Virgo Letter, Other Projects Underway

Dear Friend and Reader:

Tonight I have a letter related to impressive activity now developing in the sign Virgo. I’m planning to be back with a horoscope at the Full Moon next week. The August (Leo New Moon) horoscope came out late last week.

We’ve changed our approach publishing horoscopes. Now, all the readings for one sign are on their page, going back to the beginning of the year. This makes it easy to follow the developments for your sign month my month.

Email Delivery Should Be Resolved — What you May Have Missed

As I mentioned last week, we had an email delivery issue that turned out to be about five layers deep. I think we’ve reached the bottom of it — the first mailing after we fixed the problem, suddenly my customers were on a little shopping spree. Thank you — I’ve been doing good work and I’m grateful to be connecting.

Speaking of — please read the reviews for Planets in Motion 2022. This book was a brainstorm, written on the tails of completion of Aquarian Era. Aquarian Age. I cover about 20 transits that are happening to people now, ages 1 through 84. Lots of exciting astrology happening for people born between 1980 and 2000. Planets in Motion is still on sale; you will love it.

On the docket for this week is the Leo Astrology Studio (birthday reading). We are still offering that for the preorder price (scroll down for link or get directly here). I plan to complete that this week.

I reckon many people did not see our Cancer Astrology Studio (birthday reading) letters (the mail problem seems to have begun in mid-June). I have reduced that to the pre-order price for all who missed it. The Cancer reading is always our bestseller!

One last — there will be an exciting edition of Planet Waves FM this week. See below my signature for the details.

Thank you for your business and your trust.

With love,



PS — My guest on Planet Waves FM this week will be Tobe Carey, director of the documentary DEEP WATER, about the building of the Ashokan Reservoir. The photos are of the Olive Bridge Dam, under construction in 1911 and then this morning 110 years later. At the time, the Ashokan was the biggest public works project in modern history — holding 122 billion gallons of water, to provide for the needs of New York City. A dozen towns, hundreds of businesses, schools, and churches, and thousands of graves were moved to make room for the flooding of the Esopus Valley. Tune in Friday at 10 pm EDT on PlanetWaves.FM.

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