Venus, Imbolc, Aqua New Moon, Lunar New Year, Mercury Direct, All at Once, Getting us Ready for Cluster of Events on March 2-3

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We are right in the thick of a cluster of events surrounding the Aquarius New Moon, involving everything summed up in the headline above: particularly Mercury stationing direct on Thursday night EST. However, as unusual and influential as this cluster is, it’s nothing compared to what we have coming March 2-3.

Chart for the Aquarius New Moon and Year of the Water Tiger, which takes place Tuesday, February 1, 2022 at 12:46 am EST. The main features include the Moon and Sun near the Aquarius midpoint and approaching Saturn; Venus stationary direct and Mercury stationing direct conjunct Pluto. Pallas Athene is moving out of range of Neptune, removing the cloak of deception and denial that the government has had for a long time.

We are now in acceleration pattern, which will pick up as personal planets station direct and the Moon waxes from new phase to full phase. Remember too that February is the first full engagement of the United States Pluto return — which seems to be coincidental with the new American revolution by hedge funds and the World Economic Forum (politely being called the Great Reset).

Remember as well that we are also in Kala Sarpa Yoga: all of the planets are swept to one side of the lunar nodes. If you’re curious about that, you may watch my recent conversation with Chiron pioneer Melanie Reinhart.

Extended Horoscope Planned for Thursday

Note that this is a horoscope ON week; we are planning to have that in your hands Thursday evening. This will be an extended horoscope (February part two) focused on the the message of the above events, with a new article called Our Come to Moses Moment.

The current February horoscope is here. All horoscopes will now be kept on your sign’s home page, as well as reachable in the My Account area.

I have more on the current Planet Waves TV. Note, we are moving our channel to Bitchute due to censorship issues from YouTube.

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For those who don’t like to “take in information by listening,” please consider — listening is the most important human skill. It is the essence of relationships. My father is a retired 81-year-old communications professor who spent the last 20 years of his career teaching Nonverbal Communications (all but lost, here in digital life) and Listening.

He said recently: “People have lost their ability to listen.” My friend Steve is a civil rights lawyer, whose job is to prosecute discrimination cases. He said recently: “People don’t listen. They don’t listen.” As Allen Ginsberg said, “Listen to that.”

Here is the full poem:
Art recalls the memory
of his true existence
to whoever has forgotten
that Being is the one thing
all the universe shouts.

Only return of thought to
its source will complete thought.
Only return of activity
to its source will complete
activity. Listen to that.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

As for the Current Astrology 

Here is how my friend Greg Cederbeard in Portlandia put it (he’s the guy on the big unicycle with a cat wrapped around his neck):

“Venus and Mercury simultaneously pinned to one spot in the sky is heavy, in Capricorn with Pluto in the mix no less. Saturn bringing discipline to the wise, crusty fear of social space for the plebes holding down the Imbolc point — it’s almost Spring!

“Hold on horsey, there’s some storms to calm before the Ram leaps forth. Capricorn Venus, feeling the soft touch of the feminine, so kind to hang out for long enough to settle some ghosts. The energy is so much Saturn nothing gets done quick that needs care and attention to detail. Trucker convoy, wow. Now that’s Mercury showing up to show Pluto he’s not the only boss in the sky.”

I would add: speaking of feminine, let’s not forget that the weekend the trucker convoy started was Venus stationing direct. I am starting to think that we modern astrologers would be well-served to pay more attention to the inner planets.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

As for Approaching Events of March 2-3

The focus is in Pisces, though Capricorn is still very much in the game. We are actually in this astrology now, which surrounds the Pisces New Moon of Wednesday, March 2. The culmination is Jupiter approaching Nessus in Pisces. Centaur Nessus is the planet of consequences. So we know a lot today though we will learn much more in the coming month.

The epicenter of the March 2-3 cluster — Jupiter conjunct Nessus concurrent with the Pisces New Moon, Mercury conjunct Saturn, and Venus, Mars, Vesta and Pluto in a quad conjunction. There is a lot about attitudes and values toward sex in this chart — more than the average muggle can handle.

This is putting a magnifying glass over all this ugly shit most people have been in denial of for two years, for example, pretending the CDC does not work for (is owned by) the Pharma giants.

As Jupiter with its magnifying effect creeps up on Nessus, things will get more and more obvious. This is already happening now, though you must be on side channels. My Facebook page is miraculously still in existence.

However, as Jupiter moves into its one-time April 12 conjunction to Neptune, the level of denial and delusion is likely to increase. The other side of Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces (the classical and modern rulers) is a flood of spiritual awareness and love that wash over the toxic. It is still very difficult for some people to accept that something other than a pandemic is happening.

During this same interval, the recent Venus retrograde comes to a full close with a triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Pluto in late Capricorn. Remember that this is all happening during the Pluto return — and Venus and Mars are involved.

So while this is personal (Venus and Mars conjunct Pluto), it’s also about the destiny of the free world (Pluto in return to the U.S. chart, taking those conjunctions).

While I do not like astrological hype, or to make claims of importance, there is no way to overstate what a critical moment we are in. But to see this and feel events for what they are, it’s essential to do two things. One is to come out of the digital fog.

The other is to get over your fear and confusion sufficiently to think rationally. Let’s borrow some wisdom from Gestalt therapy: Maybe the whole point of holding onto the fear and confusion is to “protect” or prevent you from doing so.

One other clue: Venus, Mars and Pluto say that as transhumanism and disembodiment take over, sex will remain one of our last connections to the physical world — if anyone is interested.


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