually start dawning on the population.

Mars could represent anything antagonistic, and it could also represent a call to action. Saturn in Aquarius, which began just over one week ago, is doing its part to hold things stable.

Mars in Aquarius begins with a conjunction to Saturn, still in the first degree of Aquarius as well. This is exact at 2:31 pm on Tuesday, so the tension is building now; and it will change tone and continue to build into the conjunction — which is likely to come with a social jolt of some kind.

Mars + Saturn + Aquarius has a ‘power to the people’ feeling, if people feel like having any power, unless we’re talking about electricity. As of now, within the space of a few weeks, we have been put in a position of being glad that we have food and heat. Let’s see what effect this combination of energies yields.

The Moon is currently in Gemini. Into the evening and overnight, the Moon makes a square to centaur Nessus (beware of victim trips in any form), followed by a square to Neptune, which also dominates the day Monday.

Neptune squares, especially from the Moon, are akin to anesthesia. And this one is happening during a sensitive sign-change of Mars, when you really need to be paying attention. Fortunately, today is the Day of the Observer. Keep your eyes and ears on.

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